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Guten Tag

Many thanks to all who have read my stories and for checking out my profile. It really means a lot to me. More than you know. Every view, every review, gives me the motivation I need to continue writing. So again, merci beaucoup.

Now, as the site says I have three stories; two in are finished and one is a work in progress. However, I would actually have four stories now, but the first was deleted because it wasn't going anywhere, I kept getting sidetracked, and the quality was trash. As for my current story, I do plan on finishing it, and in terms of future stories, I have big plans in mind, so we shall see.

Even though I only joined five years ago, I had been reading stories on this site for much longer. Since 2012.

My genre of choice is fantasy, because it is the one I am most familiar with and the one I like the most. It has had a big influence on my life, and I suppose it still does. Favourite authors? We'll get to that later.

Shout out to KVeronicaP for being my recent beta editor. Make sure to pay her a visit and check out her own writings and give her some love.

I in turn am also a beta reader for T1meslayer and write-or-left. Big shout-out to the two of them. They are amazing writers, and I encourage you to go check out their writings and send them some love.

The following is a list of my favourites. Hopefully it will give you a better understanding of who I am.

Authors: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien in first, Clive Staples Lewis in second, Christopher Paolini and Lloyd Alexander are tied for third. The list could be longer, but these are my top four, with Tolkien being the G.O.A.T.

Books: Anything by Tolkien, and I'm not partial to anything. But if I had to choose one, then I would choose The Silmarilion. Other favourites of min include: The Chronicles of Narnia, The Chronicles of Prydain, The Inheritance Cycle, and more. However, in my childhood, I was a fan of the Warriors books, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, and Silverwings.

Music Genre: Rock music. However, I have a few exceptions in other genres - I even listen to music in foreign languages - but rock is my main.

Bands: Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Skid Row, Cinderella, Air Supply, Survivor, Def Leppard, Glass Tiger, Nickelback, Guns and Roses, The Beatles, The Monkees, Kyo, Pur, Münchener Freiheit, Sonohra and The Irish Rovers.

Solo artists/Singers: Brian Adams, Rod Stewart, Richard Marx, Richie Sambora, Lionel Richie, Adam Young, Kenny Loggins, Kenny Rogers, Hank Williams, Wolfgang Petry, Adele, Cassandra Steen, and Juanes.

Colours: Dark forest green, sky blue, flame blue, glossy raven black, bright red, and deep purple.

Food: Pizza

Drink: Milk. (Not joking)

Video games: The Legend of Zelda obviously. I still remember when I first watched my older brother playing Ocarina of Time with his friends on the GameCube. I was watching from the carpet in amazement as he battled through dungeons, solved puzzles, and played as a freaking Elf! Since that day, I was hooked. Another favourite of mine is Fire Emblem. I took a gamble when first played Fire Emblem Awakening, for at the time I knew nothing about the series and was going in blind. I'm happy to say I wasn't disappointed. In my childhood my favourite games were the original Spyro series for the PlayStation 1. I even enjoyed The Legend of Spyro games. (I don't include Skylanders.) When it comes to fighting games, its SoulCalibur for me.

Movies: The Lord of the Rings, the original Star Wars and the prequels; The original three Indiana Jones movies; everything from the MCU. Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, Tim Burton's Batman, The Chronicles of Narnia (not including The Voyage of the Dawn Treader), Going in Style, Paul Blart Mall Cop, the original Lion King, 1948 The Three Musketeers staring Gene Kelly, 1938 The Adventures of Robin Hood staring Errol Flynn, and I'll stop the list here.

Shppings/Pairings (fasten your seat belts and grab the banjos. This list is a long one.): Link-Zelda, Ravio-Hilda, Ash-Misty, May-Drew, Marth-Caeda, Alm-Celica, Robin-Tiki, Inigo/Laslow-Severa/Selena, Owain/Odin-Elise, Felix-Annette, Ferdinand-Dorothea, Jeritza-Constance, Bernadetta-Yuri, Dimitri-Marianne, Hiccup-Astrid, Spyro-Cynder, Faramir-Éowyn, Beren-Luthien, Tuor-Idril, Eärendil-Elwing, Taran-Eilonwy, Eragon-Arya; and I'm going to stop there otherwise we'll be here forever.

Animal: The wolf. It's not because they're predators, but rather because they live in families. You have the alpha male and female who are the mating couple, and then you have all the other wolves who are their children from different years. Lone wolves are wolves who leave their family's pack to find their own mate and start their own pack. Most importantly, without wolves we would have no doggos.

Additional information

Hobbies/interests/things I do in my spare time: Reading, playing video games, writing (that's actually one of my favourite things to do), listening to music, singing (I actually like to sing, but I don't like doing it in front of other people), drawing, going for walks, studying languages, (I am currently learning German. I know the basics enough to help possibly survive a day in the country, but not enough for day to day living), learning history, etc.

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff! (thank you sorting hat)

Current Job: Courtesy Clerk at the local Safeway.

Dream Careers: History teacher, foreign language teacher, I have considered being a boxer even. I also want to be a YouTuber. But the careers I dream about the most are being a published author, and voice acting. I don't care if I end up stuck with minor roles. I have been inspired, and I hope to someday make my dreams reality.

Religion: Christianity, Branch: Anabaptist, Subgroup: Evangelism.

Character description: He stands at cent quatre-vingt-un cm tall. Has an extremely irregular workout routine that has left him lean with a 32" chest, a slim-trim 30" waistline, 31" hip circumference, a 18" neck (useless info, but okay). His shoe size is 9 1/2, and he can dead lift eighty pounds. He himself weighs cent cinquante pounds. "Tall, dark, and handsome" describe him to a T, und er ist zwanzig Jahre alt.

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