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Author has written 5 stories for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and Naruto.

Good grief, I'm lazy. :D I rarely ever come around to update this thing, but since I don't change much very often, I guess that's a good thing...

I think.

Name: Cartoonsey DeJubbyjub, Icy Lady Zarin, icyladyzarin, AEG, others...

Age: 22

Gender: female

Place of residence: My mom's house. For now.

Likes: tasty food, cute things, learning foreign languages, learning about foreign cultures, anime, manga, videogames, drawing, art in general, amv's, writing, reading, music, dancing, going for walks, daydreaming, thinking about random things, thinking about important things, bishies, girls/women, boys/men, paper, pens, erasers, typing, more things than all of this, but this is a pretty long list already

Dislikes: stubborn narrowmindedness, racism, sexism, age-ism, assumptions, when people refuse to think about the reasons behind their actions, when people don't think or conciously choose generally, limitedness, some other stuff, too, but I'm lazy and don't feel like adding more

Meh, I'm working from my local library's computers now a days, so I can't say when I'll be able to upload any new stories or chapters since there doesn't seem to be anyway to save files on here...

I greatly appreciate constructive criticism. If you can think of something that would help me to improve my writing (besides me just finishing my stories .;), please let me know in a review. Seriously. Ways to improve the storyline, characterization, grammar, etc. - I'd like to hear what you think. I can only get so good by myself afterall. Thanks in advance!

The Fics:

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends:

"Bored Blooregard" - PG - four chs. - not completed - posted 9/13/'04, 9:00 a.m. An AU fanfic starring everyone's favorite, mischief-making, blue, imaginary friend. Bloo gets bored and discovers a part of the Home he's never seen before or, indeed, even heard of. Sorry if it's not great or everyone's out of character; I've only seen two episodes and the last ten or so minutes of the pilot episode/movie. I couldn't hear most of the movie-thing, either, because I was in a crowded restaurant. The pizza was good, though. XD Warnings: A bit of violence in the second chapter and fourth chapter

"Icicles" - PG13 - one ch. - complete - posted between the 1st and 2nd chs. of "Bored Bloo." A prequel of sorts for "Bored Blooregard." The story is written a little like a fairy tale or a children's book, and is about the origins of Icy and Toast, my original characters, as well as the relationship between Icy and Wilt. This does NOT have a happy ending and also attempts to explain a bit about Wilt. If you're not interested in reading these sorts of things, well, you've been warned. Update: Saw the Foster's Movie, Good Wilt Hunting, and I LOVED IT!! D: But I'm leaving this be since it's AU anyway. XD Warnings: Blood, vague violence, and attempted suicide.

"Fostyr's Home for Imagycnary Friends" - PG13 - one ch. - not complete - Fri., 9/24/'04 An AU (alternate universe for those of you who don't know) fanfic about the characters from Foster's. A bit odd if I may say so myself. Only the prologue so far, but hopefully that'll change soon. Oh, and if the characters' descriptions seem a bit off, the imagycnary friends in this universe look different from the originals (see my fanart for pictures). Warnings: A little bit of blood and a bit of vague violence

"Icy Thoughts" - G - one ch. - complete ? - posted on Friday, 10/8/'04 A story written in the style of a poem. Takes place around the time that Wilt first starts living in Foster's. Icy thinks about Toast, their creator, and Wilt. Warnings: none


"Religious Adoration/A Darker View" - T - one ch. - complete - around 3/10/'07, midnight. It's a different/darker take on the relationship Gai and Lee have. This is AU since there's no REAL proof that they have anything beyond a father/son, teacher/student realtionship. Warnings: Implied sex between two guys, one of the characters is underage

I have a few other Naruto fan(CRACK XD)fics that are presently just chillaxing in my notebooks. I'll upload them at some point, I suppose...

Quote of the moment: "Shut up!" -- Asch and Luke, Tales of the Abyss

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