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I have returned!

My name is Phoenix, I'm 20 from NY and I'm a graphic design major.

Some of you will remember me as "Smeagolsgirl" assuming any of my previous readers are still around or have me in their updates list. I figured I should explain my original name on here was smeagolsgirl, that way if you look through my old pieces and see that name instead of PhoenixBradley, you'll know why. There's too many to go back and change now and I don't have the time to hunt down the original documents anyhow.

Those of you who don't know me, I joined this site when I was in highschool and was very constant about posting regularly, but about 2 years ago I stopped. I was still receiving reviews for previous works and incomplete works asking me where I was, why I hadn't updated in a while, and wondering if I was gone for good. I won't lie, originally I was. What happened is sort of a complex story but I'll try to explain it the best I can. My freshman year of college I had a writing 101 class with a professor who was... well he fit the stereotype of a typical English professor: A little off his rocker. At first I gave him the benefit of the doubt but something about that class... anyone who was there will be able to back me up but it was like you could feel your soul getting sucked out of you by him. He was very very liberal and a conspiracy theorist that, instead of actually teaching anything, spent the entire class talking about how President Bush was the reason 9/11 happened and how he was in on it and helped set it up. Whether or not people really believe that is their right, but every single class that was all he would talk about, and then he would make us write papers supporting his theories whether or not we agreed with him. The worst paper we had to write was one based on his theory that Catholic priests raped and abused children because they were forced to remain abstinent, and we had to write about why abstinence does not work. Being a Christian I refused to write the paper not just because of that but also I knew he was dead wrong with connecting rape with abstinence.

To give you an idea of what a typical lecture was like, when we started that paper he spent the first half of the class describing in full graphic detail what must be going through a rapist's mind as he/she violates someone, how he/she picks the victim and figures out how best to keep them silent. My keys were about halfway into my palm by the time that class ended, but luckily students began reporting him to the dean and before the semester ended he "retired" but we're all positive he was fired.

After that I couldn't bring myself to write because I always heard his criticising voice in my head, I always saw his black eyes and his contorted face mocking over every word I wrote, so I just stopped. All inspiration was gone, all motive was gone and I gave up.

But in August of '08 I found my inspiration again in the form of a man named Duane. Duane and I met in a 3D chat RP room, and the characters we had created just clicked and soon we were writing out adventures, romance, tragedy, everything and soon ideas were flowing again and I was excited to write. I would call him up with new ideas or we'd discuss plans on how to advance out characters storylines and soon I was back in the groove of it. Because our characters dealt a lot with characters from other stories and movies that was what made me slowly return to fanfiction and now I'm back. I want to begin working on my own original fiction soon but I've had so many ideas for fanfiction stories that I can't just let them fade, it's more of a rush to get them written before I forget them or lose inspiration.

To any friends I will make, have made, or people who just want to be in touch with me, I have Skype that I use mostly to both voice chat and IM, so if anyone wishes to make contact with me through there feel free. My name on there is fireflyvikki.

And any old readers have probably noticed some of my stories have vanished. The reason for this is I'm simply cleaning out incomplete works that I know I will never finish. I don't think it's fair to have them up and taking up space or for others to be reading them and hope for an ending when there won't be one. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm back and I hope to stay for a while.


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Songbird reviews
Takes place in Fallout 3. Analise's world is turned upside down when her father vanishes and she's left in a world she knows almost nothing of. Mr. Burke, an opportunist, knows better than to let this golden opportunity get by.
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Aladdin - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,257 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 1/10/2010 - Published: 1/9/2010 - Jafar, Jasmine
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I don't think you trust in my selfrighteous suicide,I cry when angels deserve to die...System of a Down
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Snape's little girl was perfect until he learned something about her that he hates. Now he wants nothing to do with her, but her mother know that if he isn't there for her soon, their daughter will go down the road to destruction. I own absolutely nothing
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a 21st century girl winds up in Middle Earth and finds herself befriending the last person she expected. I own nothing. Forgot to type this at the beginning, but I don't own anything at all! Complete!
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