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In English-Deathstalker
Species-Humanoid; Sub-species-Werewolf

Final Fantasy VII + Horseback riding
+Chrono Cross + Reading
+Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time + Writing
+Wolf's Rain + Sleeping
+Tamora Pierce + Food
+Michael Crichton + W
+Lacrosse + Werewolves, vampies
+Kung-fu + Cloud
+Stephen King + Gatorade
+American history + Marines
+Taking pictures + Drawing
+Turok + Doom
+Soul Calibur + DDR

>Kingom Hearts overall, lol
>Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross is on both lists, because I think it's an awesome game, but my disks freaking hate me. I've had to restart my game twice because my game got screwed up. And now I'm stuck. And my sister has finsihed the game three times. -_-

And, as to Kingdom Hearts, and me writing fanfics for it... I like the idea of the Final Fantasy characters together, but, I don't like the storyline. I don't like the fact that Sora uses moves from old characters. And I absolutely hate the fact that they brought Aeris and Sephiroth back to life. That is why she will never appear in any of my fics. Because she is dead. And without her being dead, then Cloud just isn't Cloud. And the only reason I will allow Sephiroth coming back to life is because of Advent Children.

+Cloud x Squall
+Cloud x Aeris
+Axel x Roxas
+Kiba x Tsume
+Tsume x Toboe
+Hige x Blue


The Wolf and The Lion - SquallLeonXCloud - Ten Chapters
Darkened Love, Shattered Soul-SquallLeonXCloud - Nine Chapters

In Progress

The Sun's Always There - Up to Chapter 5 - None of the story is uploaded yet

Future Stories

Wolf's Rain-Kiba x Tsume-No storyline as of yet
FFVII-Cloud x Aeris-No real storyline yet

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