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Author has written 14 stories for Harry Potter, Slayers, Aladdin, and Teen Titans.

I am a Yaoi fan. Yaoi as in hot, sweaty, loud, obnoxious man sex. This will become painfully obvious as you go through my fics. A warning to you all; any and all flames will be misquoted, distorted and used against you in later chapters. That's all for now. some FY coming soon.



Yes, for those of you that have asked me via-e-mail, I AM a Mozenrath fan. I have a long-lived obsession with the young tyrant that began when I saw him first in the Aladdin series episode 'the Citadel'. He is the subject of torture and humiliation in MOST of my fanfics (most of which are not acceptable for and probably will be for many years to come. His close second is Draco Malfoy, followed by Beast Boy from the new Teen Titans show, though both of them combined would still be a second to the masses of stories I've written about Mozenrath. Needless to say he is my favorite charcater to have in Angst and Hurt/Comfort Yaoi. My favorite Yaoi couples include but are certainly not limited to...


Any/ Mozenrath



Robin/Beast Boy (Gabriel)

Any/Beast Boy

Any/Nightcrawler (Kurt from X-Men)

Any/Flash (Justice League)





And all male characters from any Anime in all possible combinations including crossover and self-insert/origional character. Incase you haven't noticed my Favorite characters are all uke, I don't know why. It just happens that way. I am a big BIG fan of 'when fangirls attack' stories. If you write them or know of any good ones, please e-mail me at

My current Favorite Animes are:

Fushigi Yuugi

Yuu Yuu Hakusho

Shojou Kakumei Utena

Dragon Half


Those Who Hunt Elves



Ghost In The Shell

Ai Yori Aoshi

Rurouni Kenshin

Inu Yasha

Sailor Moon

Dragon Ball Z

Fruits Basket

Wolf's Rain



Digimon (season 3 and below)

Tenchi Muyo

Magic Knight Rayearth

Cardcaptor Sakura

Gundam Wing

Gestalt (Male Ohri...drool)

Vampire Hunter D

Excel Saga


One Piece


Comic Party

...and I'll probably think of a million more the second I turn off the computer. My favorite Author is Faite, plz go read her stories. She gives good advice too. I wonder if she'll do a challenge fic for me... That's all for now. I'll update 'A Gift' soon. I will never go two weeks without an update to SOMETHING unless my entire world has completely fallen apart, so don't worry about that.

My quotes, and the quotes of others that amuse me.

“What’s the point of organizing if you like to hunt for things?”

Me, trying to avoid cleaning my room.

“You’d be amazed how many girls that look just like Barbie wouldn’t be caught dead in her clothes.”

Me at 11, Brandishing a Barbie threateningly at my cousin.

“Have you ever typed the word ‘OOPS’ into an internet search engine? The results are spectacular!”

Me, on AIM with friend.

“I foresee years of counseling -expensive counseling- due to the extensive bruising my ego has suffered today.”

Me, after a fight with my brother over pastries. PASTRIES!

“Look! That cloud… looks like a (male reproductive organ)!”

Me, in the car looking at the clouds.

“If you die I’ll bring you back to life and kill you again! I know Mozenrath, I can do it!”

Me, yelling at my fiancé for driving in a blizzard.

“Snow would be a lot more fun if it didn’t melt after it stuck to you.”

Me, after falling butt-first into a snowdrift.

“I MISQUOTED MYSELF? Pathetic whimpering”

Me, after misquoting myself…

“I don’t know half as much as I think I do, I just have the confidence to make a guess sound believable.”

Me, responding to my fiancé’s “How do you know everything?”


Me, at an anime con. I received applause, too!

“My cats have taught me that no matter what I think about my status in the household, I still have to get out of bed at some point and scoop their shit every day.”

Me, trying to explain to my brother the meaning of life.

“Have you ever been to one of them performances out in a field? The stage is set up right but there’s no real auditorium, or even any seats or benches, just a big open field around the stage. People bring blankets and sit on the cool grass in the sun with all their kids running around and playing… which is how it should be really. But something’s always bugged me about these things; In the event of an emergency the exits are pretty much everywhere, so would we be allowed to run in all directions instead of exiting in an orderly fashion?”

My recent journal entry discussing odd thoughts.

“Damn these teenage hormones. I blame them completely. I should really consider medication.”

My journal entry discussing my chronic insomnia.

“I MUST be crazy, or at the very least an inexperienced nymphomaniac. Hmmm… Actually, both sound fun.”

Me, on the phone with Erica.

“I blew up a condom today. Me and Sam blew up a condom and drew a face on it and threw it down the stairs at Tamara and Robert. Then Robert showed Mom our wonderful little creation, which she snickered at and then pretended to be offended slightly. The most interesting part of my day was making a condom man. God, I’m pathetic.”

Journal entry. Don’t ask.

"We have taken control of every satellite in the world and are now broadcasting several of our favorite anime's all over the globe. Any attempt to stop this will result in 24-hours of NC17-rated Yaoi scenes."

Me, playing MST3K with a few good friends.

“Can you write in Parsletongue?”

Me, trying to confuse a Harry Potter cosplayer.

“I have an idea! Maybe she has a condiments fetish and she’s buying all of them to play sick sex games with her lesbian lover!”

Me, telling my mother why I think a teenage girl needs an entire cart full of ketchup. I really SAW this, I swear!

“DENDE? Where the fk is that fing Namok when you fing need his fing healing powers?”

Me as Vegeta, doing MST3K to DBZ.

“In my mind’s eye I can see an image… of Draco Malfoy wearing a green tee with the word ‘spoiled’ on the front in shiny silver lettering!”

Me, during a psychiatrists appointment. He didn’t think it was funny…

"I'm beginning to think you don't trust me."

Mozenrath to Aladdin in Wendy Lee’s fic, ‘Gone With the Wind’.

“You poor, gay chick magnet…”

Aladdin, trying unsuccessfully to console Mozenrath after an entire harem of girls whistles at him in my fic, “The Ambassador to Nowhere”. For some reson when I re-wrote that story for this site, this quote mysteriously dissapeared.

“YES! He is gay! Lumiere was blatantly flirting with Coggsworth throughout the entire movie!”

Me, on the sexual preferences of yet another Disney character.

“Somebody call IXII!”

Pain… or was it Panic? From Disney’s ‘Hercules‘.

OH! Here's the link to my fiance's page. This is the fic he wrote me for my birthday! squee!

"Wow, that's a neat bird... lizzard... ostrich...thing."

Me, reffering to the odd creature Muktar rides on in the episode "The Hunted" of Aladdin.

"Quick! Somebody make a wish, and be really vague!"

Me,imitating a genie.

"This is a stick. It works really well as a disciplinary tool, as it makes a neat whoosh sound when you swing it really fast. Not only do childern run at that sound, but my cats do too!"

Me, playing with a random stick i found on the ground walking at night.

"Eeeww... So that's what happens when you spray an enchanted oil painting with terpentine... Someone make her stop screaming, will you?"

Me, MST3K to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

"You don't want to try to control my mind. I can't even control my mind. My other personality can't seem to control my mind either..."

Me, telling Malik why he shouldn't try to mind-slave me.

"My familiar wants to eat your soul, but she says you need to be washed first."

Me, playing a Mozenrath-esque character RPGing with a few friends.

"Isn't it odd that the pop-up prevention software companies advertise with a pop-up?"

Me, complaining about... well, you know.

"Yay! I have a new victim!"

Me, in class (people looked at me odd) after reading an e-mail from Bestia, the author of "More than meets the eye"

"This is my hand. It helps me pick things up. See? picks up a pencil It also helps me chuck said things at innocent bystanders. See? next action deleted"

Me, being a smart-ass.

"Dimensions left off for clarity."

My College teacher, making fun of our Auto CADD computer program. (If you know what Auto CADD is, this is very funny.)

"Batman just doesn't know the proper procedure for riding a dinosaur. Wait..."

Me, playing toys with a four year old. Batman figures just don't fit on dinosaurs..

"Mr. Potter is busy at the moment, I'm his trigger-happy replacement, can I help you with something?"

Me, MST3K to Harry Potter.

"NO! It might just work! We could tie the rhino to a bus and shoot them both out of a cannon, then set off fireworks so the guards get distracted and actually see it and then..."

Me, forming an escape plan. Don't ask what for.

"Do you know how to get to Narnia? My wardrobe is broken."

Erm... nevermind.

"Ha. I'm yummier than you."

Me, to a peach after my fiance and friend both decided tobite me instead of it. kind of had to be there.


Me, while cooking.

"We're experamenting with food... dinner will be ready shortly!"

Me, frightening my fiance's stepfather. There were three of us horny kids in the kitchen. Think about it.

"I'm gonna get her off at midnight so I don't have to stay on til one in the morning."

Me, not thinking about my wording properly. (I'm talking about making my friend erica signing off aim at midnight)


Me, to Fiance. It really is, believe it or not.

"That's just not fair. Elastigirl giving birth is like, WAY too easy..."

Me, commenting on how unfair Elastigirl's powers are. 'The Incredibles'

"Gir! Finally! Listen, I've been captured!"
"No, that's BAD, Gir!"

Invader ZIM and Gir the robot

"I need like 2... 3 more margaritas..."
"Mom, you can't handle 3 more margaritas..."
"Maybe not, but I'd be REALLY happy!"

Me and mom, in a Red Lobster.

"Insanity runs in our family like an olympic sprinter."

My mother, informing me of my own chances of being committed.

Unfortunately, I cannot update anything until at the very least mid-july on account of this whole wedding and honeymoon thing. I'm excited as hell though, and you all should be happy for me or else_ Seriously, I'll get back to my own little world after the real world has finished screwing with my writing schedule.

Hello Everyone - It is very sad for me to say this, but that annoying LIFE thing got in the way of my writing for far too long, and I shamefully neglected my writing for too many years. Now, however, I am getting back into the swing of things and am operating under a new pen name: AwfulLawful. I will be moving the best of my stories from this account to that one, and deleting them here.

Also, I am announcing that I intend to begin planning to finish Ambassador to Everywhere. All of my other fics, unfortunately, have died. T.T I sincerely apologize.

On the bright side, I am now writing again, with my primary interest being Harry Potter.

Please visit AwfulLawful here or on Adultfanfiction (same name in both websites) for my new stories.

Thank you.

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