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HELLO! ling-chan here. LET US GO ON A G A A R A CRAZE.

CURRENT OBSESSIONS: neji,gaara,lee,oekaki,realism drawing,fluff

anime ai.: naruto, inuyasha, wolf's rain, trigun, fullmetal alchemist, sakura, cowboy bebop, tsubasa, X, deathnote,chobits, I My Me Strawberry Girl,bleach,Hi-Hi Puffy Amiyumi (only because they use japanese), .hack_sign//, rurouni kenshin, teen titans (?)

likes: reading eating naruto coffee chocolate pudding anime manga photography art sketching drawing deathnote bleach cellphones singing out loud piano guitar shopping art editing software conceptual art still life portraits fanfiction-hood fluff lemon juice original characters vacationing music chai lattes neji gaara L rukia ichigo tinkling violins in rockmusic requests comments itachi-to-poke-fun-at AMVS obito hinako mii-chan japanese YOU.

super sorry...but to all writers that post up stupid "OMG sakura went to college and had a sorority party..and sasuke snuck in and screwed her...but ino wanted...BLAH BLAH BLAH..." and all that preppy crap...please don't write any longer. characters aren't for screwing around with. never never never ever shoot them into the real world and see what happens. it's horrid and a big "BAKA" on the creator's head.

"what kind of fanfic world are you living in?" -itachi from konako.

ALSO. never ever ever mention the pairings...NEJIxTENTEN, NEJIxHINATA to my face cause i do NOT support either one, and in "meaner" words...I HATE THEM. cause you know what? fangirls exist. thats why.

yea yea, i've been asked about lemon fanfics and whatnot. to be honest, i've never tried my hand at any of those more "mature" fanfics...just because i don't have the "hand" to write them. i've got nosy people around, and when that comes in, its not pretty. i'll try one day...but right now, i'm working up to like only a mild lime level. plz don't make me suffer. i try to write from what you guys review on, but don't make it too hard on me. i'll be like neji, the caged bird. decisions, yea.

Pairings I s u p p o r t:

Neji no -insert name here- yea cuz uhm...he's got pantene hair and blah everyone wants uh just pretend your name goes there until kishimoto-sempai sells him off of eBay or something...xDD

Naruto no Hinata: you know the shy girl from behind the tree...and the dropout pair-up? yea they go good somewhat...the different side of naruto's awesome in fanfics i've read so far...keep it uppp~! loving the stuff...all of it. nejiXhinata not so much since they're cousins...

Temari no Shikamaru: cuz during the "super team" mission, she does that awesome cheezy smile at him and he knows he HAS to thank her...and plus. they are so cute together...and c'mon later on they're like always around each other...BURN INO~!

SO...about my fanfic right now?

i'm planning on terminating this too and going after the naruto pairings instead.

N E J I is meh s e m e.

read & review if you ever visit. arigato gozaimasu.

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Bad boys by rei tsusanami reviews
Hinata likes Naruto but unfortunately Naruto doesn't like her back. Now there are three guys trying as hard as they could to catch Hinata's attention. see them fight for attention while trying to kill Naruto SasuHina, NejiHina, GaaraHina. NEW CHAPTER!
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Childhood Misadventures by Takari-san reviews
[Neji x TenTen] Every good partnership has some history, and certainly Neji and TenTen have their moments as children too...
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They were just small things, little habits Kakashi had copied from Obito. But were they really that small? [No pairings] [Discontinued]
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Set after the Chuunin exam. Hinata asks Neji about the birds and the bees. He explains... sort of.
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Time Spent by aoimidori reviews
What happened between the time she saved him from Tayuya and the time he sent her and her brothers back off to Sand? Little things, maybe, but little things that slowly made them a little more closer than they originally were. [Shikamaru x Temari]
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But She Didn't Kill Him by Link and Luigi reviews
Tenten confesses her love to Neji, but doesn't get quite the reaction she had expected.
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Unworthy by Apple-chan reviews
He did not want to protect her, for in his eyes, she was weak. In his eyes, she did not deserve him. NejixHinata.
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Me Time by Link and Luigi reviews
Even Neji has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
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Que Sera Sera by meeses reviews
Hakisuma is orphaned when demons besiege her village. She meets an interesting young girl such as herself and the Inu Yasha group. They meet many people with many plans...
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January 10th by Link and Luigi reviews
Only Gai would know about this random holiday and subject the students to his insane celebratory rituals.
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Together Again by 3-LAckluStEr-5 reviews
Rin is sold! Then saved! 5 years later! What will happen! okay from now on I will not updat inless I get 3 new reviews! I don't own any of the charecters yet! Please R&R! Thanks Myu!
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Ai No Kotoba reviews
Hinata is so timid to approach Naruto, but yet she seems to be following him everywhere! What's wrong with her? Neji seems to try to pair them together, strangely enough...DAIJOUBU! And also, Shikamaru seems to find a liking for the girl from the sand...
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Self Taught Shinobi reviews
The selftaught ninjas of the Sakada clan have kept to themselves... until now. The youngest of the clan, Kishomi joins the Naruto gang...A serious clan rivalry forces the Sakada to retrace their past and go on into a serious death match!
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 22,725 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 6/25/2005 - Published: 1/23/2005
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