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Hi all! I love fairy tales! I know it seems childish but I can't help it. Its a habit that will stick with me until I'm old and wrinkled, telling stories to my grandchildren, but that won't be for a long time, believe me.

Note: I deleted my other stories because I really didn't think there was a point to keep them posted when I knew I would not be updating them anytime soon. They were really just half-baked ideas I had. If I ever come up with a thicker plot and more ideas, I'll post them again when I know I will have the time and patience for them. I'm sorry if this is any inconvience to anyone, but please understand. If someone read one of the stories that I deleted, and they have a big idea for it, and would like to continue just e-mail me and I will give you permission to take it off my hands.

Storie Status:


She loves him yet doesn't know if her feelings are true. He hates her yet is forced to protect her. Yes, the trial of Mimi and Matthew is not an easy one. But when Mimi is kidnapped the only one who can save her is Matt. Will he save the missing princess, or use her absense to escape like he's always wanted? Sequel to Love?


"Ever catch a firefly when you were little? In the big open world they were free, happy and they thrived... but closed up away from their world... they fade..."

He was cold hearted prince. She was a normal girl trying to become a world renowned dancer. When they first met hatful words were swiped and she poured grape juice on him. Their fate is intertwined even more when it turns out she was promised to be his wife. Now, with the king dying, the prince must marry as soon as possible, and she is the one to fill that position. Can love grow between them with love traingles blossoming, scandels arising, and lonely hearts breaking? Cinderella didn't know how easy she had it.


Betrothed to someone you can't stand? Sheldon and Nenet are in the same position Will they learn to love each other, and live happily ever after? Or is this a fairy tale meant for sorrow? (Complete)

Beauty and the Geek:

A modern version of Beauty and the Beast.

She was a beautiful girl relucantly visiting her fathers rich, sucessful "good friend" in England. Imagine her surprise when this so called "rich, sucessful man" is really a boy her age! Not only that he's a...geek! She soon finds herself trapped inside his summer castle making friends with the servants, visiting its rather large library and trying to stay sane. But whats this, there's a secret in this dreary, dull prison of hers?

Up Coming Stories:

Star-Crossed Love:

Madeline O'Riley is a different kind of Cinderella. Her prince charming is the super-star actor Justin Stewart; her best friend played the fairy godmother in the school play; her golden pumpkin is theUnited Airlines; and her glass slippers are her favorite red cowboy boots. It's the summer before her junior year of high school and Madeline decides its time to have one big adventure before the real torture of school starts and its time to grow up. She recruits her best friend, Nicole Spirelli, to run off to England with her so she can meet her "one true love" Justin Stewart. With the help of their other friend, Sen Le, they are able to get to London without their parents knowing. But what happens when their parents finally find out what happens and get the London police hot on their trail? It will take the help of the young, and cute hotel manager's son, Aldwin Thornbee; and the strange mysterious boy, Lance Lancing.

No Title as of Yet:

When Lynette Devereaux's grandfather dies and leaves behind a large debt it lands on her familiy's shoulders to take care of it. Her family is dirt poor and theres no way they can pay of the thousands of dollars her grandfather owes to the Hollingsworth family. Now Lynette has to be the maid to the Hollingsworth until she earns all the money. To make matters worse there are seven brothers living in the Hollingsworth Mansion, and they each seem to have a defined personality. (Snow White Redone)


Sadie Ackerly was a girl of High Class, being the cousin of the King. Arnold Shellswick was just a wholesome farm boy. To be with his love Arnold pulls a cinderella. He takes on a whole new identity when he becomes a knight at the castle and soon finds his place among the other knights and noble men. But hiding his true self is getting harder. Can he tell his love the truth and have a happily ever after? Or will his charade blow up in his face.

If You're Not the One: (Will consist of one chapter)

She had betrayed him and everyone else. She deserved the punishment. She deserved to be locked out of his mind. But for some reason...he could not let go of that lingering feeling he's had for her. Ember is leaving and Harper wants to follow.

Hey, I had a couple people e-mail me asking if I had any ideas of what the characters look like, and if I could show pictures. Soooo, after hard work and looking at tons and tons of pictures, I have choosen the special few I believe resemble my characters! Maxwell was the hardest! Also, I have Gwen's wedding dress for you to look at! Take a look!

Firefly Album

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I'm still receiving reviews for this, so I won't take it down. In all honesty, I have lost all interest for anything Twilight related, so I'm not sure this story will get finished. I apologize for this. I may finish it eventually, but it will remain as is for now. If you stumble upon this and would like to know how it ends, feel free to message me. Again, I'm sorry.
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Firefly reviews
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Hate? reviews
She loves him. He hates her. Yes, the trial of Mimi and Matthew is not an easy one. But when Mimi is kidnapped the only one who can save her is Matt. Will he save the missing princess, or use her absense to escape like he's always wanted? Sequel to Love?
Fairy Tales - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 6 - Words: 11,958 - Reviews: 100 - Favs: 32 - Follows: 32 - Updated: 2/23/2007 - Published: 12/3/2006
Love? reviews
Betrothed to someone you can't stand? Sheldon and Nenet are in the same position. Will they learn to love one another, and have a happily ever after? Or is this fairytale going to end in sorrow?
Fairy Tales - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 26 - Words: 61,423 - Reviews: 597 - Favs: 189 - Follows: 59 - Updated: 9/3/2006 - Published: 11/13/2004 - Complete
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