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Author has written 13 stories for Beyblade, and Naruto.

Young woman. Asian. My fanfiction authoress self has almost diminished to a nil, but I love this place.

How to Win: OS updated in FF so I had to reformat all the scene breaks. The ending has already been established but I have lost some of my major plot events. Happy Six Year Anniversary for HOW TO WIN!! I am amazed to look back at my work and laugh at my own quirks. This is not me being cocky but rather sad that I have no more time to work on these projects. My passion, my dream to see this done is what keeps me going. Thank you for your ongoing support. I see that WattPad is immensely popular and although it’s tempting to publish a piece that echoes this story, I won’t. It wouldn’t be as funny and very cliche.

Hiro’s age was accelerated
Next chapter: TalJul centric.

Also, I’d like to shout out to my two authoress friends. We have all drifted apart but I still love you both. Christmas cards, gifts, name it...I have them :’(

CCS/Keyword: One shot floating.

White Lily Principle: R-W

K.D. et al.: Hiatus.

That is all. (bow)

Pairings: [bad (disturbed)boys vs. kick-ass, innocent girls!]
SasuSaku, SaiSaku, KaiHil, SyaoSaku, NaruHina, TalJul, IchiRuki, IshiHime, IchiHime, NejiTen, GoChi, VegBul, GouRin, KohaRin, InuKag, SessKag, SessKagu, KiraRakusu, AzuKag, HeeRel, NejiHina, SasuNaru, KaiRei

Crack pairings: Too many.

Hated pairings: [hypocritical luljicks]
NaruSaku, SasuKarin, TyHil, InoSasu

-- :Works:

Three people have been using my username. Please stop.

Also, I have had complaints how MY KH fics fall under fluff fandom where it does not provide realistic basis for their relationship...and that is self-explanatory. I wrote my works for fun. I interpreted the couple in ways that are the most entertaining. If I were to create real life scenarios, I could not characterize Kai or Hilary any better than I would in an AU. I don't have enough proof of Hilary's overall character and Kai barely appeared in the last two seasons. The realistic, in proper universe, approach is boring. Just read the stories where an author re-iterates over and over what Hilary has done for Kai and Kai (magically) reciprocates her feelings. They are redundant and tedious. This isn't SasuSaku, who share a year's worth of interactions formed from seven years' worth of manga chapters and anything can be twisted...The episode are all I go on when I have Kai and Hilary: Kai can read Hilary perfectly well despite her gender. He comes off as sexist but supported her. He goes on an instinct to protect people as best as he can, which contradict his "I don't care about the world except me" mantra. He isn't a hero. Hilary is sheltered and wants to be in control of everything. She has that chip on her shoulder and a total perfectionist.

How their dynamic works in my eyes: Hilary wants control but Kai is resilient. He can take anything she throws at him. Kai needs someone to ground him when he feels like going off from the rest of the world. Hilary needs someone who would tell her of her faults without insult and teach her to understand beyblading (since no one was willing, which is ironic because Hilary thought she couldn't rely on Kai). Kai had caught her interest before they met and she probably stuck around beyblading because of his welcome. Kai protected her and Kenny when the other guys saw them as a liability. I don't know how others would feel but Kai isn't the type to pity (he would assume his own past was worse than Hilary's) ordinary people to the point where he would run around protecting them. So, if Kai doesn't love Hilary, he definitely doesn't pity her either. At least they're acquaintances.

As for TyHil falling under shounen laws of two people bickering and the classic tsundere that Hilary embodies. Firstly, there is no affection from Tyson that is specifically for Hilary. Tyson is the character who has many friends - the main hero- yet not a moment of admiring her for who she is, her own contributions to the team and so forth was shown. He considers her as a teammate; a definite plus since Kai did not classify her in the same level as the guys. He follows the shounen archetype where his father barely existed and he has an older brother to surpass. He also has a great rival: Kai and (temporarily) Brooklyn. His girlfriend? The original manga either had none planned or Jessica (who was 50x more sadistic than Hilary) would have filled that spot. The anime? Not really, Hilary was clear that she hit Tyson to straighten him out from his laziness and poking fun at her and hit Daichi for dissing the anti-hero (then became volatile) and calling her old. If hitting = romance, Hilary would be in love with both or at least would show some remorse/make up for her outburst later but NOTHING WAS SHOWN. So clearly, Hilary is not a tsundere under these circumstances, especially when she has hinted to admire/like someone else.

I'm aware of the "oblivious" card that most shounen heroes have, but they usually discard that at the end of the series. Manga= YES. He had Makoto as proof. Anime= NO. Hilary showed affection for both boys. Therefore, the argument is invalid.

SasuSaku prevailed in the end. I'm still happy and pleased even a year after Naruto ended.

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