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Feel free to contact me, I'm willing to talk to anyone for more or less any reason!

Me as an author:

I go back and forth between 3-4 fandoms depending on my mood, and generally speaking I will always come back to one fandom at some point in my life no matter how long I leave it. I watched Pokémon, Digimon and Yugioh growing up, and while only Digimon is actually any good I still find the other two amusing and revisit them sometime if the mood strikes me. Sailor Moon is more of a recent thing, a fandom and universe I've come to really appreciate in the last few months. The only other fandoms I have even the slightest bit of interest in are Inuyasha and Cardcaptor Sakura, and I've never written anything for either of those.

I like to write a lot of different genres, often mashing up several into a single story. My ideal is to create a 'Back to the Future' sort of story, where several different genres (Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction, Coming Of Age) are combined, and combined perfectly into a coherent and smooth work. This can result in mood whiplash, but I always try to pull it off. My strength as a writer is dialogue, and I always feel like if I can capture a character's essence in what they say, everything else will fall into place. So I want my dialogue to be both true to the character and clever and witty at the same time.

I am a big fan of pop culture and the references to come with them, as well as homage and shoutout, so if you read my stories you will find a lot of those. I often reference and pay tribute to my favorite films and television shows. I especially love Archer on FX, a show that has taught me so much about what I now consider to be the epitome of humor. Not only is my sense of humor always very much like what you might find in Archer, I am literally incapable of writing without directly referencing something from it as tribute. I highly recommend you start watching it. Like, right now. Stop reading this profile and go watch it. But seriously, depending on the situation and circumstance, I may make subtle or direct allusions to any number of things that have influenced me. I also love meta-humor that dances close to the fourth wall, so get used to that.

The above two paragraphs probably explain why I consider Quentin Tarantino to be an inspiration, as those are two tools he uses quite a bit. You may only be able to find one or two direct references to him in my works, but his attention to dialogue and referential style has influenced me. Beyond that, I also find inspiration in Martin Scorsese's ability to craft something huge (it's very hard for me to write one-shots, I'm at the point where everything has to be epic), Christopher Nolan's ability to take a very creative idea and put it together into something that can appeal to anyone, and Paul Thomas Anderson's ability to make his work tense and emotional without being obvious, and then having everything erupt into emotional and key scenes.

While the medium is not ideal for it, I also really like to write good fight scenes when possible, like something out of a superhero movie or graphic novel. Speaking of mediums not being ideal, I really wish there was a way to give a fanfiction a soundtrack. Probably another thing that Scorsese has planted in me.

I occasionally struggle with details and painting a picture of a scene, although sometimes that's simply because I believe it would be boring to spend three pages describing an empty room or landscape. I also fight with writing something that's consistently high-brow and high-concept, or something that is consistently serious, dramatic, and emotional. I feel fine writing an occasional serious or dramatic scene, and I think I can do it quite well, but due to my wildly inappropriate sense of humor and limitations as a writer, I don't think I could write something that is completely serious or completely dramatic. I can not help myself but crack jokes. I think that's who I am as a writer, and I have accepted that.

I often exaggerate character traits in my fanfiction, to the point where some have said I can take them a tiny bit out of character. I feel that's necessary for me to explore my strengths as a writer, and also find most characters in fandoms I write for to be slightly dull due to the fact that they're characters in television shows meant for young children.

I have a lot of ideas that land in my brain, but then end up getting thrown away due to lack of time, which is unfortunate but quite common. When I am stressed or upset about something I have a tendency to write more, so if I'm updating fast there's probably a not great reason behind it. If you ever want to talk to me about some of my works for any reason via any medium (chat, PM, review) then I'm more than willing to listen to anything you have to say.

Me as a reader/review:

I don't read much and review less. The latter is because I'm a bad person, and I often read fics on my cell phone, making a review difficult. The former is due to time constraints, as I work 40 hours a week, watch sports, and play video games, but also because of a character flaw within me. I am highly competitive and easily get jealous for the strangest reasons, and while I do think my work is good, I am constantly terrified that I will find a fanfiction that is so good it will make me feel inadequate and make me want to give up writing. And yes, this has happened before. I have read works that I thought were so good it made me feel like there was no point in me continuing to write as I could never be that good. As I said above, I do feel like there's a limit to how serious and dramatic I can be as a writer, and when I see someone pull it off better than I feel I can I get jealous.

That's something I need to get past and I am trying to get past, so I am trying to read more. Again, the former issue will never go away, but I am trying to put myself out there and read more stuff. So if you have some work you'd like me to read and give thoughts on, request it and I will do my very best. I'll read most things, but some things interest me more than others. I'd never dismiss something for having an occasional spelling or grammar mistake, but if the story does not at least mostly obey the rules of English it's very hard for me to get past it. Besides that, as long as the story contains one really strong point, I'll be interested.

Quick fandom opinions:

Pokémon - Watched U.S. Dub when I was very young, acceptable time sink, but quickly gave up around Season Three when things got stupid and filler-y. Now only re-visit because I believe some of the things you can do with the universe are interesting, rather than anything the universe actually does with itself.
Character Rankings: Ash > James > Misty > Brock > Tracy > Jesse > Irrelevant

Digimon - Adventure 01 U.S. Dub is my favorite anime ever, something I grew up with, and still holds up today due mainly to the fantastic characters and the relationships between them, as well as the general premise. Adventure 02 U.S. Dub is very good for similar reasons, though nowhere near as good. Tamers U.S. Dub is interesting and not bad, but I had some big problems with it and stopped watching right near the end. Not familiar with any other season.
01 Character Rankings: Izzy > Joe > Tai > Matt > Kari > Sora > TK > Mimi
02 Character Rankings: Ken > TK > Kari > Davis > Cody > Yolei

Yugioh - Watched U.S. Dub for a couple years when I was younger. Painfully stupid, but that was part of the fun, and I had/have an enormous crush on Anzu Mazaki/Tea Gardner. Stopped watching the middle of the Yami VS. Weevil/Haga train duel, read what happened on Wikipedia, don't care about any of the spinoffs.
Character Rankings: Seto Kaiba > Anzu Mazaki > Yami Yugi > Yugi Moto > Joey Wheeler > Tristan Taylor > Mokuba Kaiba

Sailor Moon - Current fandom of choice. Watched the first thirty episodes of the U.S. Dub as well as assorted other episodes and segments that I wanted to check out since I was curious, and plan to continue slowly plowing through the episodes in order. Falls shorts in some ways (poor animation quality, weak action scenes, occasionally bad writing), but makes up for it in others (excellent romance, great relationships between the girls, great characters, occasionally half decent writing) and survives some middling elements (okay plot/story, okay voice acting). Used to hate-watch, grew to enjoy.
Character Rankings: Amy > Darien > Lita > Serena > Artemis > Luna > Raye > Mina

Inuyasha - Seen the first ten episodes in Japanese (subbed), haven't had time to go further, but a solid show from what I've seen. Good action, fun concept, intriguing plot, and if I had time I'd be more interested in going further with it. May never return to again, but has my respect.

Cardcaptor Sakura - Seen the first ten episodes in U.S. Dub. Simply adorable and fun to watch, though ultimately nothing too special. That being said, I'm sure the show took some twists and turns that gave it more meaning down the line. May never return to again, but has my respect.

Active Projects:

The Million Dollar Grant (Sailor Moon) [Multi-Genre Epic] - Currently trying to churn out at least two, preferably three, chapters a month. Probably my favorite story I've ever written to date thus far, as I think it takes the concepts I wanted in some previous stories, but couldn't pull off because I wasn't a good writer (see, or rather please don't see, A New Emperor). Highly pleased with feedback I've gotten on it so far. Planning for 35-40 chapters.

Dormant Projects:

Pounding the Rock (Digimon) [Sports Epic] - Huge fan of basketball, nothing more than a basketball story with a Digimon skin on it, written mainly to help me get through boring days at work. Not something with much broad appeal, but I've gotten some good feedback on it. Will return to one day when the time is right, but unclear if my original plan of several hundred chapters is ever going to come to fruition.

Cards II (Yu-Gi-Oh!) [Friendship Multi-Chapter] - Plan was to make a trilogy, still intend to finish it at some point, but there doesn't seem to be a ton of interest, so there's no rush. I like this story, I like the places I want to take it, but it's dormant for now.

Dead Projects:

Everything else. I'd rather not talk about them, they're all dead for a reason, and those reasons are probably embarrassing.

Definite Future Projects:

The Art of War (Sailor Moon) [Comedy One-shot] - Originally was planned as a chapter in The Million Dollar Grant, but I have decided to cut it out as it serves no purpose to the plot and basically stands on it's own. However, I really like the idea and think it'll be a lot of fun, so I will be uploading it separately as a deleted scene. To that end, I will not give away any details of it, as even that much would spoil TMDG a little bit, but I look forward to writing it.

Possible Future Projects (subject to being scrapped if I can't construct enough meat around the concepts to make a story):

The People Who Are Miserable (Sailor Moon) [Friendship/Comedy One-shot] - Bored of the typical choices, Darien and the girls decide to put on a production of Les Miserables at the local theatre.

Anger Management (Sailor Moon) [Drama Multi-Chapter] - Darien gets into a brawl playing in a college baseball game and ends up suspended and forced to undergo anger management therapy or face expulsion.

M.I.A. (Sailor Moon) [Dark Comedy Multi-Chapter] - Under immense stress from her duties as a Sailor Scout, Mina snaps and runs away without a trace, leaving the remaining scouts and Darien to comb the globe to find her and bring her back.

Sailor Scouts International (Sailor Moon) [Crack Comedy/Adventure Multi-Chapter] - After the defeat of Sailor Galaxia, the Sailor Scouts plus Darien form a private military contractor dedicated to making the world a better place. Business is good, but there's a never-ending cascade of drama within the walls of SSI that constantly threatens to bring it all down.

Me as a person:

I'm a 23-year-old with a Computer Science degree who works as an SDET/programmer, currently for Facebook. Outside of work and fanfiction, I love watching football, basketball, baseball, playing video games, and watching films. I also love dogs.

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