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Hey, everyone!

My name was Trainer Ed. Well, not really, but you get the point!

I used to write fanfics here. But then I decided to move to AO3. I go by Kyosuke Asatte now, and can be found at https:///users/Kyosuke_Asatte.

So yeah. All existing fics here won't be deleted but instead marked as 'complete' or 'cancelled' or whatever the button is called. From now on, you can catch me on AO3 under my new account, Kyosuke Asatte. Thank you all for reading all the random Pokemon and Gundam fanfics I posted here all those years ago.

I will, unfortunately, not be continuing Flare Hunter Z or any of my Pokemon fanfics. I believe I may have outgrown it and if I did continue it, it would mutate to the point that it would no longer be recognizable as Pokemon anymore and go down a dark path.

However, one day, I think I will return here and publish my final plans for that series in a new story that will contain snippets and bits of stories that were meant to be set in that timeline, but will probably never be completed.

But for now, thank you all for reading my stuff here! I hope you will continue to follow my writing career as I move on to a new platform and fandoms!

Well, for the last time...


The Adventures of Mary Sue by Scholar of Emeralds reviews
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