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Hi everyone! Thank you for choosing to read my stories. At least, I hope you will read them. Please review if you have the time.

Stuff About me:

My name is Nicole. I am 23. My birthday is March 16. I have a boyfriend of 5 years. I have graduated from Tulsa Community College with a degree in Psychology. I've taken several writing classes, but my main focus now is psychology, but I would really like to become a published writer. I love all kinds of music, mostly rock. I love all kinds of movies, mostly comedy, romantic comedy or mystery/sci fi. I cannot stop reading. I love to play video games such as Gears of War, Kingdom hearts, and of course any poke'mon game. In short, I'm a nerd. So be my friend, cuz you're a nerd too ;). I am really easy to get to know.

I draw a lot, so please check out my Lion King art and some poke'mon art, wolves, horses at my Deviant Art site
There are hundreds of pictures of lions, including my TLK fanfiction characters. This is where all my newest art goes to, along with some older pictures.

There is some older art at Lion King Fanart Archive site at I no longer update there but there are still some good pictures.

Make sure to leave me a comment at DeviantArt and tell me you read my story, if you did I would love you forever.

I've loved Lion King for a really really long time. I am a huge fan of Disney and its works. My favorite Lion King characters are Kovu and Kiara, which are the main characters of my first fic, "The Lion King: Royal Journey" Treat me as you would want to be treated! My first story was written when i was around 15, so it's grammar is choppy, and there are many mistakes. So if you are starting out reading my first story, please just stick with it. I am as of March 2010 going through and fixing the major (grammar, spelling, syntax) mistakes in my TLK 3 story. So i hope you enjoy my stories!

I am adding this paragraph August of 2011. Several people have copied my story's name, characters, story description and story plot/layout. Please do not do this. Copying or stealing of any type is called plagiarism. Here is the exact definition of plagiarism:" the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work, as by not crediting the author" So if your story fits this description, then it is STOLEN. You will be reported after one warning from me. If you can remove the story, or change it enough, then I will not report you. If you do not contact me back, or don't change then you will be reported.
To anyone reading my story now thinking they might try copying me, all I can say is please don't. Be original, because writing your own original story would be so much better than copying mine or anyone else's. You will be so proud of it, and your fans will be real fans, they will love something you made yourself, not something you took from someone else. If you feel inspired by my story, that's great, just start thinking of your own ideas.

Below is a list of all the lions in Simba's Pride Currently. This is mostly for my benefit, but if you are having a hard time picturing what the lionesses look like (my versions of them) then here's a in depth description. Also, Check this picture out. It's all of them.
Please do not copy my character's names, descriptions, likeness, and colors. I understand that I can't copyright a name, so if you had one or two character's names that are the same as mine, fine. But if all your characters, or most of your characters have the same names, then I consider that blatant copying, and you will be contacted by me.

Kanai (Kuh-naEYE)- Born in Pride lands. Medium to dark brown pelt. Her underbelly and muzzle are light brown. Eyes are medium blue. She has a dark brown tail fluff and inner ear. Nose is round (example, Simba) and pink in color. Mother of Tali and Mani.

Tamani (Tah-mah-nee)- Born in Pride lands, dull and light orange pelt, peach underbelly and muzzle. Her eyes are purple, and she has brown inner ears, and a red-ish brown tail fluff. Nose is round and light brown.

Sanai (Sah-naEYE)- Born in Pride lands, peach pelt, light peach underbelly, muzzle and toes. Brown inner-ear and tail fluff. Round salmon colored nose. Yellow eyes.

Jamay (Jah-MAY)-Born in Pride lands, dark peach pelt, light peach underbelly and muzzle, round pink nose. brown inner-ear and inner eyes. Dark Brown tail fluff, and green eyes. She has an odd black triangle marking under her right eye.

Mairu-(My-ROO) Born in outlands. Old, wise. Light brown pelt, lighter brown underbelly, muzzle and toes. Dark brown tail fluff, and around eyes. Brown inner-ear. pointed nose (example, Scar) which is black. Red eyes.

Sanu- (Sah-new) Born in outlands, moody personality, light gray pelt, white underbelly, paws and muzzle. Black tail fluff. Dark gray inner-ear. Pointed black nose. Blue eyes. Odd circular markings under left eye. (as seen in TLK2. Some call her Spotty? Or Dotty? I don't know which)

Tima-(Tee-muh) Born in outlands, Talkative, friendly personality. Deep Yellow-ish pelt, peach underbelly, toes and muzzle. Brown upper eye, peach under eye. Brown in ears. round pink nose, black tail fluff, and red eyes. Her cheeks fluff out (like Kovu). Odd triangle marking under left eye.

Tikana(Tee-kah-nah)-Born in Outlands. Dark Gray pelt, light gray underbelly, muzzle and toes. Dark brown inner eyes. Eyes are green. Inner ears are black along with the tail fluff. Notch in her left ear. Round black nose. Cheeks are kinda fluffed out, but still kinda rounded. (made this own trait up myself!)

Omaru-(Oh-mar-oo)-Born in Outlands. Medium gray pelt, dark brown inner eye, inner ear, and tail fluff. Lighter gray underbelly and muzzle. Cheeks fluff out. Eyes are blue.

Jika- (Gee-Kuh) Born in outlands. Jika is strong. She has battle scars. Prominent ones above her nose, and on her hindquarters. Gray brown pelt, light peach underbelly, toes, muzzle. Inner eyes are dark brown. Pointed brown nose. Dark brown inner ear and tail fluff. Rounded cheeks.

Toni -(Toe-Nee) Ciara's mother. Born in Outlands. Pelt is a yellow-ish color, but more blond. Inner ear is dark brown. Peach underbelly, inner eyes and muzzle. Nose is pointed brown. Tail fluff is an odd bright blond. Eyes are ice blue. Toni has an odd tuft of hair. It looks like this (Toni is on the left, Kanai is on the right)

Tali-(Tah-Lee) Born in Pridelands. Daughter of Kanai. Light brown pelt, peach underbelly, muzzle and toes. Dark brown spot on the back of each ear, same color as her rounded nose. Eyes light blue.

Mani-(Mah-Nee) Born in pride lands. Son of Kanai. Brown pelt. His hair tuft is similar to cub Kovu's. It is dark-ish brown along with tail fluff. Peach underbelly, muzzle and toes. Yellow eyes. Dark brown spot on the back of each ear, same color as his rounded nose.

Lions not in the Pride

Thresh- Born in Mountain Pride. Rust/Brick Red mane and tail. Brown pelt. Green/brown eyes. Peach underbelly, toes, and muzzle. Pointed black nose.

Tome(Toe-meh)- Prince of Nameless Pride. Yellow-orange pelt. Deep blue eyes. Black mane and tail. Very fast runner. Muscular body

Adding this 8-13-2011

Please do not read anything under this sentence unless you have already finished my TLK3 and TLK 4 story because this will have spoilers as to who certain characters are.

Click the links to see my drawings of the characters.

Kivu: (Kih-voo) and Kovu's first son. Brown pelt, red eyes, black ear rims and nose like cub Simba, hair tuft like cub Simba's but bigger and with a large curl pointing back toward the ear. Dark brown tail tuft that, due to a birth defect, is shorter than normal lion's tail tufts. Rambunctious as a cub, but becomes serious and wise as he gets older.

Ciara: (See-ARE-uh) Toni's daughter. Younger sister to Jai. Orange pelt, green eyes, pointed brown nose. Small, bright red hair tuft on head, and bright red tail tuft. Prickly exterior as a cub, but always close with her brother and her best friend, Tali. As an adolescent she is unsure of herself, and it's not until she's almost an adult does she gain confidence.

Jai: (rhymes with sky) Toni's son. Older than Ciara by 1 minute. Light peach pelt, blue eyes. Small black rounded nose. Large yellow hair tuft that falls to one side. Yellow tail tuft. A quiet boy through all his life, but is always listening and observing. His closest friend is Kivu.

Tali: (see above description)

Mani: (see above description)

Tempest: Vitani's first daughter. Grayed peach pelt with bright ice blue eyes. Rough textured fur, freckles on her muzzle. Hair like Vitani's but with longer strands that fall into her eyes. Rough exterior but friendly and funny once you get to know her.

Koru: (Ko-roo)Vitani's son. Named after Kovu. Tempest's younger brother. Light yellow-peach pelt with a brown hair tuft that parts in the middle. Deep blue eyes. Rough textured fur, freckles on his muzzle. Quiet as a boy, and always looked up to Mani (and jealous of his mane). As he gets older he gains confidence and becomes a lady's man.

Dayya: (Day-yuh) Vitani's second daughter. A couple minutes older than her twin sister, Jayden. Red-cream pelt with a darker red stripe over her forehead (like Zira). Pointed pink nose and yellow-green eyes. Rough textured fur with freckles on her muzzle. She is rambunctious, talkative and hyper. Usually speaks before she thinks. She loves everyone especially her parents.

Jayden: Vitani's third daughter, and the youngest of four kids. Gray-brown pelt and bright purple eyes. Tail tuft is red. Rough textured fur with freckles on her muzzle. She is very smart and observant. Can absorb new language while listening to adults speak. Over thinks a lot, and is full of emotions.

Tome: (Toe-meh) Now a part of the Pride Lands after being accepted by Simba and the rest of the pride. Yellow body, Black mane and nose. Bright blue eyes. Muscular. Once Tome becomes a father, he turns into a softie. He loves his children and is never hard on them. Becomes friends with Simba.

Larne: Was a wandering rogue before joining Vitani's Pride. Now resides in the Pride Lands as a member once Vitani returned home. Light gray pelt, ragged old fur and torn ears. Skinny, bony. Round light brown nose and brown eyes and tail tuft. One of the oldest lionesses in the pride. Both cranky and sweet.

Click here to see Tempest, Koru, Jayden, Dayya, Vitani, Tome and Larne

Malowa: (MA-low-wuh) Sanai's son. Dark Cream pelt. Light brown hair and tail tuft. Bright, light blue-green eyes. Large pink-peach nose like his mother's. Malowa is very talkative and loves LOVES his mom.

Clous: Kiara and Kovu's second son. Deep orange fur with red hair tuft and tail tuft. Curl in his hair like Kivu's. Brown ear rims and brown around the eyes. Chin is Outlander-like (think Scar) Eyes are bright medium blue-green.

Zuna: (left) Sanu's daughter. Twin sister to Zula. (right) Gray pelt, dark gray tail. Red-orange eyes (more orange than red) 3 odd spots under left eye. Pointed black nose. Her fur is very rounded and neat.

Zula: Sanu's daughter, Twin sister to Zuna. Gray pelt, dark gray tail. Red-orange eyes (more red than orange) 3 odd spots under left eye. Pointed black nose. Her fur is roughly textured.

Dark: Was found in the Pride Lands as a baby with no indication as to who left him there or why. Adopted by Sanu while she was pregnant with Zuna and Zula. He comes to know her as her mom and the twins as his sisters. Completely black pelt and hair tuft. Hair tuft is large and fluffy, and the bottom is brushed to the side. Blue-gray eyes.

Adding this Oct 10, 2012


Do not read the following if you have not finished TLK3, TLK4 and have not begun "A Heart in the Dark." This contains character descriptions and information, if you want to let them be a surprise, don't read it until you read "AHD"

Drayden: A new addition to Vitani's pride. Jayden's age, maybe a little older. He came to their pride as a young adult under unfortunate circumstances. Light peach pelt, Medium brown mane, large bangs framing his ice blue eyes.

Mebala: Tamani's daughter. Burnt brown/orange pelt. Red-brown tail tuft. Light brown nose and eyes.

Taeliss: Tikana's daughter. Light brown/gray pelt. Dark gray tail tuft. Bright blue eyes.


Ahila: (eye-ree) New addition to the Pride Lands. Adolescent in "A Heart in the Dark" Light brown tail tuft, dark pink/purple nose. Teal eyes.

Afia: Kiara and Kovu's new daughter. Cub age in "A Heart in the Dark" Kiara's coloring, but with Kovu's cheek fur (fluffy instead of rounded) Yellow eyes. Rough disposition, rather rude and rambunctious.

A picture of all lionesses in the Pride (besides Disney characters)

The young lionesses:

The moms:

The line art in the pictures above is drawn by Roneri on DeviantArt. Designs are by me

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A Heart in the Dark reviews
Jayden's heart is finally mending 2 years after she was separated from Dark, but now, due to an emergency, Vitani's Pride must return to PrideRock to seek help. Jayden is terrified that Dark has forgotten her, or worse, has a new love interest. How can Jayden watch the only lion she's ever loved love someone else? Will she cope, or will her heart be forever lost in the dark? COMPLE
Lion King - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 34 - Words: 100,773 - Reviews: 405 - Favs: 87 - Follows: 75 - Updated: 8/31/2014 - Published: 8/1/2012 - Complete
The Lion King 4: A Single Step reviews
Read TLK3: Royal Journey first! This story is about Kivu, the new King and Queen's son and future heir to the throne, & his first step into Kinghood. He experiences fun, friendship, danger, & love as he grows to be the King of the Pride Lands, but an evil force grows stronger & the Pride must prepare for the fight of their lives. COMPLETE!
Lion King - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 58 - Words: 130,921 - Reviews: 695 - Favs: 172 - Follows: 91 - Updated: 9/24/2011 - Published: 2/6/2006 - Complete
The Lion King 3: Royal Journey reviews
Kiara and Kovu are now on their journey to become royalty and expecting a cub. Just when everything seems peaceful, a mysterious lion named Thresh arrives at their doorstep, barely alive. His Pride was taken over by a group of amazingly strong, dark-colored lions call the Black Pride. Now most of the Pride, Kovu included, leave Kiara and 2 friends to save Thresh's Pride. COMPLETE!
Lion King - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 43 - Words: 49,949 - Reviews: 832 - Favs: 280 - Follows: 81 - Updated: 12/24/2005 - Published: 9/18/2004 - Kiara, Kovu - Complete
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