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Hiya! My name -Gip-Rik!

Nice to be here! So, um... well...I love Final Fantasy! FFVIII is the bomb! It made me cry...Final Fantasy X and X2 is tight dude! But I lost FFX2...Boo hoo... Planning to buy a new one! Well, here is some backround information! Name: Gip-Rik

Sign: Sagitarius (we rule!)

Loves: Linkin Park, Final Fantasy, I.N.V.U., Chobits, and ANIME! Inu-Yasha-I love it! weeps

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I love Hot Gimmick and Othello(both mangas...)

I love Asuza and Ryoki! EEK! ;)

OOH! AND YAYA IN OTHELLO, err...i mean nana would look good with shohei...if that is you what i

Band- I liked Malice Mizer for over a year now...and Camui Gackt is pretty! I mean gorgeous! Lol! I also like um, uh, dunno...Linkin Park Mike is cool, but Mr.Hahn is way better! The music they make together is awesome! I like Green Day and My Chemical Romance too are awesome!

Um, I love Inu-Yasha! I seen few episodes in Japanese that were utterly spoiling... Sango and Miroku are so cute together! Shippo does get a first love! Oops, did I spoil! NO! Have you guys ever read I.N.V.U the manga? I mean, like where is the 4th book! Did the author cancel it? Ugh, why even bother to know now...I bet the news is so old...

Songs that I like-

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Hehe, guess what?I never seen snow before...LOL! Just jokin! I heard a big rumor that

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Ya know, the movie that takes 2 years after... I can't wait to buy it when it comes out! All of Final Fantasy VII lovers out there don't hate me but...I hate Final Fantasy VII...Well kinda...

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Blithe: Rikku moves away from Brother and Cid, and finally finds a place to live. Now across her short journey, she finds where to stay, but she has to live the cocky Gippal...I dunno if I'll continue this... PG-13/Romance-Drama/Chapters-8

A Meyvn, An AlBhed, And A Yevonite: Follow Nooj, Gippal, and Baralai, on their missions, and quests! This isn't action/adventure...Going thru...Love, friendship, and romance! With three certain girls? PG-13/Humor-Romance/

Affections: Tidus has an extreme life. Never believed one certain thing when it all changes. He meets Yuna...A girl he is soon intrested in, but she's not. She's intrested in somebody, Tidus would never believe of. PG-13/Romance-Drama/

Apocalypse: Friends...Are they just that? Friends are abandoned on an island while thinking it was a simple trip they had just won. Seeing the things out there in this world, will change there lives forever...Whom can they trust? PG-13/Romance-Horror/

Eternal: Meet Rikku...Beautiful, smart, photogenic...All that stuff. She is hired into a modeling agency and meets Gippal. Gippal is also a model, who sees nothing in her. No talent, no beauty, no nothing. But soon will that change? Will it stay eternal? PG-13/Romance-Drama/

Lies: Yuna is a home designer and has to move to Zanarkand to design a home. In a dry and hot spot. Tidus is her neighbor, a photographer and painter. Gippal is a inspector, and he finds love interest in Yuna. Tidus has some strange connection with Yuna?

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