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In the end Gillian is back.

I used to write stories back then when I was attending high school, most of them were Xena/Gabrielle stories and some of them were uberX/uberG one-shot; they were written in Italian and were posted on some web sites (not here), but now they are lost in some dusty floppy disks or very old CD… far far away in some box or boxes hidden from view in my parent’s house, god know where they are maybe because I for sure don’t.

I read mostly femslash, I can’t help it, two women in love are like a well written poem.. you could never stop reading or listening it, but I’m no big fun of porn/too much sex scenes, I tend to skip them.. Sometimes I’m a big puritan. LOL! I’ve attended a school ruled by nuns for years! Ahahahah.. but my faith is long lost and forgotten, but this is another story for another time and place.

Over the years I’ve read tons of fan fictions, my favorite couples are: Mulder/Scully from X-Files, Xena/Gabrielle from Xena, Winters/Ivanova from Babylon 5, Janeway/Seven from Star Trek Voyager, Minerva/Hermione (only when Hermione is of age, I totally disapprove if underage) from Harry Potter but for this one I must admit that the Minerva in my mind is not the one portrayed so perfectly by Maggie Smith (actress that I totally love, she is great in every roles she holds) but she is very much younger, at last younger looking, with raven black hair and emerald eyes… ok, switch the blue eyes from Lucy Lawless (Countess Marburg in Salem will be ok) and put green.. lol, you get the idea! What else… let me think… Miranda/Andrea from The devil wears Prada and I’m forgetting something for sure but I don’t care, a woman must have some secrets, no?


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