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Bonjour! Welcome to the profile of The Sama Sisters. Our stories come from our minds, and the ideas are pretty much come from nowhere.

Ok. We don't use Fanfiction a lot... but, remember to vist our dA's and stuff, m'kay? But, if you still stay on here... yeah. Just go to my deviant art, m'kay?

That's all I really have to say... my stories are on my deviantart from on.


Now, tis time for...THE BEST QUOTES EVER!(cheesy music)

"i was calling someone a hoebag and kept spamming that she had sex with 400 ppl at once." My weird, but funny cousin telling me he got banned from a chatboard.

"pounding my uni" "that sounds so wrong"- Some from the Neoboards. (If you don't get it... you're an idoit.)

"English was my second language... Sarcasm was my first." Moi friend from Neopets.

Haha... Steven: Champion by day, child molester by night - A result from a very, very twisted roleplay with Garnet and I.




Hey wait a minute!

This is The Sama Sisters. It's not all about Nebu! Okay first of all that was Nebu. One third of The Sama Sisters.

Hi! I'm Chibi-Sama! But my real name is Emily.

I pretty much like everything Abby (Nebu) likes, but I also like Sonic the hedgehog. She likes him too, but I like him more!


I identify all of the stories I make when you read them (You'll get it if you read some of my stories).

I am very hyper at times, so find a good spot to hide in when I get sugar high.

Um...I wanted to tell you some thing else but I can't...oh wait I remember!

Once when me and Nebu and the rest of the Chan Clan ( our other friends Meepit-Chan, Sami-Chan, and Pudding-Chan). Uh...okay. Well, anyway I got really sugar high cause I ate a fudge brownie (oooh the sugar fudgeness) and when we went to this court, I got so sugar high that I ate a flower! It was fun.

Evil things that Nebu will agree are evil:

Terra from the Teen Titans (EVIL!)

Pink(we're all tomboys)

Barbie ( Anyone who can look at you and smile with a poofy pink dress on is scary. Also, barbie

Kidz Bop (Do I have to explian why? they ruin perfectly good songs like "Just the Girl" by The Click Five. AND THEY ARE PREPPY LITTLE UGLY MIDGETS! THEY NEED TO DIE! If you hate them, FLOOD THEM WITH HATE MAIL! FLOOOOOODDDDD! I hate those bitchy bastards. THEY SHALL ROT IN HEEEEELLLLLL!)

Oh one more thing. I must add in a riddle for my own reasons.

What's at the beginning of the end, the end of time, comes twice in a week, and once in a year?

Here's another for a bonus.( 95 of 1st graders got it but only 5 of teenagers did)

What proceded god. Is greater then god. Is eviler then the devil. All poor people have it. wealthy people need. If you eat it you will die. And has seven letters?

(I'll give you the answer if I get 6 reviews for Robin's Secret. In my latest Chapter of course.)


Hey! How dare you forget me! I'm Sami-Sama! Or now I like to be called Pumpkinhead-Sama. I like the same things they do, but I love InuYasha (the show) so much.




Uh...same pairings they like. That's all, for now!

I also have a fatass cat. He's my fat lard of a cat.:)


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Interlude by Saint H reviews
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