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my keyboard was nearly destroyed by juice and so i hated to type for awhile. Wow i haven't updated on this site for 2 years now!!

I'm working on The Animal House Chapter 9- there's still some things to fix but it will be out this month!

I'm wondering if anyone is still reading or even remembering the plot for The Animal House... if you are please drop off a random review or message!

My favorite Anime and mangas!
Inuyasha (LOVE!) I dunno the first story I read on was a Sess/Kag pairing story, so i'm a major fan of that pairing. I like Inu/Kag too but some stories and plots are overdone and recycled again and again. I also really love Kouga/kagome too... for some reason.

Beyblade (LOVE!) It's done...noooo no season 4 ( that sux. Honestly I don't hate Kai, he's not ugly but i just don't like his traitous personality. But then again he's a interesting character to write about. I like Tala, Brooklyn and Garland way better than Kai. I really hate Tyson, he's annoying and he always wins out of like sheer luck instead of skill, yeah he's the main character, but you want him to LOSE!

Hot Gimmick! This is my all time favorite manga! I love how Miki Aihara drew the characters and the complicated love triangles. The expresions of each person is so amazing and you feel sympathy to him/her. I really hope they make a anime from Hot Gimmick. I would write a H.G story but I have no idea who i should pair Hatsumi wit. Shinogu, Azusa or Ryoki? I love them all.

Gundam Wing: Honestly G.W. is drawn better than G.S. The characters don't look girly. I like the concept of the anime and the people as well, it made you think about how horrible war is , and the vicious cycle of war, peace, and revolution. There wasn't much of a love story but that was ok- Relena/Herro forever!

Fruits Baskets: (everyone should watch this! I love it!) It's so funny and cute. Yuki/Tohru/Kyo is adorable. The characters are so well deveolped and hilirous. But the anime ending wasn't complete. I hope there's a season 2. Been speding most of my money buy fruits basket mangas. The manga right now for leaves me very unsatisfied and my story is going to to be waaaay different.

Dragonball Z/GT: (it just rocks!) I will always love this show! I love the action and fighting and the supersayians. But in GT , they made Trunks a pansy.

Naruto: I love Neji! I've been concentrating on this anime now.

Pairings i like: Hinata x Kiba, Hinata x Sasuke or Hinata x Naruto
Sakura x Sasuke is okish, just not something I would intentionally read, Naruto x Sakura is cute & somehow Sakura x Gaara is alright.
Neji x Tenten
Ino x Shika x Temari (can't decide!)

Infinite Ryvius: It's based on on LoRD oF THe fLieS, but it's pratically nothing like the book, i was forced to read in gr. 10. It unseemly has quite a few dark characters with messed up emtional problems for 15 and 16s year olds. Sadly my favortie pairing Juili/Blue didn't really end up together. My story B o t h e r s o m e is based on two of the characters, Yuki and Cullen, I liked their relationship =D

Bleach: I just got hooked on watching this anime. I love Renji (eyebrows dude) and Ichigo! Been downloading so many eppies.

I can't get enough of FMA. I really wish there was a season 3 (the manga continues after the FMA movie)

Harry Potter is my absolute favorite series!

imcomplete (and I highly doubt I'll update... it's a really stupid fic to annoy people)

f l y
weeks on and off working on this little fic. It's about Brooklyn and him being hunted. It focus mainly on Haley, Mystel and Brooklyn.
It's my second fave story. I've worked so much on it.
Well that's it for now I can't reveal the plot to ya all. I have roughly 6 unedited chapters done ... and roughly I've drafted about 15 chappies. Chappie 3, will be coming soon (it's done, actually), but there's not enough reviews... so i guess there aren't that many people who care about the story enough to review... imcomplete

B e i n g In Debt To an Arrogant Model:
i don't have much planned for this story.
It's about Tala the playboy model and him attending a rich high school. He makes a bet wit this girl he just can't stand named Haley... But there' s hell of alot more happening in this story. Blackmail and Betrayal are the themes of this story. Tala/Oc, mariah/rei, Max/Mariam, Ming-ming/Mystel/Oc and etc. Well, as i was typing it out the story i just go wit the flow and type whatever I think of and edit it again later. I may take awhile to edit it all over again.imcomplete

B o t h e r s o m e :
Either way this story could be a oneshot or have multi chappies. It depends on the reviewer! (summary really sux)
A girl wondering about her relationship or friendship with Kai Hiwatari. Circe can't figure out what's exactly going on between them.
'Circe didn't know why she bothered with him. Kai always seemed so 'protective' of his childhood friend that there was something bewteen them. But then he manages to surprise her on her birthday.Circe tries to define her relationship with Kai Hiwatari.'
I might revise this story... unknown

The Animal House:
My first Naruto fic. I just got an idea and i had to type it out. the summary is lower down. I took the concept when a memeber of the zodiac is hugged by the opposite sex, transforms into their animal form, from Fruits Basket. : )

I'm seriously conflicted to whether to make this a sashina or naruhina imcomplete

M & Ms:
This is my favorite story i have ever written. It's Ming-Ming and Mystel fluff (I'm 1st to call that pairing!). Other implied parings as well. (Matilda/Raul and Max/Mariam, sorta Moses/0c). A one-shot fic. complete! (but I am considering writing a sort of chapter 2 or a sequel to M & Ms- a big maybe)

I L o a t h e Y o u!
A very cruddy one-shot. very slight InoShika. Mainly Ino hates Neji ficlet. The summary explains it all. Complete!

Little Kids and their Violent Tendencies (Part 1)
AU. Sango and Inuyasha FREINDSHIP FIC! The prequel to When it Rains. It's funny (to me anywayz). At age six, Sango meets her new neighbors, Sesshomaru and Inuyasha. Inuyasha gets bored and gets into a fight with Sango over her Sailor Moon dollie/action figure. Very short fic.

My Name Means (part 2)
AU. Kouga and Inuyasha rivalry fic. It all begins at the age of six. The continuation of Little Kids and their Violent Tendencies.
Part 3 is coming soon.

W h e n It Rains:
(Inuyasha fic, but the title sux). It has a little too much swearing. Mainly Inuyasha and Sango FRIENDSHIP fic.
Sango has decided that she's tired of Miroku's flirty atitude with other girls, so she's decided to take a break with him and date other guys. Meanwhile Inuyasha wants to break up with his clingy girlfriend Kikyo and is more then simply interested in Kagome...Various complicated pairings. Could be a one-shot. I dunno. I'll see if i'll get inspired again. Many typos and grammer errors. (05/18/05) sorta imcomplete (many PREQUELS are written!)

up coming fics:

TAH: chapter 9 is called "cHANCES"

ooh man i totally forgot how to upload on ff.net and i messed up when i tried to post chappie 9! haha

and whatever random stories i feel like working on... although i'm working on a Ino spinoff of TAH, it's more inspiring to work on than TAH right now cuz it's not so complex...

anywayz Buh-Bye : )

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