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I love Shakespeare, Fairy tales, Bujold, and Douglas Adams. I was brought up on Monty Python and Dr. Susse. I have a cracked sense of humor and adore writting stories that make people laugh, or shiver right down to their souls. (And thier soles, You know? Feet? Anyway...) Not a big anime fan. (Now don't get all knicker twisty. It's not that I don't like it, I just don't get most of it.)I love RPG. That's right. I'm a gamer girl! WhiteWolf's Mage and Changeling mostly. I GM a great deal. I find it very theraputic to play God every once in a while. I have a Daughter and a full time job so I will mostly write with friends. But I hope soon to put up some things that are "my own," soon.(Well as much my own as I can get and still be FanFics.) I have a huge Idea for a series of novles, But I have to find the time to get it out of my head and onto a disk, or paper or whatever. Hope you enjoy my stuff.


Favorite sonnet:

Then hate when thou wilt. If ever now,

Now ,while the world is bent my deeds to cross.

Join with spite and fortune, make me bow,

And do not stop in for an after loss.

Ah, do not, when my heart hath 'scaped this sorrow,

Come in the rearward of a conquer'd woe.

Give not a windy night, a rainy 'morrow

And linger out purpos'd overthrough.

If thou wilt leave me, do not leave me last,

When other petty griefs have done thier spite.

But in the onset come, that I might taste

Atthe first the very worst of fortune's might.

And all those strains of woe that now seem woe,

Compair'd with loss of thee shall seem not so.

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