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Holler, Holler. Aurora/Feenay/Duchess/Mindy in da Hizzle. Grab a soda, pull up a chair. Get comfortable. :Grabsbronze lampshade and places it on head: Nice fit.

Random Mehaish beliefs:

Best band in the world Lifehouse. Best singer(s): Megan Slankard, Jason Mraz, Howie Day, PJ Harvey. And others. Hottest guy: Two words: Luke. Danes. I mean do you watch Gilmore Girls:Wiggles eyebrows: Best author: Many, but Meg Cabot stands out, along with Tamora Pierce and Amelia Adwater-Rhodes. Best thing under the sun: COOKIES. (And I pass them out often:Pokes: So,stick around). ...I'm going to be a sophomore in college come this fall, studying English and Creative Writing and journalism.

So! ABOUT LEARNING TO BREATHE, my story. Hm. Right.

What's to say really? It's an L/J story, my fave kind. Lily and James were friends as children but then separated, then reunited. Though they're ecstatic that they've found each other again, picking up where they left off is easier said than done. They've both changed as people, experiencing things the other just wouldn't understand. Complications ensue.

Amelia, Lily's dormmate, who hardly gets attention from the male species, finds herself falling for Regulus Black (a leadingDeatheaterwith a conscience), who just so happens to be the brother of her favorite sparring-partner, Sirius (who hates their relationship).

Linda, Lily's cousin, is in constant inner turmoil, being the thinker of the group (who may think too much), and falls hard for Remus, who seems to understand her better than anyone else. Though between her selfparanoia issues, and his secrets, a life together seems impossible (Especially since she's falling for someone else, someone who's been noticing her lately).

Betrayal, drama, love and hate, revenge, death, and secrets of shady pasts are all present in this drama, and perhaps a few laughs along the way.

Luv ya.

P.s. (My siteis really just a continuation of L2B since it got all frazzled and deleted on my original site. So to catch up on the first half of this saga, you can come here: ).

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