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Hey Im Alexandria Bermudez, Alexis will do. I'm 15. So far I have three stories, I'm proud of them, I'm writing another one but in a notebook, hey I need something to do in friends read it and say its awesome so far...but anyways Its called Riverview, it's feats. in Naruto and some of mine and my Friends Characters...Idea giving to some of my good friends cuz they were writing a story similar to mine...No i didnt steal the story plot is different..the only thing the same is Naruto and his friends are in a Boarding School and they go teenager on anyways please continue reading the stories I have up now and one day I'll post it up...well bye-bye...-waves goodbye, smiling as the sun shines on her-

Favorite Show(s): INUYASHA, that show ROX, NARUTO, LUV IT!! Gaara is so fuggin' HOTT, hes mine -nodds frequently- Poke'mon, Sprial, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, That so Raven, and Fight 29 Down, Corben Bleu is hawt to the Extreme, but not Hotter then Gaara.

Favorite type of Music(s): Rockish Emo, like Evanescence, Panic! at the Disco, Fall out boy, a new band I just came to like Flyleaf and of course DADDY YANKEE...He is so FUGGIN' HOTT but again not as HOT as GAARA!!_

Favorite Character(s): Again I say GAARA!!! He is so FUCKEN' HAWT, espesally his KASEKAGE Form -faints of hottness- Naruto's okay he's kinda cute, but my friend clamed him -sweatdrop- and Sasuke is as well hot, but my other friend clamed him as well, so before any of my other Friends could I clamed Gaara, meaning hes mine so HaNdS OFFFF!!!!_

Favorite Movie(s): Inuyasha 1,2,and 3, I havent seen 4 yet my I will some day buy it or borrow it and Finally SEEN IT WAHAHAHAHAHA...okay I'm done. heehee...Well and ways I also like Catwomen, hellz I luvs it alot...and Naruto movie 1 that was the only one I seen so far, but I will soon seen them all...and it I'm not mistaken there's a new one opening in Japen this Summer, but i could be wrong...but anyways those are the movies i like so far...

Okay I'm Done here this was all I could think of right now i might update this soon with new detail and the latess scoop hopfully well byebye -waves goodbye-

(August 13, 2007)

OMG!! Naruto really does Die i cant believe it!!In the New Naruto Movie that came out and on the Shippuuden Episodes Gaara DIES!!!! -cries- but i found out later he get revived YEAAA!!! MY GAARA LIVES!! -throws a prade- its all thanks to the Manga that i was able to know

Anyways i know i said i will put up my new story called Riverview (Idea from Friends)... thats me being lazy and becuz i have other stories to update so probably when Egyption Romance is Done...Which might take awhile, i'll put up Riverview...well anyways thats it so see later buh bye

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