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Author has written 39 stories for Inuyasha, Demon Diary, Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, Count Cain: God Child, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Sherlock.

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- Previously Known as HieiAijin1410 -

8th of August, 2012: Important update.

The day has finally arrived. My original m/m romance novel is available for purchase!


I'm updating a bunch of my fics so that hopefully everyone who's been asking about it will see this. Both e-book and physical copies of my book are available! You can get them on amazon, barnesandnoble[dot]com, and directly through the publisher, Less Than Three Press. I've had a few International fans inquire about whether or not the book is available to them, and I can confirm that it is. You can get it anywhere in the world! It will not be on shelves, but it's available through special order from bookstores and the Internet.

So, my novel is a contemporary slash romance where a young college student by the name of Nikolas is forced to transfer to a private, Catholic university under mysterious circumstances. Despite his desire to remain unobtrusive, he quickly gets drawn into a dangerous game of seduction played by the three most popular boys at the school, namely the "king" of the Academy, Seth Prinsen. Sexiness ensues.

If you would like to read my book, here's a link for where you can find it:

Also, paperback versions are now available through LT3, Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com. Just search "In Excess Quinn Anderson", and it pops up.

As added incentive for picking up a copy of my book, if you send me a print screen of your receipt or some other proof of purchase along with a fan fiction idea, I'll write it for you! Obviously this is time-contentious, as I have no idea how many requests I'll get, but that's going to be my way of thanking all of you for supporting my writing career.

Wish me luck!

“Fanfiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker. They don’t do it for money. That’s not what it’s about. The writers write it and put it up online just for the satisfaction. They’re fans, but they’re not silent, couchbound consumers of media. The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own language.”

—Lev Grossman, TIME, July 18, 2011


My debut novel has been picked up by Less Than Three Press! That's right, boys and girls, your darling HieiAijin is going to be a published author! When I have a release date, I'll update this again. Keep your ears peeled for news!

Here's my author biography:

"Quinn Anderson is a University of Florida alumna with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. She spent the majority of her university years reading fan fiction instead of textbooks and hanging out with her best friend, Vodka; not much has changed since graduation. Her hobbies include reading, writing, juggling, underwater basket weaving, going commando, big pimping, ne'er-do-welling, and screwing the rules. She describes herself as an incredibly tall, incredibly red-headed, incredibly camp, incredibly loud, incredibly nerdy, incredibly incredible person. A jokester and teller of sometimes-tall tales, Anderson emphasizes witty banter and sordid schemes in both what she writes and what she reads. She plans to become a teacher while writing smoldering homoerotica in her free time."

Yes, the girl in my profile image is me. I thought you all might like to match a face with my writing.

4-21-08: Here's something you guys might find interesting. It ties into my later self-bio on this page. As anyone who knows me well is aware, I'm devoutly Christian, yet I write yaoi/slash fanfics. Here's a letter between myself and another writer on this site that might clear up the distinction for you all.

Rice-Ball247 wrote to HieiAijin1410:

"I was reading your rant on your profile about gayrights and being extremely
religious and I couldn't have said it better myself!

Being an altarserver, most people think that I don't believe in my faith at
all because of (what I believe to be) one passage in the Bible (isn't it that
Leviticus 18:22 states?).

Funnily enough, my friends are very accepting of what I do/like. There was
one writer on FF.N who wrote EXTREMELY good yaoi fics (for Kingdom Hearts, I
think) and I was cleaning out my fave list when I noticed her name had '0'
stories next to it. And I opened her profile and there was a statement about
how she loved God and was a child of God and would not write any more yaoi
because it was sick and immoral. Her final note was that "you can be saved
too, just like me. Remember, Jesus loves you. If you write gay stories/yaoi,
turn away from it now!"

I still remember it after nearly 2 years.

Anyway... that's just me wanting to thank you for stating that in your
profile. :)

so thanks! xDXO,RiceBall247

PS: you ARE very pretty in your display pic"

HieiAijin1410 wrote to Rice-Ball247

"Thanks so much for the PM! I love hearing from fellow FF.net addicts. I'm sorry to hear about that author of yours that turned away from the righteousness of yaoi. Some people have very twisted ideas of what is moral/immoral. It seems to me that being extremely moral is the same as being extremely judgmental. Jesus loves me whether I write yaoi or not. And as for Leviticus, I've read it many times, and for as much as people quote the ONE SENTENCE that mentions homosexuality, they fail to mention the ones that also call it a sin to shave, work on Saturdays, or eat rabbit meat. Seems pretty ridiculous, no? If you're going to condemn one thing, condemn them all, I say. Also, that means working on Saturdays is just as bad as being gay, and I sure as hell have worked many a Saturday. Anyone who has is just as "bad" as the gay people they dare to condemn.

On top of that, the Old Testament (where the book of Leviticus can be found) was overwritten with the coming of Christ. No more Ten Commandments, no more old Jewish laws, and no more sacrificing animals at the altar. Homosexuality is only mentioned once in the New Testament (in Corinthians), and the mention is so paltry, I didn't even realize what I was reading at first.

Point is, the Bible is much more devoted to telling the story of Jesus, his disciples, and how their actions on Earth taught people to love and to avoid passing unrighteous judgement on their neighbors than it is to condemning homosexuality. 0.000001 percent of it is devoted to that, and even that part is open to interpretation.

Pick your battles, my friends, pick your battles.

- HieiAijin1410"

A funny story I thought you might all enjoy:

One time, I was sitting in my Sociology class in high school, and it was "Club Day". Club Day was when you got to leave halfway through the period and go to whatever clubs you were in. In my case, I was the President of the Gay-Straight Alliance, and I'd just got back from the meeting. I sat down, and the girl who sat next to me -- she seemed nice enough, and we chatted on occasion -- asked me what club I'd come from. I told her, and she didn't flinch or act disgusted, so I figured it was cool with her. I don't know how it came up, but at some point I said something to the effect of, "Us GSAers will all have a great, blessed day because God loves gay people!" and she said, "Except we know he doesn't because it says so in the Bible." Realizing my judgment error, I tried to backpedal with a joke, so I said, "Yeah, well, most references to hating gay people are in the Old Testament, and I'm not Jewish! So, I don't have to listen to that part." (This was obviously intended to be a joke.)

And then came the fun part. The girl said, "What does the Old Testament have to do with being Jewish?"

Seriously, my jaw dropped. It took everything I had to mumble out, "The . . . Old Testament . . . is the Torah. It's the main Jewish religious text."

She just said, "Oh" and turned away. Can you believe that? This girl was trying to lecture me on what the Bible says, and she doesn't know the first thing about it!

People astound me.

12-7- 06: I stole this from a girl I know. It's just too funny:

Don't you just love it when you wake up one morning and realize that you are an extremely perverse little girl? Then struggle to fall asleep that night after realizing that the perversion will no longer be appropriate in a few years (not that it ever was appropriate) but will be frowned upon when you become older? And do you ever have that sinking feeling when you think about how your pervertedness will probably result in you:
a. NOT getting a boyfriend (because you'll most likely scare the poor guys off)
b. sitting at home (alone might I add) wondering if you'll ever lose your virginity (that even though your mind is polluted by rain from the gutters, you still might not be able to walk the walk when it comes time?)
c. writing stories about other people losing their virginity (something you hope happens to you but never does)
Well HA! I laugh at you! what a sad life you lead. I on the other hand am totally normal and will NEVER have those kind of problems (as you can so clearly see by the vast amounts of fanfiction I continuously write)

So true...in so many ways...

12-2-05: My friend, Baroness D, and I have started an account together under the pen name Twilight Ash (I'm Twilight and she's Ash) and we will soon be posting all manner of yaoi. If someone posts yaoi under that screen name and claims to be me, it's not a hoax. It actually is me. I promised I'd write her yaoi for Christmas and I plan to keep that promise. Enjoy.

Bio: UPDATED! 1-17-2012

As you'll notice, some of my stories were deleted and then later reposted. For those of you who were here for the Great Yaoi Draught, as I'm fond of calling it, you have my apologies. If not, well, you can always learn about it later. It involves trusting my password to a dumb thunder cunt. Grrrr!

Okay, a little bit about me. I like long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners... uh, never mind. I've written several novels, which I'll release the titles of once the publishing details are final. I'm an alumna of the University of Florida--Psych major, ftw!--and I have a Master's degree in Psychology from the University of Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, in Ireland.

I'm pro-LGBTQIA and religious, and I somehow manage not to spontaneously combust. (see above discussion for further clarification) Yeah, I know, an odd combination. I'm of the opinion, however, that Christians who try to condemn others are self-righteous hypocrites. I hate the Christians who give people like me a bad name. It's as simple as this people: you're not God. You cannot possibly understand every factor, circumstance, or influence that leads a person to be the way that they are, and it's absolutely NOT your place to point a finger and judge them. It's not. Embrace your own humanity, and get a life.

Here's the deal. God does NOT hate gay people. He just doesn't. Parts of the old testament call the act of homosexuality an abomination, not the people themselves. God still loves them, end of story. If you want to point to the Bible as the reason to think otherwise, I must point out homosexuality is no more serious a "sin"--I don't even think it is a sin, ftr--than drinking, swearing, or getting piercings. Do you have pierced ears? Congrats, you might as well have buttsex. Or you could be a decent human being and stop acting like you're better than someone else just because you don't do a particular thing. And don't even get me started on expecting homosexuals to lead a celibate life. Seriously? That's so ridiculous I don't even feel compelled to delve into it.

And on that note, a lot of what the Bible says is misinterpreted. In Romans, for example, there's a passage talking about how having sex with other men is wrong. People assume that this means gay people are wrong. What the passage is ACTUALLY about, however, is heterosexual men going off to war, not having any women available, and having sex with each other even though they're straight just for the sake of getting off. It's condemning acting like a homosexual when you actually aren't one just because you're horny. Honestly, the passage isn't even ABOUT gay people, and yet Christians have been touting it around for years as a reason to justify their hate. This is why reading comprehension is important, kids. Stay in school.

I hope I haven't completed offended everyone out there or come across as a crazy, raving Christian, but it pisses me off that I sometimes feel ashamed of what I believe because some assholes out there treat people like scum just because they're different.

I think reading the texts from every religion is important to having a well-balanced understanding of the human condition. Or hey, be atheist! I don't much mind either way, and I will support your right to be whatever the hell you want to be.

Okay, my little rant is over. On another note, my cyber door is always open if you need to contact me. That's why my stereo went missing.

My Funny Quotes

UPDATED 8-8-2012:

*Name have been changed to protect the identities of those quoted*

Slut: Sorry, I'm a bit free form with my wanking gestures.

Me: Can you imagine an English person trying to say "shorty"? You know, in the real ghetto drawl way, like "Shaaaaawty"?
Gunslinger: They do say Shawty! "Oi, mate, you did a shoddy job on that!"

Me: ;;making a drink;; I'm picky about my ice. You must pass a vigorous screening process to make it into this glass.

Me: You know what we need to do some day?
Catastrophe: Live in old-English style castles?
Me: Exactly, with lots of peasant-folk.
Catastrophe: And then we could have a medieval war.
Me: And tell the peasants that if they win, they can live in our castle with us. But really we'd just feed them to the alligators in the moat around my castle.
Catastrophe: Except I would have lions in a big Roman coliseum thingy.
Me: And I would go gladiator on your ass.

Syd Vicious: ;;calls me;; Good morning!
Me: Oh dear God ... You're up before 11:00 ... Santa read my list!

Cat: ;;laughing hysterically;;
Syd and Me: Er...Cat, what's so funny?
Cat: ;;laughing, laughing;; My boyfriend...just texted me to tell me he can't come see me tonight. ;;laughing;;
Syd and Me: What's so funny about that?
Cat: I asked him why ;;bursts of laughter;; and he told me it was because he can't drive his car, since he lost his registration.
Me: ...
Syd: Why is this funny?
Cat: ;;laughing harder;; Because I texted him back saying, "You really won't be able to drive your car when I BURN YOU ALIVE IN IT."
Me and Syd: ...Right.

Me: ;;sitting in a parking lot with Syd;; Hey, those people left their lights on. ;;points to another car;;
Syd: No, there are people in it. You just can't see them because they're black. They blend in with the shadows.
;;cop car drives by;;
Me: Oh Lawd, a Po-Po! Warn the black people!
Syd: I like to think that if I were black, I'd be Rihanna.
Me: What would we do without the ability to make hilariously inappropriate racial comments at the most unexpected moments?
Syd: Make fun of fat people.

Syd: So this guy at my work had a dream about me.
Cat: Lemme guess, you sucked his dick?
Syd: The other way around, actually.
Me: He sucked YOUR dick?

;;sitting outside of Checkers with Syd and Cat;;
Me: It'd be great if those guys who were flirting with us came along just in time to watch us wolf down this food.
Cat: What would we even say to them?
Syd: ;;shoveling in mouthfuls of food and mumbling;; "Hey, baby..." ;;onion falls from her mouth;;
Me and Cat: ...

Me: Imagine if you will, an oozing pile of oddly-colored disgusting-ness.
Syd: I'd have trouble imagining that, since all you did was throw together a bunch of adjectives and make a few of them into nouns

Michi: I can sum up the Harry Potter books in two sentences: "...And then Voldemort came. Oh no."

Me: ;;runs into the room;; What is it? Anal? Snuff? Incest?
PBH: No! It's het! A boy and a girl! And they're not even related!
Me: ;;head explodes;;

Syd Vicious to her ex boyfriend: Hey, Toni!
Toni: Burn in Hell.
Syd Vicious: Okay. You're fat and ugly. I tried to say hi, but whatever. You're fat...and ugly.
Me: ;;busts out laughing;;

Latham: Carnivorous cows.
Me: ;;blinks;; ...should...be...avoided?

Juno: ...I'm not sure whether to thank you, insult you, or come over there, give you a foot massage, and feed you grapes
Me: All three would be welcome/deserved

Joey: lemmings are the inventors of emo. Jumping off cliffs all the time...come on.

Kitty: 'cuz the other ones like radioactive or something. 'Cuz of the BEES.

Heidi-chan (Eleventy-Nine on this site): The best time to make new friends is when you're both wearing drag.

Kaylee: How many saiyans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One--but it takes three episodes!

Angel: I only know one other bi guy, and he's an asshole, pun intended.

Brad: sorry, but you were frustrating me with FOREIGN DEMON TONGUES!

Heidi: Tell him you just want to be friends. Then fake your internet death

Lady: because you're the sweetest, nicest human being that has ever 'Grace'd the face of the earth.

Latham: Oh, so now you're a treacherous illegitimate scion of a camel's left hind hoof and an algae's prodigal son!

Heidi: "Pastafarianism: My deity is more delicious that your deity."

Tsumi: "You are covered in my urine. Thus, you are my property!"

Sora: "Since when has Jesus become a melon?"

Me to Limbo: "I hope your head doesn't get cut off. I've had that happen before."

Limbo: "Two boys can't sleep together! They'll get the gay on them!"

Me: "So my mom asked me today 'Grace, do you write soft core porn?' and I came this close to saying, 'Believe me, everything I write is utterly HARD core.'"

Joey: "I slept with your wife. Shh, don't tell anyone."

Me: "Man, that turkey vulture's gonna rip my heart out if I don't wrestle it."

Joey: Muffins are like ugly cupcakes.

Joey: You mean there's a live cat in my pants?

Brad: Inside Jokes-leaving people out since 1442.

Here's a long AIM convo:

Me: well...Tommy is very emo...and now Kuri thinks you're emo...apparently she has a thing for emo boys
Brad: wtf, I'm emo now?
Me: err...I said nothing.
Brad: don't see how I'm fucking emo, I'm just upset we're having to go two months without seeing each other..
Me: Jebus, you said a bad word
Brad: uh-oh, sorry, I won't say 'emo' again
Me: that's going in my profile
Brad: lmao, ok
Brad: I am quickly dominating profiles
Brad: Like I do with women
Me: oh, snap
Me: are you going to dominate me Brad Lee?
Me: 'Cause I'll bite you!
Brad: Oh, kinky. XD
Me: Shut up.

.:end transmission:.

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