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Hello Everybody,

My name is Tammy. AndI live in a magical kingdom called America. It's an enchanted place in Washington. More like Spokane Valley.

Favorite story: Harry Potter.

Favorite ships are: Ron and Hermione, Harry and Luna, Ginny and Neville

Ships I absolutely can not stand: Harry and Hermione, Draco and Hermione, and I really hate to break it to you Harry and Ginny fans but Ijust don't think it's going to happen. I think Harry however is going to end up with another charachter.

Pretty much anybody with Hermione except for Ron. I also do not like anything that contains slash characters, because it's just wrong. No offense!

I am a junior at East Valley High School. (A.K.A. Easy Valley)

My favorite movie is stuff with action and not to much romance although I don't mind a little bit. You know where the guy gets the girl at the end of the story and they just kiss. I don't like it when they have to much intimacy.

If you would like to go to my website about Harry Potter theoriesor other newsthan you should feel freetogo to ">
. Although it is still in the process of being built and set up. I hope you will take the time to brows around the site and just have a look around at the news, theories, rumors, facts, photos, etc. and if you have anything else that you would like me to add then email me at

I am also a HUGE Ron/Hermione shipper and anyone who thinks otherwise should be shot on sight.I will not readanything that is not Ron/Hermione oriented.I also like the idea of Harry/Luna (they're both compatible because they have horrors in there life), Ginny/Neville (Harry just dosn't seem interested in Ginny), Seamus/Lavender, Dean/Parvati, Remus/Tonks, Fred/Angelina, George/Alicia, Lee Jordan/Katie, Hagrid/Olympe, Albus/Minerva (though I seriously doubt that would happen), Snape/Sinistra, (I believe there's someone out there for everyone), Draco/Pansy (there perfect for each other), Umbridge/Fudge (they deserve each other) etc.

As you can probably tell I really want to be a writer and I think this the best way to start.

DOB: August 8, 1987

Age: 17

Hair Color: Light Brown

Hair length: really long (well almost to my bum)

Eye color: Blue

Favorite color: Purple, pink, silver and metallic colors.

Favorite food: Don't really have a favorite I just like food.

Sex: Haven't had it yet (JK: actually I"m female)

Weight: 115

Height: 5'3

Favorite show: Roswell and Boy Meets World

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter, LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Mummy I II, X-MEN I II, Spiderman I II, Peter Pan, etc.

Hobbies: Singing (yes, I can sing), playing piano (I'm not very good but I try), swing dancing (so much fun), writing, surfing the web, watchingTV, listening to music (whichI don't do often), going to the movies once a month (so I can get out of the house and enjoy the girl's night out I have once a month with my friends.), ect.

Religion: Mormon

Hottest guys in the world: Jason Behr, Orlando Bloom, Rupert Grint, Brendan Fraser, Hugh Jackman, Toby Maguire.


That's about it. Later days!

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