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Hi! My name is Lucian Morgenstern-Graymark, my hobbies include fishing, hiking through Brocelind Forest, and hanging out in my bookstore that I own, it's called Threemarks Books in Alicante.

I used to travel a lot. When I would come home it was often to stay with my Parabatai and his wife. I never had a family of my own for all those years but they embraced me as a part of theirs. But eventually I started to miss a lot while I was away. Like the part where the only love I ever had in my life that wasn't Jocelyn or Valentine, my ex, Samantha, (who I call SamSam) not only met and moved in with JoJo and Vally but ended up engaged to them. I sorta felt like the guy who arrived at the ball game late, only to find out his team was already winning without him.

That was when I decided it was time to hang up my traveling shoes and join the team full time. So, I convinced the three of them they couldn't live without me and it became a fourway engagement. But we weren't finished yet. Something happened that changed everyone's lives forever.

Jocelyn was kidnapped, by my nephew who had multiple personalities at the time. And an alternate version of her was brought here from another dimension with her memories wiped to take her place. Of course, none of us knew we'd been duped. We didn't find out until two years later after we had married the Jocelyn from elsewhere and she had given birth to twins for me. And on the same day as the twins, Beowulf and Daciana were born, SamSam and Vally had a little girl too, Serenity.

Then the original Jocelyn was rescued and came back to rejoin our family. She had a lot of problems, and so did JoJo, which is what I stuck to calling our alt Jocelyn. But they've since figured everything out, and Jocelyn gave me a son, Adrian. Around the same time, (a time most people refer to as The Recall because all of the birth control pills in Idris malfunctioned) SamSam gave me twin girls, Divinity and Chastity. And eventually JoJo and Vally rounded out the family by having Natasha.

I should also mention Jocelyn had three children before I joined our family, a full grown son & daughter, Jonah and Seraphina (who have several children of their own, are polyamorously and incestuously married, and are the king and queen of the hell dimension called Elysium, [long story.] ) by Vally, and Astraea, by a demonic prince named Abraxas (long, painful story), Astraea is ten years old.

And a few years ago I also found out I had three grown children of my own that I never knew about. One is my niece Amelia who turned out to be my daughter, (she and my nephew J.R. are married to Jonah and Seraphina and the four of them moved their family to Elysium a few years ago, so they're raising our grandchildren in hell. And the other two are my oldest twins, Naomi and Noah, who also each have families of their own but they don't live in hell. Naomi's family is huge and complex, while Noah's is pretty simple comparatively. And their mother is SamSam's twin sister Riley, who likes to think I'm her property, even though I thought she was Sammy when the twins were conceived and I've never had a relationship with her. Riley has issues.

Well, that's the long and the short of it, sorry if this wasn't really elegant. Blame the margaritas Vally made me earlier and leave the wordsmithing to him OK?