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Author has written 4 stories for Legend of Zelda, and Ninja Turtles.

Main Story Projects

- TMNT fanction: On the Topside (OT)
- Zelda fanfictions: The Time Lost (TL) and The Legend of Zelda: Empire of Darkness/Lolth (EoD/L)

Shrub's To-Do List

- Develop and write more of OT
- Write and finish TL as a prequel to EoD/L
- Rewrite EoD/L chapters and resume the story
- Maybe reboot the old website

About Me: Hi there, Shrub here. Here's some things about me like my interests and beliefs which can often influence my writing.

I obviously love Zelda and TMNT, but I tend to cycle through obsessions of:
Avatar: Last Airbender/Legend of Korra
Star Trek (Next Gen mostly)
Doctor Who
One Piece
Criminal Minds
Young Justice, Batman, Spider-man, Deadpool, Avengers, The Justice League, Jessica Jones
G.I. Joe
Harry Potter
Kung Fu
Sword Art Online
Star Wars
Skip Beat
Tokyo Ghoul
Dexter (the one about the serial killer, not the cartoon)
Darker Than Black
Kung Fu Panda
Anything I can find with Donnie Yen, etc.
And pending new discoveries.

So far Zelda and TMNT are the only ones I have had inspiration to write fanfiction on.

I favor mostly Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask when it comes to Zelda. But I also take into account the whole fandom as much as I can when crafting my stories in that world. I have played some of the games, except anything that was too 2D for me (sorry, I was exposed to OoT in my youth and cannot be changed) like the older games from the good old super nintendo and handhelds like Phantom Hourglass and Four Swords. I played Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. I watched the Let's Play on youtube for Skyward Sword, because I didn't want to buy a whole new console. However, Hyrule Warriors and the up and coming new Zelda game for the Wii U just might be awesome enough to justify it to myself. I own the book Hyrule Historia.

As for TMNT, I have read MOST of the old comics from Mirage up to a point. I stopped when Image Comics took over the series, because this was where co-creator Peter Laird said he didn't even consider it canon anymore. I may go and read them at some point just to say I did and so I know the content for myself (though I did look up some of what happened in them). I am now reading the IDW comics for TMNT. I have seen the old live action movies, and some of the 80's cartoon (particular episodes that looked the most interesting). I watched one episode of The Next Mutation, just to satisfy my whim and curiosity and one was all it took. I may watch more if I just need a laugh. I have seen the 2007 and 2014 movies, and I will likely see the next one. I have watched all of the 2003 and 2012 cartoon series, and will continue to watch the 2012 one.

My Style and Writing Philosophy
I want to make my stories better and more enjoyable, but I also write mostly for myself. This means, you can always give your suggestions about how I should write or how things should be done. If I like it, I'll do it. If I don't, I won't. It's nothing personal. I'm open to feedback, because I know it can make my writing better. But I don't like it to be forcefully shoved down my throat, you get me?

I don't care about having perfect grammar, sentence syntax, or punctuation. I'm more interested in imagery, good characters, and writing those characters well. I like there to be themes, messages, and meaning to the stories I tell. I like for my stories to have connections to symbols, imagery, the inner worlds of the characters, and the lessons they are learning in these stories. I try to add humor where I can too. More than anything, I want my stuff to be interesting at least.

My stories tend to be dark and angsty, but I usually try for a light at the end of the tunnel. When my characters suffer, I like for it to say something about the suffering that we all experience as human beings. This is probably why I don't tend to pull my punches as a writer. I want to explore and see all the dark and ugly in humanity just as clearly as I see the beautiful and bright. I feel like it's important to display the dark and ugly parts of being human and living. I can't even convey fully why I feel like it's important. Rest assured, there will be some positive note to the dark and ugly suffering about growing, overcoming obstacles, and self-discovery. I believe in hope no matter how hopeless things may seem.

I'm more of an optimist than a pessimist in the long run. I enjoy drama for the intense emotions; I'm a drama junky sometimes. I am also comfortable with sweet and cheesy things. However, I still try to do them tastefully.

I'm open to a lot of things. I'm completely fine with non-heteronormative content in stories as I write it myself. Non-heteronormative would mean anything that isn't strictly heterosexual: homosexual/queer/gay/lesbian (which ever term you prefer), bi, pansexual, demisexual, asexual, etc. All the different sexual orientations you can imagine! Because there's not just one. I enjoy reading and writing any romance and pairings so long as the chemistry is good. Even if I don't personally think the pair would actually happen and it would be out of character for them to be a couple, I might humor you anyway. I tend toward M/M pairings, when I venture away from my hetero couples. I'm personally hetero myself, but I just tend to have more guy characters.

I'm very aware of social justice issues. I'm a feminist. I'm sensitive to class, ability, racial, cultural, gender, and sexual orientation issues. So don't be surprised if these things come up in my writing in some form or another. I try my best to be culturally sensitive and competent in what I write when I have characters who are more diverse than the typical white American, Canadian, or otherwise European variety.

Please let me know if I'm ever at all offensive or inaccurate when I write characters of different races/ethnicity or all the other diverse groups mentioned previously. I always want to improve my perspective and understanding. I typically do my research, but I know that research can only take me so far. I try my best. But also understand when I write them I'm not trying to make any one character the representative of any particular group. They are also individuals with their own unique stories. So when I write a character of diverse groups, I'm not writing them to make any specific statement about that group.

The struggles they face personally might certainly intersect with issues of oppression, prejudice, and discrimination that these groups face, even if not explicitly stated in my writing. Not that I try to always have a glimpse of all these things in my writing, but I like it when I do, because all too often these things are pushed to the background. I try my best to be realistic or at the very best believable in my writing. I don't like adhering to a dominant, white heteronormative wash of reality.

I personally identify as spiritual/agnostic. I don't believe in a specific deity; I believe in the universe. I'm not into religion. To be perfectly honest, I think the world and the universe is so much bigger than any one religion can contain. It's all more complex and simple than that all at the same time.

OCs - Original Characters

I like writing original characters into my favorite fandoms. I notice this is more accepted with less venom and hostility in Zelda fanfictions than the TMNT ones. Maybe it's the difference between video game fandoms and comic/cartoon ones. The personalities of the main canon characters are more clearly defined in TMNT than in Zelda. After all, Link doesn't talk but Zelda does change distinctly depending on the video game (she's also technically a different person and descendant of the first Zelda's line in each game).

It's not like I don't understand the dislike for OCs. Not many people write OCs into fandoms well. This is often due to a mixture of varying maturity levels and writing experience. I'm proud of my OCs. They are developed and complex characters that I've been writing for years. It took me a long time to get them so nicely developed. It took work, son. I didn't just shit these characters out yesterday. Most of my story ideas come from my daydreaming about my OCs interacting with characters in the fandom. That's just how I work when it comes to writing fanfiction.

So expect my OCs to stick around and be main characters along side the canon characters. I'm also not afraid to ship canon characters with my OCs if I think they have good chemistry. If you don't like it then fine; I don't take it personally. Can't make someone who hates bananas like bananas. I'll wait for someone who likes bananas ... even if I think my bananas are better than the majority of other bananas :P

So yeah, don't flame me for having OCs out of an overblown elitist sense that your personal preference is somehow better than anyone else's. We just have different likes. I like bananas and apples. You might just like the apples and hate the bananas, and you don't want them mixing. That's fine. Just don't spit in my bananas just because you don't like bananas.

On the Topside

Chapter Updates

Chapter 25


Chapter 1 - Move-In Day
Chapter 2 - House Warming
Chapter 3 - Edge
Chapter 4 - Friends?
Chapter 5 - No Exit
Chapter 6 - Placid Facade
Chapter 7 - Amends
Chapter 8 - To Make Friends
Chapter 9 - Actions
Chapter 10 - Changes
Chapter 11 - Soft and Squishy
Chapter 12 - Livin' the Dream
Chapter 13 - Untold Things
Chapter 14 - Dragon Circle
Chapter 15 - Where the Heart is
Chapter 16 - No Matter What
Chapter 17 - Yes and No
Chapter 18 - A Lotus By Any Other Name
Chapter 19 - Impasse?
Chapter 20 - A Promise
Chapter 21 - Missing Pieces
Chapter 22 - Be Yourself
Chapter 23 - To be Ninja
Chapter 24 - Conquest

Theme Songs:
Bangarang, by Skrillex (school hall fight Ren vs everyone else)
Leave A Scar, by Marilyn Manson (from Ren to Mikey)
Sweet Dreams, by Marilyn Manson (Karai)
Fine Again, by Seether (Rontu)
More Human Than Human, by Rob Zombie (Purple Dragons)
Feel So Numb, by Rob Zombie (Purple Dragons/Rontu)
Dear X (You Don't Own Me), by Disciple (The Hamato Brothers)
Burning Gold, by Christina Perri (Kira)
Break Stuff, by Limp Bizkit (Ren)
Creep, by Radiohead (Donnie)
Paper Thin Walls, by Modest Mouse (ch. 21)
Little Lion Man, by Mumford and Sons (Mikey, Tasuki, Donnie, Ren, and Raphael)
Be Yourself, by Audioslave (Mikey)
Bad Moon Rising, by Creedence Clearwater Revival (ch. 23)
The Walk, by Imogen Heap (Leo and Karai)

Youtube Links: Inspiration for Ren beating down Mikey from Ip Man fight scene:

About: This is my newest project for this site. It was started really randomly while I was (and still am in) one of my phases where I obsess about TMNT. I love those guys. I read a human AU by Taisi called Problem Child, which I recommend anyone who likes TMNT and human AUs to read. It's done primarily from Mikey's perspective and all the characters feel very in-character. So much I started daydreaming about some original characters of mine interacting with them. Hence, it sparked my new project.

Those who are familiar with my Zelda fanfiction will probably know my original characters by name easily, as they are also OCs in that fanfiction. I've developed them for years and have played with them in other AU settings enough to already have a good start for them in my TMNT AU.

I'll probably use any TMNT version as I see fit: 2k3, 2k14, IDW, Mirage, hell I might even throw my own Next Mutuation elements for fun and if they fit well with everything else. It's just fun to reimagine the universes of the turtles in human and normal terms.

I started this fanfiction randomly. I hope to write more on it, but my life is often rather chaotic and busy. I haven't even been able to update my Zelda fanfiction for years because of this. And that one has been on-going for a very long time. So I can't make any promises about OT, but so far it's been rather easy to write chapters.

About A Light in the Dark: This story is just a short-story (it's complete too). It is not necessarily cannon material for Link of my EoD, but I imagine should be pretty close to it. I both love and fear the Shadow Temple in OoT, so I had to write my own depiction of Link's experience in overcoming it.

The Time Lost

Chapter Updates

In Progress:

Chapter 11


Chapter 1 - The Storm
Chapter 2 - Just in Case
Chapter 3 - Eyes of Kali
Chapter 4 - A Foul Wind
Chapter 5 - When it Rains
Chapter 6 - Farore's Family
Chapter 7 - Something Impossible
Chapter 8 - The Bridge
Chapter 9 - Nothing
Chapter 10 - Live or Die

Theme Songs:

About Time Lost: TL is a sort of prequel to EoD/L. It follows the events of OoT but from a very different perspective. The story focuses on the struggle of Hyrule during the time that Ganondorf ruled over it. It specifically focuses on the struggles of two boys who grow up in these seven years of darkness. Ventus Agni and Khaz Elias Serwen. Those who have read EoD/L know of Khaz Serwen, my original character, from that. The Khaz in this story will be rather different than the Khaz you know in EoD/L. Ventus Agni is a character belonging to Ruki44, who co-authors this story with me. It's a story of the adult part of the OoT timeline.

Most of this story tells about the things that happened when Link wasn't around. I developed the kingdom of Hyrule as I see it. It explores how Hyrule got to the point it was at in OoT when Link wakes up. It also explores this Kingdom in a very expansive way. OoT was a video game that was limited in how it could depict a kingdom. I give Hyrule more flair and more history, but based on things you know from the games. I expand on the magic system in my own way. The story focuses on more original characters but also includes familiar ones such as Impa, Sheik/Zelda, Saria, Malon, etc.

The reason TL is considered a prequel to EoD/L is still somewhat of a secret.

The Legend of Zelda: Empire of Darkness/Lolth

Chapter Updates

In Progress:
Chapter eight On Hiatus

Chapter Seven: Facing the Day
Chapter Six: The Task Force
Chapter Five: Death by Grapes
Chapter Four: Sister's Keeper
Chapter Three: Desert Rose

Chapter Two: The Letter to No One

Chapter One: Dark Omens

Theme Songs:
Chapter Two -
Eternal, by Evanescence
Bring Me to Life, by Evanescence

Try, by Nelly Furtado

About Empire of Darkness: I started writing The Legend of Zelda: Empire of Darkness July 29 of 2004. It's been 11 years since I started writing this fanfiction. Since then, I have been developing my writing, my characters, and my plot. Thus, I have discovered dozen of plot holes, unrealistic events, out-of-character behavior, and just my sheer crappy writing. I am rewriting it into a final and complete version, edited, and hopefully in its perfect form (as perfect as I can get it to be). So I can understand how others can find the beginning of this story ... unsatisfactory. I find it that way as well. I hope to improve this story tremendously and, therefore, making it enjoyable for all.

And no, I haven't given up on it. I've spent too much thought, time, and effort on it to abandon the idea now. I'm stubborn like that. Even if it takes me years, I shall prevail!

(8/19/2015) I am currently working on what I call "World Building." Sure, we all know about the world of Zelda from the video games, but we all have our own interpretations of the games in our own heads. You know, the stuff the games never truly explain, where you have to read between the lines. It allows for a lot of creativity depending on the writer. So basically, I've been working on developing the cultures and races of Hyrule, as well as their history and such. I'm even working out my own interpretation of the magic system. I am close to finishing this task, and then I'll be doing some rewriting to, yet again, fix some plot holes and adjust things to fit my final version of the world of Zelda as it is intended to be in my fanfiction. Then I'll be starting on new chapters and probably even new side-stories and prequel stuff that has to do with the main story but will be published separately.

(8/29/2015) Actually, EoD is on an indefinite hiatus until further notice. My life has gotten too busy for this project (my lack of posting a chapter for so long should be enough evidence of that).

Setting Summary: A little summary is in order, I suppose. For any who cared to check out my profile page. The summary on the story say its a Majora's Mack sequel, but this story is based in Hyrule. That's to say, I'm following the time line in Ocarina of Time in which no one knows that Link saved them all. Obviously, because Link is in this story. I adhere to the idea that the time in which Ganondorf took over and Link spent his time awakening sages and adventuring in temples is in a separate timeline. Link went back to his own time, which Majora's Mask picks up on. So my theory is that Ganondorf disappeared and no one knew what happened to him or where he went in that time too. This was my theory before Twilight Princess came out and before Hyrule Historia. I may or may not change this later, for now it's how the story goes.

After the events of Majora's Mask, Link sets out again into the mysterious forest. So, I start with that Link gets lost in this forest for another seven years (must suck more than just sleeping for seven, right?). He survives easily enough on animals and just surviving off the resources of the forest and Epona to talk to. When he emerges again, he finds himself in yet another new world. This world is called Sekin (a world of my own creation). He wonders through it for a while, probably just because he'll have been alone with a horse for seven years in a forest, and, you know, might want to see another person's face and hear their voice?

You could say, there's a whole other fanfiction before this story, because that's where Link originally meets my original characters: Kira, Rontu, Elzira, Rai, and Taerin. I do sort of plan to write this adventure out. It'll be the prequel to this story, which I plan to call A Link Between Worlds. (I so made up this title before that new Zelda game came out with it, now I might have to make a new one so people aren't confused.) Don't worry, I'm sure I'll have one of my characters summarize what happened there in one of my chapters. There was a lot that happened, but for now, all you need to know is that there was more war. Drow Empire trying to attack the land of Ranelu. They (as in Link and original characters) end up operating together in the efforts to turn the soon-to-be battles to their favor (Ranelu's favor) by spying and sneaking and doing general heroic stuff.

Link ends up leaving Sekin after the war is over and after some more terrible things happen involving Rai and a demon called Nelu. He gets overwhelmed and leaves, coming back to Hyrule through the forest finally. Kira, Rontu, and Elzira follow him without his knowing. When he gets back to Hyrule, he finds that the Drow Empire is there too, and that it had taken over Hyrule seven years previous while Link was lost in the forest.

So yah, that's where the story begins.

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My New Life by KimiNinja03 reviews
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