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"Kalopsia- (n) condition where things seem more beautiful than they are"

Hello and welcome to my fan fiction bio. Whether you are here to look at rules for one of my several SYOC/SYOTs or you simply stumbled here by mistake, feel free to message me and come say hi. I love talking to people and I usually reply to questions/comments fairly quickly. Blame the fact I have no life.

Thanks to Lily (4Love4Love4) for my awesome, Lin-Manuel Miranda insipired theme song she wrote:

Paige: so sage, calm under pressure on a stage. Page after page, OH MY! her story's got me enraged! The hoestess is the man, who may or may not have a plan for all the girls: Zoey, Austen, Can-DID I UH MENTION she resolved all that tension, with Percy (he hurts me!) and the rest of the dimension (what can I say? Got my attention!): I mean really, how can that story be her INVENTION! I guess I had all the intentions (plus -I tried- that tear-prevention). But its useless I'm clueless! But now I am on a tangent! I mean, girl you're plenty nice, but can I give you advice, next time you kill off those guys, PLEASE think twice! I mean, my heart can't endure! I swear I fell on the floor! That time Percy was on the roof- it hurt me down to my core! Plus Im no longer sure that I can take any more, all those marshmallows (mine and not!), I swear I'D die if they're shot! Because all of the emotion (crashes into me like an ocean) has all the other fandoms like, "what's up? what's the commotion!" It's no longer ok, and if I had it my way, I think every little flower would live another day. But your response? "NO WAY!" Which is WHY I'm gonna say, (I'm not sure how to convey…), please don't make your newest story a total doomsday!


Well, let's see. My pen name is Sora, but I also go by Paige. I answer to either, so feel free to choose. I'm a girl, though that seems kind of obvious from my name. I'm about 16, and a junior in high school. In my free time, which is not often, I love to sing, dance, act, write, and ride horses. I have four cats and a dog. I also participate in musical and regular theater, and have done shows such as "A Midsummer Night's Dream", "Taming of the Shrew", "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers", and "Into the Woods". Right now, I'm currently playing Maria in "The Sound of Music". When I am not in a drama production, I am in a competitive show choir at my school. I love reading and some of my personal favorite books include The Selection Series, The Kane Chronicles, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The 39 Clues Series, The Enchanted Kingdom Series, and Maximum Ride (but only the original 3).

Well, that's probably way to much information, but there's a little more about me. If you share some common intrests, feel free to PM me and chat. I promise, I don't bite hard.



The Chosen [SYOC] The Selection Series- When King Christian changes the laws of Illéa so that he can chose out of his five, illegitimate heirs who will proceed him after his death, no one knows who exactly will take over the country. With a one in five chance of winning the glory, the half-siblings in the palace grew up in constant competition to be the best. Now, after the death of one of the most despised rulers Illéa has ever seen, the Chosen Heir inherits a country about to tear itself into pieces. With time running out before a surely imminent civil war, can the heir find a partner in a Selection and soothe the nation in time? Constant threats from outside rebels seem almost childish to the fighting internally in the palace. Four siblings were looked over, and only one chosen to become the heir. That means the game of sabotage that the Royal children have grown up with their whole lives just got a lot more intense... And possibly deadly.


Draw With Silver, Bleed With Red [SYOC] The Selection Series- Take a pill, make a scar. Don't forget who you are. When one gunshot could end it all, who knows how far the rest will fall? So grab your rope or gun or knife. It's not that hard to end your life. Six little children and how they grew. But no one really ever knew. While some see black and some see red, but it doesn't matter if you're dead. [CANCELED, SEE NOTE]

Epitaph [SYOC] Maximum Ride Series- A drabble fic/one shot. Angel wonders if her name is what causes people to think so much of her.


Masquerade [SYOC]

Apps Opened: September 1st

Apps Closed: September 30th (OR WHEN LIST IS FILLED)

The Main Royals (These are very aesthetic and less factual, whoops):

Prince Alexander Theodore "Theo" Corriera (21) - Theodore, or more commonly Theo, is the sun of the late crown Prince Alexander and the late Queen of Ireland, Ciara. It is currently unknown to the public whether Theo is in line for Illea's throne, since his father was the crown prince but never completely crowned. The Prince has dark hair and amberish brown eyes, framed by glasses when he remembers to wear them. Aesthetics: Theo is a dimly lit library, straining your eyes before bed to finish just one more chapter. He is long naps during the day, but being unable to fall asleep at night. His aura is rushes and crashes from the black coffee that he doesn't like but drinks because he says too polite to ask for sugar, long car rides during the night, and stargazing on the palace lawn

Princess Tessatura "Essa" Corriera (18) - Tessatura, although she might hit you if you don't call her Essa, is the first born daughter of King Percy and Queen Raleigh. Without her cousin, Theo, she would be automatically in line for the throne. Essa is quite pretty, despite the mask, and typically wears her dark curls down as opposed to her sister, Lyra, whose hair is usually pulled into an updo. Aesthetics: Essa is dark colored satin and lose tulle, all gathered together into one creation. She is the darkness right as night falls, the kind right after sunset that almost seems false. Essa is crashing waves on the ocean, boats tossing in a storm, and sirens calling to sailors on the rocks. Her aura is late night panic attacks, bloodstained bathrooms, and texts to people that deleted before they are ever sent.

Other Important Characters (These are very aesthetic and less factual, whoops):

Princess Lyra Corriera (16) -

Princess Avalon "Ava" Corriera (7) - The so-called "Angel of Illéa", Avalon is perhaps the only royal whose face has never been photographed, as she was born after the decision to hide behind masks. Ava has copper colored curls that she wears pulled back into ponytails trailing down her, and eye that seem almost black in some lights. Aesthetics: Avalon is abandoned doll houses, the kind people avoid if they're smart. She's hastily scribbled pentagons in red pen and writing on the bathroom mirrors of people you hate. She is the color red, often bold but mostly in shades of deep scarlet,

Lady Kairys "Rys" Principessa (19) -

Lord Kavon "Kav" Principessa (19) -

Lady Viverra "Verra" Draconess (9) -

The Rules:

1. I can't stress enough how important it is to be creative. This is not an SYOC, as you've probably seen, that your character is going to win by being kind and artistic. Essa and Theo have huge flaws, and even if your character is kind, I'm looking for more than that.

2. I'm absolutely the worst at getting forms in on time, so it would be awful of me to demand them as fast as possible. I will say that I need basic information (name, caste, appearance, personality, thoughts on Royals) done by the 30th of September, however, for your character to be considered.

3. I won't be taking any girls who are Sevens or Eights, unless you can give me an extremely good reason for how they got their hands on a Selection form. I'm sorry in advance, I really am.

4. DETAIL!!! DETAIL IS LOVE, DETAIL IS LIFE. On a more serious note though, you character has a much better chance of getting accepted if there's detail put into place.

5. Feel free to ask me if you have questions!!! I'm always ready to chat and I know I can be super confusing at times.

6. Don't base your character entirely around he or she's power set. Remember, I will still ask if I can use them without the powers if I really like them, but if it's really hard for me to separate the two and I already have the capped amount...

7. Tell me if I'm being way too mean on these rules, I promise I'm not trying to be!!

8. Every Royal, so including Essa, Theo, and everyone else, has been brought up wearing a mask at any time they aren't alone, so no one has seen their faces. This will be explained, I promise, but it would be totally normal for people to have a reaction to it. Consider putting what your character thinks about that and why they might think so in the thoughts on each character section!

The Provinces:

Female -

Hudson: Lisle Jakobsen - Thursdaypants13


Angeles: Spot closed.

Waverly: Sophronia Amarantis - Azlea

Fennley: MAGIC USER. Spot closed.


Tamins: MAGIC USER. Spot closed.

Calagry: Spot closed.

Lakedon: Spot closed.





Angeles: Dmitry Volkov - morethanjustastory

Waverly: Spot closed.







The Form:

Full Name (Be creative! Also, a pronunciation guide might be helpful as well!):

Nickname (Optional):

Age (15-21):


Sexuality (Your character does NOT only have to go for the opposite gender, although I can't say whether or not it will work):

Supernatural Traits/Powers (OPTIONAL!!):

Financial Status (lower class, middle class, upper class):

Province (Pick from the list of 10, I wanted to make sure boys and girls came from the same province):

Caste (Two - Six, PM me to ask about the other 3):


Hair (color, texture, length, thickness, type):

Eyes (shape, color, lashes, eyebrows):

Skin (tone, texture, birthmarks, scars, etc…):

Body Shape:


General Appearance:

Face Claim (age-appropriate, if possible)

Family (Name, age, personality, appearance, family dynamic):

Friends (Identical to family, but include Caste):

Personality (I'm literally begging you for detail, please!!):






Romantic History:

Reason for Entering:

Idea for Elimination (optional):

Thoughts on Magic:

Thoughts on the Monarchy:

Thoughts On/Treatment of King Perseus:

Thoughts On/Treatment of Queen Raleigh:

Thoughts On/Treatment of Prince Theodore (Theo):

Thoughts On/Treatment of Princess Tessatura (Essa):

Thoughts On/Treatment of Princess Lyra:

Thoughts On/Treatment of Princess Avalon:

Thoughts On/Treatment of Lord Kallon:

Thoughts On/Treatment of Lady Kairys:

Thoughts On/Treatment of Lady Kairys:

Thoughts On/Treatment of Their Province Partner (Opposite Gender):

Who Do They Believe Will/Should Be King or Queen, Theo or Essa:

How they treat Maids/Guards/Staff:

How they treat fellow Selected:

First Date Ideas (Optional):

Interview Ideas (Optional):

Social Media (If Applicable, username, bio information, pictures if you have a Pintrest board):


Scene (Optional)

Theme Song (Optional but it's for the playlist)

Anything Else:

Optional Section: YOU DON'T HAVE TO INCLUDE THIS BUT THEY'RE MORE FUN AND HELP ME OUT A LOT! Trust me, they are sort of important later on.

Favorites (song, movie, book, color, ect.):

Introverted or Extroverted:

Which Option Would They Pick in Truth or Dare and Why?:

Superlative (Think yearbooks, what would they be most likely voted as):

Spirit Animal or Plant (yes, I've heard it all):

What Would They Do with 1,000,000 Dollars?:

Heads or Tails?:

Do They Dream in Color or Black or White?:

Thoughts/Opinions on Selfie Taking:

Sum Up Your Character in One Word:


The Girl and the Ghost [SYOT]

Apps: OPEN




1. This isn't going to be canon. There. If it wasn't obvious already, every character is an OC, yours or mine. This is my idea of how the Hunger Games was created. Is it logical? Probably not. No, Anastasia Greybeck was more than likely not the person who supposedly created the Hunger Games, but I got the idea and ran with it.

2. Obviously this will be the actual first Hunger Games, so the tributes will be rather unprepared for the Games. There’s sections in the form about this, but Districts 1 and 2 aren't Career Districts because that hasn't developed yet. Some kids might have war experience, of course, but there also won't be mentors. It's going to be rough.

3. The more detailed the form is, the more I have to work with. There isn't really going to be a bloodbath because no one will know what to do, but it will help me to know a lot about your tribute. Backstory, Personality, Fight/Flight, and Would They Kill are the most important sections to me, but everything is very helpful.

4. I'm taking multiple submissions for spots unless it's marked closed or with the tribute’s name, meaning I already have a tribute for that spot. Otherwise, I won't reserve because of multiple submissions.

5. No Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus. It won't make your character more likely to win, or will actually decrease their chances. I like a character with some baggage.

6. Last one, I promise. Please, feel free to review and leave criticism, but please be nice about it. I'm barely 16, not a professional author. I'm going to make mistakes or do things you don't like. Please don't yell at me *hides under covers* I’m delicate and I might cry XD

Tribute List:

District One -

Male: Terryn Thorbern (18)

Female: Jaida Kingsley (12)

District Two -

Male: Apollo Weston Rosestone (13)

Female: Kitara Vipars (18)

District Three -

Male: Wallace Hall (18)

Female: CLOSED

District Four -


Female: Avonlea Fairchild (17)

District Five -


Female: CLOSED

District Six -


Female: Porsche Lola Auto (17)

District Seven -

Male: Bryn Flamming (17)

Female: Conifer Redwood (17)

District Eight -

Male: Charmeuse Draper (18)

Female: Leila Bhurr (18)

District Nine -


Female: Jacqueline Montgomery (14)

District Ten -


Female: Chavelle Morritz (14)

District Eleven -


Female: Esther Peach (15)

District Twelve -


Female: Dolores Napier (16)

Tribute Form:

Please Title It Like So -

Tribute Name, Age, District, Gender - TGatG Submission

Full Name:






Personality (DETAIL):





Backstory/History (DETAIL):

Family (Ages, Appearances, Brief Personalities, Relationship with Character):

Friends (Ages, Appearances, Brief Personalities, Relationship with Character):

Thoughts on The Hunger Games (Remember, it's the first one):

Thoughts on Anastasia:

Thoughts on The Capitol:

Thoughts on Their District:

Fight or Flight Instinct:

Reaped or Volunteered (I expect very few volunteers this year…):

Open to Alliances (If there's a suitable tribute)?:

Open to Romance (If there's a suitable tribute)?:

Which Side of the War Were They On (Most are rebels):

Why Were They Reaped (Remember, it's kind of rigged for the most point. Some is random, but a lot of times they or their families will have done something wrong.):

Reaction to Reaping:

Expected Private Session Score:

Would They Kill Another Tribute (SUPER important):

How Far You'd Think They'll Make It (Be Honest):

Optional, But Helpful -

Interview Angle:

Chariot Outfit:

Interview Outfit:

Quotes (One They'd Say or Ones Describing Them):

Theme Song (For the Playlist):


The Chosen [SYOC]



The Royals/Important Characters (Please Read! Super useful for filling out forms)-

Minus the Prince who is having the Selection, Weston, the other siblings are listed in age order, from oldest to youngest. Because they have different mothers, a fair amount of them are extremely close in age.

King Christian (DECEASED): King Christian was not a good King, and everyone was aware of this. He was given the position as ruler extremely early, after the sudden death of his parents. Rushing into a Selection, he was crowned King and married to Angelica only a month after the girl's names were drawn. He was an okay ruler until the death of his wife, when he became cutthroat and ruthless. He never remarried, even though there was no evidence that he truly loved Angelica, but had numerous mistresses and affairs, producing the five Royal children currently residing in the palace. He died of heart failure, and in his will named his middle child, Prince Weston, as the Heir.

Queen Angelica (DECEASED): Angelica was born a Three and worked in a library for most of her life up until being Selected at age 19. After only a month in the competition, she won the heart of the Prince (at that time) and became Queen. It was stressful for her, and she showed signs of being unhappy with her life even just a month after the marriage. Angelica was very soft spoken, however, so no one really noticed her unhappiness. She was killed by rebels three months after her marriage, when they ransacked the palace.

Prince Weston (20 1/2): Weston is the middle child, and shows a few of the traits that middle children often display. He is often overlooked, and no one expected him to become the King. In fact, he didn't either and was entirely unprepared for the announcement. Much more introverted and quiet than his brother and sisters, Weston would prefer to spend his days reading rather than actually have to be King. He is uncomfortable around most people, especially large crowds, but is incredibly sweet in an awkward way once you get to know him. Unlike his half-brother, he is fairly respectful of women, he just has no idea how to act around them. He tends to be a complete dork around most people when he's happy, especially when he is talking about his passion for reading and writing. If he was not King, which he doesn't want to be, he would like to be a Three so he could be an author or an editor. Wes writes books when he has a chance, but he never finishes anything or has the courage to share it with anyone. If he was to show someone something he wrote, they would have to be a very special person indeed.

Princess Rosemary (22): Rosemary looks like an angel, but has the heart of a demon. She's got all of Illéa wrapped around her little finger. Everyone loves her, and most would have rather seen the monarchy fall to her. Luckily, King Christian made a better choice. Rose is evil in the core, the beauty only skin deep. She is ruthless and will do anything she can to get power, something you would never expect from someone so innocent and adorable-looking. She's not mentally sound, however, and isn't in control of any of her violent thoughts. Her desire to be perfect mixed with a childlike need for love that she was never given from her mother makes her unstable at best. The voices in her head tend to have complete power over her, even when she tries to resist them. She was never the kindest person, but she does not want to be the monster her siblings consider her to be.

Prince Jasper (21): Jasper's reputation with women supersedes him, though Illéa chooses to turn a blind eye to the faults of the handsome Prince. He has slept with the majority of young women at the palace, mostly maids, but has pretended to "woo" the hearts of several princesses of other nations before promptly breaking their hearts. Jasper goes through women like one might go through towels, and sees no problem to this behavior. His strategy to sabotage Weston will certainly be something to do with the 35 girls entering the palace. Jasper's mother was killed in a rebel attack when he was quite young, and his father only had eyes for Rose. Never understanding true love, Jasper often lashes out at people. He is afraid to let someone near his heart, and therefore would rather be seen as a playboy than let his heart be crushed. Inside, he feels that no one would ever be able to love him, and though he might shy away from someone who would, once someone breaks through his barriers, his love would be as strong as steel. He tends to be extremely overprotective of the ones closest to him, especially Juliet, his opposite and constant companion when they were younger.

Princess Juliet (19, almost 20): Juliet isn't nearly as scary as Rosemary, and her heart is in the right place. However, she is often headstrong and impatient, making rash decisions that tend to get her in trouble. She has the strongest ideas about how the monarchy should be run, but a tendency to not listen to other people's ideas. She wouldn't be a terrible Queen, but Illéa would not really like her as their ruler all that much. She tries to do what's right, however, and her believes are in the peoples' best interests. Juliet tends to fall in love quickly and easily, and though she is strong on some respects, she also tends to be naive in a lot of others. Around men, she is a terrible flirt and generally embarrasses herself so much in social aspects that she avoids parties and shuns crowds.

Princess Elyse (14 1/2): Elyse is the only child to be fully related to another. She has the same mother and father as Weston does, meaning that she becomes the full Princess and Heir by default if her brother is killed or steps down. Elyse is by far the brightest of her siblings, despite being 6 years younger at least. She is very worldly of a girl of only 14, and never expected to be made Queen, even though it would be a good idea in all honesty. She is the most popular of the siblings, after Rosemary, and is the only friend Weston has in his siblings during the Selection. However, Elyse also has trouble controlling her emotions when she gets angered. She is far more extroverted than her brother, but she also loves to live in the spotlight. Though she is generally sweet and calm, she is also not afraid to get her hands dirty when someone angers her, and though most people don't know it, she is very good at blackmailing and doing everything in her power to get what she wants.

The Selected-

1. Simantha Michelle Adams (Hudson) - Age 19, Caste Three, Unemployed: Submitted by XOStarbrightXO [FC: Barbra Palvin]

2. Cayden Liana Chavez (Paloma) - Age 20, Caste Three, Dance Teacher: Submitted by princessgothicfull [FC: Zendaya Coleman]

3. Austen Murphy Zimmerman (Bonita) - Age 19, Caste Two, College Student on Scholarship: Submitted by 4Love4Love4 [FC: Sara Sampaio]

4. Oralie Fayme (Hansport) - Age 17, Caste Two, Pop Star and Famous Singer: Submitted by RubyLeo [FC: Ariana Grande]

5. Candida Nivens (Bankston) - Age 20, Caste Two, Weather Girl/Meterologist: Submitted by rysaspirit [FC: Sabrina Carpenter]

6. Jesslyn Charlotte Foxe (St. George) - Age 20, Caste Three, Nurse: Submitted by shadeslayerprincess111 [FC: Rose Leslie]

7. Fleur Dahlia Devereaux (Allens) - Age 20, Caste Eight (Was a Two), Unpaid Nanny: Submitted by drakel19088 [FC: Taylor Marie Hill]

8. Ysabel Nerea Salazar (Labrador) - Age 17, Caste Five, Ice Sculptor: Submitted by wolfofstark [FC: Camila Cabello]

9. Briar Evelyn Desmond (Midston)- Age 18, Caste Five, Flutist: Submitted by buttercup890 [FC: Sarah Bolger]

10. Andrea Grace King (Tammins) - Age 18, Caste Four, Exercise Rider: Submitted by jenhen48 [FC: Odeya Rush]

11. Harley Louise Lancaster (Waverly)- Age 19, Caste Five, Stage Actress on Broadway: Submitted by morethanjustastory [FC: Adelaide Kane]

12. Mayre Xiao Mei Mao (Calgary)- Age 17, Caste Six, Secretary at Law Firm: Submitted by Silvertrue [FC: Sui He]

13. Kells Alvarez (Yukon) - Age 19, Caste Two (Previously an Eight), Sniper for Hire: Submitted by ReneFurterar0 [FC: Zoey Deutch]

14. Amalia Mariah Anders (Ottaro) - Age 16, Caste Four, Jeweler: Submitted by ArkhamBitch [FC: Katherine McNamara]

15. Penelope Quiakides (Angeles) - Age 19 and 1/2, Caste Three, Tennis and Volleyball Player: Submitted by Luigi the Dawn [FC: (In Progress)]

16. Elizabeth Quinn Gardiner (Fennley) - Age 20, Caste Seven, Gardner (Aspiring Artist): Submitted by The Fallen Magelet [FC: Amanda Seyfried]

17. Holland Larkworthy (Columbia) - Age 17, Caste Four, Falconer: Submitted by L.C. Carraway [FC: Saorise Ronan]

18. Zoey Cecilia Doe (Likely) - Age 19, Caste Three, Film Critic: Submitted by xx.Scarlet [FC: Bridget Rose Satterlee]

19. Katherine Grace Mills (Paloma) - Age , Caste Five, Photographer: Submitted by jess120 [FC: Kelsea Ballerini]

20. Aaron Wright (Whites) - Age 17 and 1/2, Caste Five, Painter and Pianist: Submitted by Frostyhearts15 [FC: Chloe Bennet]

21. Mysti Leah Bridges (Sonage)- Age 16, Caste Six, Tour Guide: Sumbitted by UltimateMaxmericaShipper (My Backup Account) [FC: Rowan Blanchard]


When I Fall [SYOC]


When I Fall: Selected Girls List- Strikeout is eliminated, bold is main.

Angeles: Melissa Sorenclair, Age 19, Caste 2 - Submitted by ShadowDude90

Atlin: Margoret 'Margo' Medavane, Age 18, Caste 6 - Submitted by just-add-a-dash-of-savvy

Bankston: Lisalotte Marijn van Bergon, Age 17, Caste 3 - Submitted by dutchfangirlofmany

Belcourt: Andraste Magdalena Ward, Age 19, Caste 7 - Submitted by Fairy Lori

Calgary: Rebecca Anna Diann Kindley, Age 19, Caste 3 - Submitted by Keep Calm and Love Reading

Carolina: Fredricka Bartholomy, Age 19, Caste 3 - Submitted by sweetandsimple1

Clermont: Jannellese Monat Lockhart, Age 19, Caste 5 - Submitted by rebelsroyalty

Dakota: Rowan Cedonia Shade, age 20, caste 3 - Submitted by morethanjustastory

Denbeigh: Monroe Maryanne Zaley, age 17, caste 7 - Submitted by Thedaffodilqueen

Hansport: Alia Ram Kumar, age 17, caste 6 - Submitted by Princess Dream

Hudson: Riley Fay, age 20, caste 5 - Submitted by Of Darkness and Light

Kent: Yasmin Ella Keller, age 19, caste 3 - Submitted by XOStarbrightXO

Labrador: Viviann Andersen, age 18, caste 2 - Submitted by Fryllabrille201

Midston: Carlyn Blythe Gray, age 16, caste 4 - Submitted by 4Love4Love4

Ottaro: Daciana Menida Tolston, age 17, caste 6 - Submitted by Volleyball14722

Paloma: Delaney Silvyn-Ellis, age 16, caste 4 - Submitted by ShadowDude90

Panama: Yanely Deanna Genovious, age 20, caste 2 - Submitted by Weatherbug02

Sumner: Sawyer Lane Walsh, age 18, caste 7 - Submitted by devonnlove

Waverly: Sarah Belle Sanders, age 18, caste 2 - Submitted by lovelace404 (ANTAGONIST)

Yukon: Reagan Elizabeth Delilah Seraphina Skylar Chase, age , caste 4 - Submitted by Deeptha13 (ANTAGONIST)

Zuni: Aenwyn Cassia Le Touraneu, Age 16, Caste 6 - Submitted by morethanjustastory

Fennley: Sara Laila Azalea Adel, age 17, caste 3 - Submitted by wolfofstark

Sota: Raleigh Nicole Shellington, age 17, caste 3 - Submitted by fivesauce'n'YAbooks

Allens: Snow Caitlin Evers, age 16, caste 2 - Submitted by UltimateMaxmericaShipper

Bonita: Meredith Jane Arden, age 20, caste 2 - Submitted by shadeslayerprincess111

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Royu Trinity Hadron was born a King. After his father's death, many nobles hoped to control the young King themselves. Though his mother's power, as Queen Regent, protected him from the political unrest in Illéa. Now, the Queen Regent is dying, leaving Royu with an unstable nation and no Queen of his own. In the Queen Regent's final months, Royu sets to announce his own Selection.
Selection Trilogy, Kiera Cass - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,696 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 2/19/2017 - Published: 2/17/2017 - OC
scattered among the stars by icybluedepths reviews
They're 26 and 25 years old when their paths cross again. Ian dropped below the radar and became an M16 agent while Amy became the Madrigal Branch Leader. When he discovers a rogue Madrigal stealing files from the M16, he seeks Amy out for her help. "So, Amy Cahill, will you marry me?"
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If Harry Potter sat by Draco Malfoy on the Hogwarts Express in 1991 and got sorted into Slytherin House. Series-length story, going from 1991-1998. Who you share your Chocolate Frogs with makes a world of a difference. Hogwarts era. (Solo-written by cathartic.)
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"Take off the mask." He breathed, making as if to pull it from her face himself. His fingers plied it gently from her face, and his dark eyes danced with mischief as she expected to reveal the beautiful princess beneath. Instead, the boy screamed and drew back in repulsion, for under the surface lurked a monster. Feel something... she wished... anything. (Male/ Female SYOC OPEN)
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When King Christian changes the laws of Illéa so that he can chose out of his five, illegitimate heirs who will proceed him after his death, no one knows who exactly will take over the country. Now, after the death of one of the most despised rulers Illéa has ever seen, the Chosen Heir inherits a country about to tear itself into pieces and a Selection, at once. SYOC CLOSED.
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(Previously When I Fall). Take a pill, make a scar. Don't forget who you are. When one gunshot could end it all, who knows how far the rest will fall? So grab your rope or gun or knife. It's not that hard to end your life. Six little children and how they grew, but no one really ever knew. Though some see black and some see red, but it doesn't matter if you're dead. [SYOC CLOSED]
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