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Hi ya'll its me, the beloved Hurley Depp. Ok, so my last name isn't depp, and my first name isn't hurley, but hurley is my nickname!
all of a sudden i fell in love with POTC once again. especially johnny depp. :P
aahh! Johnny Depp is not only wicked awesome, but he is SO hot!

here's some stuff about me, just in case you wanna know, although you probably don't:
hobbies: roller hockey, drums (i know this is guy stuff, and i'm not a guy, but wutever), shopping!
things i absolutely hate: HILARY DUFF! omg i hate her so much. sorry, but if you like her, you have a SERIOUS problem.
i love canada. its awesome. they have super duperly kewl accents.
fave music: AC/DC, Avril Lavigne,Nirvana, Black Sabbath, some Linkin Park, Hot Hot heat, Three Days Grace, dunno wut else...
my "homepage" is my wolf rp that my friend and i share. its kinda cool, so check it out.

To the people who read/ review my story: i mso flippin' sorry that i don't update more often but my life is hectic and i can't help it.

luv ya chic, lenny, rikki, and taryn! even tho chic is the only one who reads this!

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