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Real Name: FORGET YOU! (I AM NO LONGER EGF! I shall be...JIMMIE!)
Nicknames:Jimmie and I don't think anything else... (XP Don't ask. But, I do wonder why my nicknames keep changing...O.o)
Age: 17! (sobs) But, I don't know why that matters since I never come on anymore...Anywho...
Height: 5'4" (I'm really retarded. Like someone will be able to stalk me just by knowing my height.)
Weight: 135 pounds and proud...I lost 15 pounds! XD And yes, I have been eating! (Because, believe or not, eating is good for you! Oh and, the 38Ds carry some weight too, lol.)Ha! Everyone shall know my bra size!
Quotes: "Love yourself"(I follow that now! I practice what I preach!) "Makeup is a mask of your identity"(No longer applies, but I wear make-up for a different reason. SELF-EXPRESSION!) "Be yourself and independent"(Always and forever.) and "Mascara is Mas-scary"(Stupid Musical got me wearing mascara because I realized that I don't have eyelashes...)

So...I've been through a lot of crap lately...I've gotten hurt a lot (I probably did some hurting too...) and I've changed a lot as a person, but I'm really happy with who I am now. I love myself, flaws and all. Actually...don't ask me what I don't like about myself because it'll take me a week to come up with an answer and don't ask what I would change about myself either (yes, they're different) because then I'll say "Nothing! This is how I am and how I should be, I don't want to be any other way."

Right now I'm at a time where I'm kind of sitting on a fence, because I've gotten into a lot of trouble with a lot of fake people (some that don't even realize they're fake...How could they be! They're perfect! -rolls eyes- ) So I don't know whether I should continue living how I've been living or change my policies to protect myself. I still want to give everyone a chance but I'm getting sick of getting hurt. (I forgot I was deciding on this...I don't know what I've decided.)

But, I guess this would go into my dislikes, I'm tired of people treating me like an object or a trophie. I'm tired of giving someone my all, everything I have, and getting nothing in return. I'm tired of everyone feeling like they're entitled and thus do nothing to earn what they think they should have. And I'm sick of these people thinking they know me when they obviously don't know crap about me! I'm tired of people thinking that I can't think for myself, I can't make my own decisions! I HAVE to be influenced, manipulated, or controlled by somebody! THAT'S BULLSHIT! I can't be controlled! I do know how to think for myself, and anyone who actually knows me knows that! And anyone who doesn't understand or believe that has no hope in ever getting to know me as a person! Because that's the first thing you have to understand if you're going to understand me.

Now I know who my real friends are. They are the people that actually know me and actually care about me. I'm not an object that you can just move around or some toy that stays locked up in your closet until the next rainy day. I AM NOT YOUR LOST PUPPY! I do not worship you. Respect me and I will respect you.

And also, I have a new saying, "I like to where my insides on the outside," and it is true. I where my feelings on my sleeve, and I guess that's why people think they can take advantage of me, but that's not true. I'm extremely open first of all, just because I'm really expressive and also because I am strong. If I am sad then I will cry because I am strong. I have no fear of crying. I have no respect for people who will be angry with you, but not show it until it's too late to fix it. I have no respect for people who will smile in your face and then talk about you behind your back. Because those people are cowards, and I only associate myself with people who have a backbone. And that's why I have no faith in girl scouts. I have no respect for an organization that teaches little girls how to be fake, how to be cowards. It's not manners, it's wussy!

I'll finish ranting another day, and I'm definitely going to start writing again, but probably not fanfics. I've been really into original stories lately, so yeah...

Also...I've kinda gotten into making amvs which is cool, and one day I'll put the link to that up here.

By the way Emilie Autumn is a GODDESS!!


I am
You dreamed
I would be

I am:
Your doctor
Your lawyer
Your care provider

I am:
Your Philosopher
Your Mathematican
Your Scientist

I am:
Your partner
Your best friend
Your lover

I am:
Your sunny days
Your rainy nights
Your eighth world wonder

I am
That surrounds you

...Isn't it beautiful?


No one

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Good byes from the gang (what gang?) and me. The symbolism of the black candle (what black candle?) is this:

The day when good memories will be overtaken by feelings of pain...
And when the world is completely consumed by darkness...
It will be my birthday.

Well, that's it for this update. Look alive or at least look conscious... lmao. (Wow...that was CORNY! Anywho, don't bother, I'm probably never using this again.)


You can't have none of my gothic pimp juice...BIOTCH!(STILL TRUE! I'm like Marilyn Manson, bitch, but as gangsta as Emilie Autumn. You motha suckas will SUFFER and die... haha)

INSOMNIAC by Maya Angelou

There are some nights when
sleep plays coy,
aloof and disdainful.
And all the wiles
that I employ to win
its service to my side
are useless as wounded pride,
and much more painful.

How perfect :) (Wanna know something kinda funny? I actually am kind of an insomniac! XD)

My friend SexySesshieSama, I think it was, mentioned a very, very, VERY short story I wrote in our school's creative writing club. I thought I would be kind and put that story on my profile for all to see. Enjoy!

I am Eddie the kid watching Todd Connor lay there. We are under the bed and he is giggling. He's not acting like someone who is going to lose his job. Then he speaks to me. "I have something to show to this pretty girl." I looked at him weird. He crawled out from under the bed, and I followed. I was shocked by what layed before me. Todd laughed maniacally. "They're all dead. The end is near."


(Whoo boy. The only completed story with Todd Connor. I fail...)

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