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Author has written 3 stories for Legend of Zelda, and Ninja Turtles.

Main Story Projects

- TMNT fanction: On the Topside (OT)
- Zelda fanfiction: The Legend of Zelda: Empire of Darkness (EoD)

Shrub's To-Do List

- Develop and write more of OT
- Finish world-building background stuff for EoD
- Rewrite some EoD chapters
- Write chapter eight of EoD
- Maybe reboot the old website

About Me: Hi there, call me Shrub please. I know my username says Shrub360, but someone already had Shrub so I had to make due.

I like to leave my gender to your imagination. I'm twenty-five. I hit a very big streak of writer's block awhile back, which I have pretty much gotten over. But now just a busy life seems to get in the way of my writing.

I obviously love Zelda and TMNT, but I tend to cycle through obsessions of Avatar: Last Airbender, Star Trek, Doctor Who, One Piece, etc. (Whatever else I can find.) So far Zelda and TMNT are the only ones I have had inspiration to write fanfiction on.

I would also like to mention, having said I want to make my stories better and more enjoyable, but I also write mostly for myself. This means, you can always give your suggestions about how I should write or how things should be done. If I like it, I'll do it. If I don't, I won't. It's pretty simple.

I don't care about having perfect grammar, sentence syntax, or punctuation. As long as you can understand what I'm saying, we're good in my book. I'm more interested in imagery, good characters, and writing those characters well. I like there to be themes, messages, and meaning to the stories I tell. I'll use symbolism when I can. I like for my stories to have connections to symbols, imagery, the inner worlds of the characters, and the lessons they are learning in these stories. I try to add humor where I can too. More than anything, I want my stuff to be interesting at least.

My stories tend to be dark and angsty, but I usually try for a light at the end of the tunnel. When my characters suffer, I like for it to say something about the suffering that we all experience as human beings. Usually, there will be some positive note to it about growing, overcoming obstacles, and self-discovery. I'm more of an optimist than a pessimist in the long run. I just enjoy drama for the intense emotions; I'm a drama junky sometimes. I also am comfortable with sweet and cheesy things. However, I still try to do them tastefully.

On the Topside

Chapter Updates

In-Progress: Chapter Fifteen


Chapter One: Move-In Day
Chapter Two: House Warming
Chapter Three: Edge
Chapter Four: Friends?
Chapter Five: No Exit
Chapter Six: Placid Facade
Chapter Seven: Amends
Chapter Eight: To Make Friends
Chapter Nine: Actions
Chapter Ten: Changes
Chapter Eleven: Soft and Squishy Things
Chapter Twelve: Livin' the Dream
Chapter Thirteen: Untold Things
Chapter Fourteen: Dragon Circle

Theme Songs:
Bangarang, by Skrillex (both families)
Leave A Scar, by Marilyn Manson (Ren)
Sweet Dreams, by Marilyn Manson (Karai)
Fine Again, by Seether (Rontu)
More Human Than Human, by Rob Zombie (Purple Dragons)
Feel So Numb, by Rob Zombie (Purple Dragons/Rontu)

Youtube Links: Inspiration for Ren beating down Mikey from Ip Man fight scene:

About: This is my newest project for this site. It was started really randomly while I was (and still am in) one of my phases where I obsess about TMNT. I love those guys. I read a human AU by Taisi called Problem Child, which I recommend anyone who likes TMNT and human AUs to read. It's done primarily from Mikey's perspective and all the characters feel very in-character. So much I started daydreaming about some original characters of mine interacting with them. Hence, it sparked my new project.

Those who are familiar with my Zelda fanfiction will probably know my original characters by name easily, as they are also OCs in that fanfiction. I've developed them for years and have played with them in other AU settings enough to already have a good start for them in my TMNT AU.

I'll probably use any TMNT version as I see fit: 2k3, 2k14, IDW, Mirage, hell I might even throw my own Next Mutuation elements for fun and if they fit well with everything else. It's just fun to reimagine the universes of the turtles in human and normal terms.

I started this fanfiction randomly. I hope to write more on it, but my life is often rather chaotic and busy. I haven't even been able to update my Zelda fanfiction for years because of this. And that one has been on-going for a very long time. So I can't make any promises about OT.

About A Light in the Dark: This story is just a short-story (it's complete too). It is not necessarily cannon material for Link of my EoD, but I imagine should be pretty close to it. I both love and fear the Shadow Temple in OoT, so I had to write my own depiction of Link's experience in overcoming it.

The Legend of Zelda: Empire of Darkness

Chapter Updates

In Progress:
Chapter eight On Hiatus

Chapter Seven: Facing the Day
Chapter Six: The Task Force
Chapter Five: Death by Grapes
Chapter Four: Sister's Keeper
Chapter Three: Desert Rose

Chapter Two: The Letter to No One

Chapter One: Dark Omens

Theme Songs:
Chapter Two -
Eternal, by Evanescence
Bring Me to Life, by Evanescence

Try, by Nelly Furtado

About Empire of Darkness: I started writing The Legend of Zelda: Empire of Darkness July 29 of 2004. It's been 11 years since I started writing this fanfiction. Since then, I have been developing my writing, my characters, and my plot. Thus, I have discovered dozen of plot holes, unrealistic events, out-of-character behavior, and just my sheer crappy writing. I am rewriting it into a final and complete version, edited, and hopefully in its perfect form (as perfect as I can get it to be). So I can understand how others can find the beginning of this story ... unsatisfactory. I find it that way as well. I hope to improve this story tremendously and, therefore, making it enjoyable for all.

And no, I haven't given up on it. I've spent too much thought, time, and effort on it to abandon the idea now. I'm stubborn like that. Even if it takes me years, I shall prevail!

(8/19/2015) I am currently working on what I call "World Building." Sure, we all know about the world of Zelda from the video games, but we all have our own interpretations of the games in our own heads. You know, the stuff the games never truly explain, where you have to read between the lines. It allows for a lot of creativity depending on the writer. So basically, I've been working on developing the cultures and races of Hyrule, as well as their history and such. I'm even working out my own interpretation of the magic system. I am close to finishing this task, and then I'll be doing some rewriting to, yet again, fix some plot holes and adjust things to fit my final version of the world of Zelda as it is intended to be in my fanfiction. Then I'll be starting on new chapters and probably even new side-stories and prequel stuff that has to do with the main story but will be published separately.

(8/29/2015) Actually, EoD is on an indefinite hiatus until further notice. My life has gotten too busy for this project (my lack of posting a chapter for so long should be enough evidence of that).

Summary: A little summary is in order, I suppose. For any who cared to check out my profile page. The summary on the story say its a Majora's Mack sequel, but this story is based in Hyrule. That's to say, I'm following the time line in Ocarina of Time in which no one knows that Link saved them all. Obviously, because Link is in this story. I adhere to the idea that the time in which Ganondorf took over and Link spent his time awakening sages and adventuring in temples is in a separate timeline. Link went back to his own time, which Majora's Mask picks up on. So my theory is that Ganondorf disappeared and no one knew what happened to him or where he went in that time too. This was my theory before Twilight Princess came out and before Hyrule Historia. I may or may not change this later, for now it's how the story goes.

After the events of Majora's Mask, Link sets out again into the mysterious forest. So, I start with that Link gets lost in this forest for another seven years (must suck more than just sleeping for seven, right?). He survives easily enough on animals and just surviving off the resources of the forest and Epona to talk to. When he emerges again, he finds himself in yet another new world. This world is called Sekin (a world of my own creation). He wonders through it for a while, probably just because he'll have been alone with a horse for seven years in a forest, and, you know, might want to see another person's face and hear their voice?

You could say, there's a whole other fanfiction before this story, because that's where Link originally meets my original characters: Kira, Rontu, Elzira, Rai, and Tarrowco. I do sort of plan to write this adventure out. It'll be the prequel to this story, which I plan to call A Link Between Worlds. Cute, right? Don't worry, I'm sure I'll have one of my characters summarize what happened there in one of my chapters. There was a lot that happened, but for now, all you need to know is that there was more war. Drow Empire trying to attack the land of Ranelu. They (as in Link and original characters) end up operating together in the efforts to turn the soon-to-be battles to their favor (Ranelu's favor) by spying and sneaking and doing general heroic stuff.

Link ends up leaving Sekin after the war is over and after some more fucked up shit (pardon my language) happens involving Rai and a demon called Nelu. He gets overwhelmed and leaves, coming back to Hyrule through the forest finally. Kira, Rontu, and Elzira follow him without his knowing. When he gets back to Hyrule, he finds that the Drow Empire is there too, and that it had taken over Hyrule seven years previous while Link was lost in the forest.

So yah, that's where the story begins.

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