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OK, I'm only updating this page to procrastinate. I've recently learned that university is just an excuse to practice criminal amounts of procrastination...we talk about all the things we should be doing, then go ahead and do the other thing anyway. Right, let's talk stories! I don't know if I've always wanted to become a writer, but I did spend an exhausting amount of time perfecting my first ever story in the third grade called "A Young Life." And seriously, could I be any more grossly poetic and soap-operatic even at the tender age of eight? While I'd like to think I've moved passed that, I'm afraid that I regard my writing with a pompous soft spot born out of creating something from this case, with the help of the all-knowing J.K. Rowling. This is why I'm mortally afraid of showing my writing to anyone who actually knows me in real life! I just couldn't take the criticism or - embarrassment to be honest with you. Because fanfiction, let's face it, it's a cult phenomenon bordering on the likes of Trekkies. BUT no offense to Trekkies or my fellow fanfic addicts because I love you dearly and empathize and especially ENVY all of you for being so cool with yourselves! The point of all of this is that hopefully - someday - I'll burst out of my secret author shell and onto the scene as a New York Times Bestseller to the shock of all my friends and family...

Or maybe I'll just use a pseudonym? has finally provided me with the perfect creative outlet. Pre-developed characters and a totally anonymous environment! Score! I have to admit I'm trolling this site almost every single day reading any good romance story I can get my hands on and boy have I found some good ones. There is some serious talent lurking around this site. My only major work has (obviously) been I'll Be Better When I'm Older and it's sequel, although I've had a few ideas swirling in my head for awhile about different pairings and even a different venue - television. Because even though I love, love, LOVE Draco and Hermione fics, I think it's time I moved on to something less closed. Like...Life with Derek for instance. If you haven't seen this show log onto youtube immediately and check it out! It's so awesome!!! And the two main characters (yes I KNOW their parents just got married to each other) are electric! So as soon as I'm finished writing Courting My Wife you should definitely look out for a fic from me about them. I also had a tragic love affair with Addison/Alex from Grey's Anatomy in the spring, but of course we all know how that ended (No. I'm not still bitter at all). I actually completed a one shot with the pair, but I find it too fluffy more my taste and a bit...nyeh so...I just gave up on posting it altogether.

Anyways, I'm a firm believer that reading is what makes the best writer. You read a passage or chapter that really grips you and you just know that it's good. I learn from other writer's stuff that I like and take bits and pieces from everywhere to create a style all of my own made out of all of my favourite things! So, all of you fanfic lurkers who just read, but don't write - STEP UP! You've probably read so many stories by now that you know exactly what works and what doesn't and have probably had a cool idea or two yourself about something that hasn't even been tried, although it seems impossible, on this site yet. Reviewers are VERY forgiving...usually...and there's no less scary way to get a start.

Right, this has been a really long and needed addition to my author's page and I hope someone actually reads it. Well, kind of. Read my stories you guys and don't forget to tell about your absolute favourites in your reviews or through a message to me! I'm never too busy to spend some time checking out a new fic. Hope you're all having great lives! I love you all, ESPECIALLY my stellar reviewers, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!



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