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I love CSI and am a Grissom/Sara shipper all the way. Although at this point I think I would be happy just to see her happy with anyone! I admit to reading from this site daily. I think it is great that others out there have the same thoughts as I do about this show. While I love it, sometimes a little tweaking to make some happy shippers wouldn't hurt. But don't go telling TPTB this, even after all these years I fear they have Moonlighting Fear Syndrome.

I love discussions, if anyone wants to chat me up feel free. At this time I am not posting stories as I don't feel I have enough imagination to carry one through. But would enjoy bouncing ideas around with anyone interested or discussing episodes.

Okay, since my dream for CSI has been realized, I have moved onto a new obsession. House. Specifically House and Cameron. I can not get enough. I read stories day and night. As always I'm free to bounce around ideas with. I'm not a story writer, I don't have the time, imagination, and patience. I admire everyone who puts their work out there and thank them so much for giving me stories to read!

Say it with me: Legendary!

Wow...haven't read this in awhile. Since this I have gone on to read countless House (Hameron) fic's and have recently discovered my love of Emily Prentiss - Criminal Minds stories. It started with Prentiss/Rossi, morphed into Hotch/Prentiss and now I am even branching out to Prentiss/Reid.

I am an avid reader but only a sporadic reviewer. Sorry folks. I love most stories and guess I feel that I can't think of the words to describe how great I thought a chapter was. I'll try to work on that for everyone.

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