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My Bio Page

Hi there, and welcome to my pathetic excuse for a bio page... Why you're here, I'm not exactly sure... But hey, if you're here, then that means something good... I think... Anyway, here be me bio, so read what ye will...


11-14-05: Wow, its been forever, but guess what guys... The newest chapter of A Story of X is, and I'm not joking... Chapter 7, Identity, is up! In the great words of Michael Jackson... OW!

Personal Crap

Name: Better question, why do you care? You aint getting it... Lets just leave it at the fact that my initials spell WAS and thats it... Haha, WAS was here... Booyah!
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Nationality: I am mostly American, but I do have a little bit of Italian in me as well...
Eyes: Dark Brown, almost Black
Hair: Dark Brown
Residence: No longer am I stationed in the great state of IN, but due to college, I now live in Pheonix, AZ... Oh joy...
AIM: Just look at my pen name and you should be able to figure it out... If you're just too lazy to scroll up there, its CloudsHalo... I am usually always on (cause I have no social life!), so if you want to chat, feel free to do so... I dont mind...
Yahoo Messanger: I'm either under the name haloscloud or master_thief_red_x... Though word of advise, I am hardly ever, if not never on that, so ya probably shouldn't even bother...

Fav Fandom

Teen Titans has always deliverd, and has always been one of the greatest shows (in my opinion) on the face of this planet... I have, and probably always will be, completely obsessed with the show... hooha... Things I like about the show would be the writing, Raven, the story lines (in most episodes), Raven, the comedy, Raven, the action, Raven, the drama, and did I forget to mention, Raven...

There are things that I really hate about most of the stories in the Teen Titans section of ... The major one would definetly be the Raven/BB pairing... It just doesnt work... Whoever said opposites attract must have taken one too many long white lines on the table, for that is a big, fat, lie, and it only pertains to magnets... I have actually walked away from stories with that certain pairing in it... I dont care how good the story is... If that pairing is in it, I stop reading and never return to it (Only one exception to this ever! I glare at you JBTheMan...) Picky and bitchy?Perhaps, but that is the way I am, and this is my bio page so I can say whatever the hell I want... Raven/Cy pairings are just as bad so I wont get into that... Same sex pairings dont appeal to me either... I'm just not into that sort of thing... OC pairings, meh... I can take 'em or leave 'em, some good, some bad, all depending on how the character is written... All other pairings I can stomach, since I am not big on the whole romance factor... I mean, if it isnt the main focus of a story, I'm fine with it... But if its fluffy romance crap all the way, count me out... Another thing, teen pregnancy stories... What the hell? Seriously people, they are teenage super heroes for God's sake! Ugh... Ok, enough with my meaningless ramblings... Go on further into my bio page, if you care that is...

Fan Fiction Crap

First off, let me say I can be pretty slow when it comes to writing, but I always do finish, regardless of the fact that I may or may not have reviews... But I still like reviews, so be sure to leave one if ya like it, hate it, whatever... Give me something in return for what I have given you, whether it be a good feeling or a stomach ulcer...

Present Stories

"A Story of X"- A work in progress and going remotely well... But then again, you guys are the readers and you are the ones who either like or dislike a story... I'm just the author, what the hell do I know?

"He's Back"- Finished with a planned editting... It totally needs it... I mean seriously, there are errors up the wazoo! "What's a wazoo?" you may ask... Response: Dont ask...

"Trust"- Finished with a planned revision... We're talking major overhaul on this baby... This suckah needs a makeover more than Michael Jackson needs another face lift...

Planned Stories

"She's Back"- Planned sequel/side story to He's Back to finish out the TT/Spidey story arc which may or may not happen... Just planning is all...

Random Crap

Now, as for the rest of my pathetic life, I love anime, good ol' American TV, kicking bad guy butt in video games, drawing like crazy, and just plain goofing off... Oh, and go check out JBTheMan's profile sometime... He usually has one of my drawings up on his profile, since I'm too cheap to pay the extra 5 bucks to put my stuff on my own bio page... But he likes the stuff and I like the fact that he likes it and its getting out there on the web... Booyah! Also, I got a few pics of mine on , and now DeviantArt,so if ya ever want to check those out, go ahead... Oh, and if any of you crazy monkey people are wondering why the hell I use "..." after all my sentences instead of just a regular period, well, because its different and I can, so there... (See? I did it again! Mwahahaha hack cough hack owie) Well, thats all I have to say now... Laterz...

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A world without Titans, just normal teens going to a normal school. A young teen, who has been picked on all his life finds a suit that will change his life, and those around him, forever. An alternate tale to the birth of Red X R&R
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Spider-Man decides to visit Jump City and the titans are excited, except for Raven. But when Raven is captured by Slade, will Spidey be able to save her... plz read and review (complete)
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