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Author has written 6 stories for Final Fantasy VII, and Sailor Moon.

ANNOUNCEMENT (1/2012): Things, as they happen, did not go according to plan. I apologize for not updating any of my stories of late. I had quite a series of horrible things happen and could not dedicate the time I needed for the updates. I'll rectify that a.s.a.p.

Hello all!
Just a bit about my writing preferences. For those of you unfamiliar with me, I am a big fan of the Final Fantasy 7 compilation. Most of my stories revolve around this continuity, and generally, if I am writing more than one story at a time, if one of the stories is a Final Fantasy 7 story, it most likely will take priority to the other one. I don't necessarily favor any particular pairing in this continuity, but I do tend to focus on Reno of the Turks and Vincent Valentine, both of which are, in my opinion, some of the more interesting characters of the series, and the most challenging to write. Every so often, I will dabble in a Sailor Moon fanfiction or two, and in this, I do lean towards the manga continuity over the anime series. When I do write Sailor Moon, it is more than likely that I will focus on Sailor Venus/Minako as she is not only my favorite character in the series, but as is the case with Reno and Vincent, I believe her to be one of the most dynamic and challenging characters to focus on.

Once upon a time, I used to write Ronin Warrior/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers fan fictions, but I have not done so in a while, and the stories that I once had posted up on fanfiction.net were removed for personal reasons, but mostly it had to do with dissatisfaction. I may repost them at some point, but by repost, I mean hit them hard with edits.

I appreciate reviews from readers. It is good to hear what others think of my writing and it gives me a sense of whether I'm heading int he right direction or what I need to work on. In turn, I like to review stories that I read. It's a gesture that should be reciprocated. If I want reviews, I should give them.

Completed Stories:
All completed stories that are not a part of a series
will be listed here.

Forgive Me: A Sailor Moon Story. Takes place during one of the final episodes of the Sailor Star series. Friendship is a blessing. It is a beautiful thing. To know it also means to know love. And that is why I do not regret dying for you. Galaxia had moved to strike Sailor Moon. Rei jumped in the way. These are her last thoughts before dying. Rated T for slightly descriptive imagery.

Stories in Progress:
All stories that are in progress that are
not a part of a series will be listed here.

The Zodiac War: Sailor Moon. Couplings: complicated. You should read it and find out. It's been four years since their defeat of Sailor Galaxia. Now college students, the Senshi and Mamoru have settled into a peaceful life. But, when four new students transfer to the University, everything shatters like glass. They are the shitennou, searching for their prince and telling him of a war that is coming. They quickly make themselves allies with the Senshi, but things get far more complex. The arrival of the Starlights, popular idols that'd been missing for four years, signifies how tough this battle will be, but...there is something different about the Starlights. The Outer Senshi come into play as they do battle with the Zodiac Senshi. Of course, you can't have a Sailor Moon story without Romance. Rated M for violence and romance.

Stories in the Storm Series:
All stories that belong to the 'Storm Series' collection are listed here.
The Storm Series is a collection of Final Fantasy 7 stories. It focuses around the love story of Reno and Tifa, though the prequel follows Yuffie and Vincent. I do plan on writing more stories to go along with this continuity, but for now, I am redoing the first two stories.

Moving the Unmoveable:
(being edited) The first in the Storm Series. Tifa is captured by the Turks for reasons unknown to her. Reno is in charge of returning her to Midgar for questioning. But, Tifa isn't the type to go in without a fight, and of course, it makes the mission much more difficult that Reno had expected. A strange twist of events and a journey where they can't help but get close to each other is made more complicated when the two begin realizing that what they're feeling is a lot more than lust. Rated M for language and romance.

Project Manning: (Will be redone) The second story in the Storm Series. Thirteen years have passed since Moving the Unmoveable. But marriage hasn't always been agreeable. Their union hasn't always been a happy one, but no matter the problem, their love always overcame it. But now, they're dealing with more than just each other. A troubled teenager and a deranged scientist hell bent on revenge against Reno and Tifa are the perfect recipe for an unavoidable tragedy. But for whom? Rated M for language and romance.

Transcending Chaos: (In progress) The third story in the Storm Series. Takes place a year before Moving the Unmoveable and a few months after DoC. Prequel of sorts. Chaos is over, or so he thought. When Vincent returned to Midgar after a long journey alone, the last thing he expected was to be a part of a group trying to unconver a sinister plot to destroy Wutai. Only Yuffie can save her people from death by fire, and this can only be done by marrying the leader of the terrorist group that has her father in chains. Her death is certain, but she is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her people. Vincent has other plans. Rated M for language and romance.

Stories in A Turk series:
All stories that belong to the 'A Turk' series collection are listed here.
A Turk series, of course, focuses on the Turks from Final Fantasy 7. I've gone more with the personalities portrayed in the games rather than how Advent Children made them.

A Turk in Trouble: Final Fantasy VII. First in the series. Relena. A Turk-centric story. Elena wants so desperately to be a good Turk. But her desire to do so led to a mistake that almost cost the life of a fellow Turk. So she turns to something else, something that she thinks will help her. Turns out that Elena needs help from herself. If that weren't enough, a blood-thristy rebel wants her dead, a new Turk joins the fray and makes things worse, and what the hell is Reno's problem? Rated M for language, romance, and some sensitive subject matter. (complete)

A Turk in Doubt: Final Fantasy VII. Second in the series. RudeOC, Relena. A Turk-centric story. They thought things were finally looking up. Justus and Havre were dead, and things were settling down. But, sometimes, the past has a way of coming back to haunt you, and the ghost of Havre just cannot rest. Rude is thrown into the forefront of this, having to act as a buffer between those that he considers his family, and the woman he's falling in love with. Yet, not all is as it seems, and the Turk who seems to have the answer to everything, suddenly feels as though he knows nothing at all. Rated M or language, romance, and violence. (In the Works)

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Seven Hundred Years by Marronett reviews
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