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Heyo! Angelo here. If you're looking for Romantic comedy stories involving Jaune in various ships, you have come to the right place! I'm currently working on new stories. I think I just like anime romantic comedies too much, especially if it involves harems. xD

In the meantime, you might wanna check out the one I currently have called "Jaune's Video Diary". Note that I'm not really the best when it comes to English so hopefully you guys can bear with me and my work. I still have trouble when it comes to my limited vocabulary and grammar.

Here's a list of stories/titles I'm currently working (or going to work) on:

Jaune's Video Diary

Jaune got strong for some reason after being distant for a few months. Jaune's scroll somehow ended up on team RWBY's hands and discovered he has a diary in video format for every day he's been... relatively away. Out of curiosity, they pretty much invaded his privacy. Will this end well for them and their friendship? It's complicated.

Love is Measured... Literally

- Somehow, the events of Volume 3 ended well and Penny eventually carried out her plan to get herself enrolled into Beacon. Her father doesn't work for Ironwood anymore as a result, so he needed a new source of income. Since he's noticed that Penny was starting to have interest in boys, he decided to make an app that is able to gauge someone's feelings similar to how they gauge someone's aura level. Since Jaune was in a similar predicament, Penny's father hires him as a beta tester/ test subject for his little social experiment before launching the app for the masses. Penny also gives access of this app to her Beacon friends with her father's permission. What would happen if the girls who potentially have feelings for him has access to his feelings all the time?

Notes: I'll try to come up with a shorter summary. xD

Stories below which aren't out yet: (Note that titles and descriptions are subject to change)

Lewd vs. Wholesome

After seeing future events, Ozpin wanted to avoid the canonical events of Volume 3. Leaving him no choice, he decided to seek help from a powerful being from another world, specifically a Succubus princess, to act as a guardian for Remnant. A being he has asked favors before in olden times. Of course, this succubus wants some form of compensation. So Ozpin enlists Jaune for that reason. Now the blonde must deal with this succubus and her lewdness, trying to persuade her with the power of wholesomeness.

Notes: I'll try to make a better summary for this too. This story is meant to be a romantic, slice-of-life comedy series involving a female OC. I know a lot of you peeps are probably turned off by the fact that I'm gonna use an OC for this but not to worry! I'll do my best to be somewhat realistic and I actually have lewd lady friends from a certain "Highschool DxD Amino" community who could help me characterize her... somewhat decently.

Don't judge me.

Will Card Games Get Me A Girlfriend?

- Jaune's looking for a potential girlfriend. Ren suggests joining a community. Any community will do. Find someone with similar interests and interact with them. Noticing that Yang and Ruby were playing a card game he's familiar with on their scrolls called "YGO Duel Links", he decided to join in on the fun not aware that the game was about to become a worldwide phenomenon as he develops his love for the game.

Notes: Basically, Jaune plays Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links. It's an actual game in real life that I actually play, but simplified and the duels are much quicker. And no, Jaune will start out as a noob and grow as a player. Somehow, he'll end up having a girlfriend. Also, I can't decide on a title for this. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in my DMs. xD

Will Chess Get Me A Girlfriend?

(same description as with the one above, but with chess this time.)

Notes: Mine is unlike the stories that I've read about Jaune playing chess, where they involve him being basically a Grandmaster leveled player who beats everyone, even Ozpin at the end. Nothing against those!!! They're actually kinda funny. There's a story I've read where he beats Weiss with the Scholar's Mate (4-move checkmate). xD

In my story, it will involve him growing from a total noob to at the very least an intermediate player... while trying to get a girlfriend along the way.

Basic Info on Me:

- 25 years of age

- Male

- Just some guy trying to earn an honest living however he can, especially during these trying times.

- I'm a writing enthusiast! Not really that good at it though. Hopefully, you can enjoy the stories I tell despite some of the errors. Heh...

- I have a YouTube channel called "Angelo Gene". I have Jaune as my profile pic and I somehow amassed 957 subscribers as of when I'm writing this. I think most of them came from the animations I made using an app called "Draw Cartoons 2". My channel was supposed to be RWBY related though... so I actually posted my bass guitar covers on RWBY's songs. Not the best quality though. Sorry. I wouldn't advise watching those. There are waaaaaay better covers. I cringe listening to my own. Anyways, nowadays I upload random stuff on there. The last thing I remember uploading there is me playing the "Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru" song (Tiny Little Adiantum) on a classical guitar while singing it. xD

- I like anime. Especially the romantic comedies that involve harem situations or love triangles. Don't judge... Please... '

My Socials

My Twitter: @AngeloGene2

Ways to support me? (This is completely optional, by the way)

Oh! You guys should consider visiting my P a treon account. I put my next chapters there early, which is FREE to read by anyone, as my way of saying thanks to you guys for taking the time to visit. They are probably still drafts unless it is indicated that the new chapter is complete and finalized, and will be ready to be posted here on the site. Thanks in advance!

P a treon . com (slash) AngeloGene

Sorry. It's kinda weird that links don't work on this platform.

Anyway! If any of you want to talk, ask stuff, or hang out... Feel free to DM! I do my best to answer every single one of you guys! Maybe make friends along the way. I'm that desperate. xD

My Journal... Thingy...

For those of you who are wondering, I have been pretty good. Thanks for caring! Hopefully, you're all doing good too, despite the pandemic and all. A lot has been going on for me this past year. Life, in general, has been both up and down at certain points but nothing too bad for me to handle, thankfully.

Recently, I've been getting into chess. Mainly because of the chess boom on Twitch thanks to a Chess Super Grand Master by the name of Hikaru Nakamura. Now, I watch a lot of chess content on YouTube. Particularly, I watch GothamChess or International Master, Levy Rozman's YT channel (sorry if I misspelled any of the names I'm gonna list here). He's the guy who coached Mr. Beast during the Pogchamps 3 Chess tournament, teaching him the "Scandinavian Defense" of all things. There's also Grandmaster Daniel Naroditsky's channel. He coaches MoistCr1tikal, also known as penguinz0 on YT through all of Pogchamps tournaments from 1 to 3, I think.

My personal favorite and underrated chess channel that I watch a lot is National Master, Robert Ramirez. Mostly because he's a Pirc/Modern/King's Indian Defense main for the black pieces. And since I play those openings (basically the same setup but with different move orders), NM Robert Ramirez is my favorite content creator for chess. He also has lots of helpful chess lessons he shares for free. I highly recommend his channel if you want to "git gud" without having to pay money.

If any of you would like to play against me, be my guest. My DMs are open and I'm willing to play against anyone on Chess (dot) com or Lichess. I'm just a 1400 elo/ rated player. For those who might not know, that means I'm close to being considered as an intermediate player (1500 elo)... I think.

There are other games I'm getting into. There's Hollow Knight (love that game's lore), Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links (childhood card game), and even Minecraft... Yeah. My younger brother made me play the game with him on our phones and I can see why the game is pretty popular. It's basically you making your own world in that game. It's neat.

Music? Everything related to the rhythm game, "Friday Night Funkin". I'm not much of a mainstream guy so... I probably listen to some mainstream songs but... I would most likely not know the artist behind the song. Sorry.

Anyways, that's all I can think of sharing right now.

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