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Dear friends,

I am no longer a member of the TB fandom. I no longer wish to be. I made mistakes and I have learned from them and I have grown and changed since then. My mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had changed me. One of the greatest things I had learned here is to have joy. Before I was never happy or knew true happiness, maybe that's partly why I had so many problems.

All TB stories are gone for good. It is in the past and gone. I have let it all go. I am now a member of the greatest fandom and group I have ever known. They are open, friendly and act the way a group SHOULD be. A Christlike love towards each other. Sure we have rocky patches just like everyone else but we fix them. We move on and have lots of fun. I have a feeling I"ll be there for a long time.

This e-mail is still in used but very rarely checked.

The point of mistakes is to move. I am doing my best to do that. Tonight, I wanted to look at this account and decided to change the profile.

I have learned lessons, I have grown. I am NOT the same person I was two to four years ago. For the first time in years...I am truly happy.

May God bless you all.

PS: My new penname is sunnysunshineRM It is a representation of the kind of person I am and what I want to be. In a month and a half I"ll be a return missionary. (service missionary actually :)) I hope that this name will never be tainted or ruined as were my other e-mails and accounts.

Advice: If someone offended you, tell them. They may never know that they had done so in the first place. How can we learn from our mistakes if no one says anything?