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Hey, Poke Fans!

My name is Trainer Ed. Well, not really, but you get the point!
So, you need to know more about me, right? Well... OBLIGATORY FACT FILE!

Name: Trainer Ed (A.K.A. Edward Catcher)

Age: 21 (One year older than Red!)

Home Region: Orre, but I moved to Kanto.


Squirtle (13)Est. LVL 40

Ivysaur (18) Est. LVL 50

Charizard (20) Est. LVL 60

Life story: Beat the Kanto league in two years. Why did it take me so long? Well, halfway I made a trip back to Orre, and decided to join the Orran military forces, but I gave up. I didn't even get a gun. So I took up professional dirt road rallies, and decided to carry on my dead parents' line of soldiers by becoming Trainer 'Iron'. I loved mechanics. My grandfather worked in a garage back in Orre and he took care of me when my parents were pronounced KIA (Killed In Action). I was only ten at the time. To honour my parents' legacy, I created an armoured suit and used it to fight crime in the place I called my home.

Then, one night, a dream told me to return back to Kanto to finish the fight. And hell, finish the fight I did. I wasn't alone, either. My team supported me all the way and soon there I was, holding that shiny, shiny Pokemon League Trophy.

It's been several years since then. Trainers and generations have passed. As of now, I sit in my Pallet Town house, waiting for my next journey...

I try my hardest to make sure each is properly spell-checked and written, but there may be some mistakes and problems. Feel free to voice them out. Just...don't yell at me, Ok? No raging. Not too hard, anyway.


Check out the new series, POKEMON REDNECK! It's better than Extended Adventures, promise! Not to mention all the sequels I have planned for it... So many sequels...

[Completed Arcs]

Kanto (Pokemon Redneck)

Current Arc: Kalos (FLARE HUNTER Z)

Well, that's all I have for now. I'll try to update frequently... I hope.


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