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Hey Ya'll. My name is Shane and I LOVE to write. These are just a few stories I have written. I have more stories over on FictionPress. I use the same name there.

I hope you like my stories. If you really like a story then comment on it, it inspires me to write and makes me happy!

Here are a list of my stories and a short detail of either how I started it or what it's about! Enjoy!

Protect Me

~I'm done having fun with this story. I started it after I watched Oprah with my mom. It was about child abuse. I thought, 'You can find love out of abuse.' I thought I was crazy when I wrote down this idea, and I still don't know what I'm going to do with it. I like playing with these characters. I think Danny Masterson (Hyde) did a good job with his character. He's my favorite. I can't quite get down the unfeeling side of him, so I made it alternate reality. Jackie is quiet in this because I want her to be. She's being abused, not winning the lottery! ~ZENJOY~ (spelled right) Status: Complete

A Time Worth Living

~This story is very short and I wrote it a long LONG time ago, It was originally a story for a different show, but I found it and revised it. I didn't totally rewrite it, so that would explain why it's bad. It's about Hyde and Jackie and how they CAN get along. It's not a major Kelso/Jackie or a major Hyde/Jackie. It minor and somewhat funny. Status:Complete (but BAD)

Double Blinking

~Nobody’s Fault But Mine is a main holding part in this story. It’s kinda how I get it started, but I put some Pretty Woman in this by making Jackie a hooker and having them become friends…nothing else going to be said except that I was watching Moulin Rouge when I started the first chapter and The United States of Leland when I finished it! Status:COMPLETE FINALLY!

That Time Back Then

~I really like where I can take this story! It’s my new favorite. I have an outline already (making a few changes) so a new chapter is likely at least twice or three times a month (had to change it). It’s one of those stories from the wrong side of the tracks and the rich side too. Jackie and Hyde are two misfits, only one’s from a great background. There’s love, stealing, finding (!), and fiancés! Yeah!Status:Still Being Written.

Wanting To See

~I was watching Gilmore Girls, like I used to do every Tuesday (The WB), and it was the episode where The Gilmores had the renewal vows wedding and Christopher was telling Rory about his and Lorelai's first kiss, and I liked that line so I wrote a story to go with it, only for a Luke and Lorelai moment. I admit that I wrote this story in under an hour and am not sure whether or not I should continue it...but I think I will. They didn't get their pancakes!Status:Bring Written

The First Sip

~Once again I was watching Gilmore Girls on my DVD pack and I watched the episode where Sherri (sp?) goes into labor with her baby and Lorelai has the flash backs of Rory's birth...well then I got onto my account and looked through my reviews...I don't know what sparked it but I started wondering of how Luke and Lorelai I created a chance meeting at the Inn...I know that it wasn't like that in any way, shape or form...but I think it's interesting! Status:Complete

The Middle of the End

~I wrote this story, which is actually 12 pages long in Word, to be a short one-shot, but I just couldn't end it fast enough. It's rather long and about 2/3 of the story takes place in Lorelai's subconscious. If you're worried about the Luke and Lorelai getting together factor...have I ever led you wrong before? I liked the story that Sookie told in "Say Something", so that's what this fic was based after! There's a surprise with Rory and some mystery man in this, some of you may get it...but it's is complicated...enjoy! Status:Complete - - I originally had this story all in one chapter, but only recieved four now I've made it into 4 chapters! It's a little experiment I'm doing...for Daviderl!

Dancing On My Feet

I don't really know how to explain this one. High School Musical is so far from what I've been writing so far. I was just watching a movie last night while listening to music at 1 in the maybe that's it. Anyway, it's just a one chapter story about Gabriella going over to Troy's house for dinner reservations except they end up dancing. I think it's cute so try and read this one!Status:Complete


~I have recently picked up The N show - South of Nowhere and my favorite couple happens to be Ashley and Spencer. So when I was reading the other fanfics in here, I was sparked to write my own and here it is. It's about Spencer coming over to Ashley's before they were an item and seeing her life and a little bit of flirting. Okay! A lot fo flirting!Status:Not even close to being complete...

Please R&R any of the stories you read because 1) It's nice! and 2) It inspires me to write more, knowing that people like what they read! Thank You!

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That Time Back Then reviews
L is for the way you look at me…Hyde and Jackie grew up together in a gang on the outskirts of Point Place and eight years later, they go through life changing ordeals to the point where Hyde remembers a song…Alternate Reality.
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Hyde mistakes something his girlfriend does as cheating and runs off to get with a hooker. He knows it was a bad thing to do, but he can’t help but become attached. She’s cute, funny, and has a beautiful name…Jackie. Alternate Reality. COMPLETE
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Old movies ignite many romantic moments like when Gabriella shows up early at Troy's house for a dinner reservation and they end up dancing together. Complete and One Chapter Long
High School Musical - Rated: K - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,127 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 5 - Published: 3/11/2006 - Complete
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Rory stayed up late trying to work past her writers block, but being so sleepy the next morning caused her to miss her mother dancing and kissing Luke. Lorelai took the first step and now Luke has to follow in her snowy footsteps.
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When Donna brings a new friend to the basement named Jackie, Hyde is immediately drawn in. Her eyes, her face, and her bruises…Alternate Reality. Complete! Mild Violence
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That '70s Show - Rated: K - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 574 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 3 - Published: 2/11/2005 - Complete
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