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ChariskTale Info

Frisk,Age 23 (As of Player Arc), Gender Mixed (Meaning they are both Male and Female as they have parts of both), Preferred Gender Male: Having suffered for over 4 years of child abuse as a kid, Frisk fell into the Underground to find a new life, a year afterwards he found Chara Trapped in his SOUL, using their combined Determination Frisk was able to SAVE them. Years later Frisk takes care of Chara and their child Fasha with his life, learning to use magic to protect those he loves, he can use fire and bone magic since he was taught by his mother Toriel and his best friend Sans.

Chara, Age 24 (Technical Age if hadn’t Died 124 [As of Player Arc]), Gender Female: Suffering 6 years of Child abuse, Chara fell into Ebott to kill herself, in the end she did, and became a restless spirit, after the first Genocide run was reset and files were deleted, Chara found herself trapped in Frisk’s SOUL with no escape until thanks to a machine built by Alphys allowed Frisk to enter his own SOUL and rescue her. For many months Chara was a jerk to Frisk, but after learning of his similar past to her own, she felt something special towards him. Like someone who could actually understand the pain she went through. Later on the two began to date and finally wed. Now with a child of their own, Chara protects her family with her own kind of Knife magic, She’s given up on Killing for fun, and only wants her daughter to have the childhood she never had.

Fasha “Charisk” Dreemurr, Age 4 (As of Player Arc), Gender Female: The Child of Frisk and Chara, Fasha is over twice as determined as both her parents, She found out how to Save at the age of 2 and is considered “The Neutral Being of Prophecy” as it is told when Pacifist and Genocide combine a Neutral Being will be born and stop the True Genocide of the world. Fasha is kind but is not afraid to fight, she’ll kill if it’s her last option.

The Player, Age Unknown, Gender Unknown: An Omnipresent Being, The Player simply wants control of everything. They travel through the Internet realms taking control of all they want, but when they left Frisk out of their control they find his world has changed in many ways, allowing them to have even more fun. They are the one to cause the True Genocide.

RWBY-Tale/UnderVale: Here Monster's have developed the ability to uses both Magic and a semblance, The type of Semblance they have depends on their magic, Most Monsters are as smart as the people of Vale, but only a select few know how to craft weapons with their magic

RWBY-T/UnderVale Frisk:

Weapon of Choice; Sitck [Can Transform into a Blowgun, carries Tranquilizers in a pouch around their shoulder]

Semblance; Determination [The Ability to Reset and hold on after Death, I refer to this as Frisk's Semblance instead of their SOUL's power, Ruby's Determination however is her SOUL's power]

RWBY-T/UnderVale Papyrus:

Weapon of Choice; Bone Scythe [Was Trained by Undyne to learn how to make it, the bones are held together by his magic]

Semblance; Cryokinesis [Being the COOL dude he is, Papyrus' semblance allows him to control ice]

RWBY-T/UnderVale Sans:

Weapon of Choice; Gaster Blaster Gauntlets [Basically two Gaster Blasters on his wrists, Sans is too lazy to make a cool weapon like his bro]

Semblance; Psychokinesis [They Ability to move things with his mind, the best thing a Lazy person needs] Shortcuts [Sans was born special and has two Semblances,

Shortcuts is the ability to teleport around by just walking and then suddenly appearing wherever you wanted to go to]

RWBY-T/UnderVale Summer Rose:

Weapon of Choice: Chain Scythes [Made by herself at Signal Academy]

Backstory; After being sent on a mission by Ozpin to Defeat the being known as Salem, She went missing over Mt Ebott, Awaking Summer found herself in the Void with WD Gaster, She has no idea how she got here, but is Determined to Escape

RWBY-T/UnderVale Gaster:

Weapon of Choice; N/A

Semblance: Void [The Power to bend Darkness to his fingertips, Gaster uses this to stay hidden in the shadows and can even send his Enemies to be trapped in the void]

Backstory; Experimenting with what his Semblance could do to Determination, it caused a chain reaction and he sent himself to the void, in the process he also brought Summer Rose with him. Both of them do not know it was Gaster that caused Summer to be here, however Gaster's SOUL became scattered after being trapped and no one remembers him since he did not reappear when the first RESET occurred

RWBY-T/UnderVale Chara:

Weapon of Choice; Stabbing Bull [A Knife able to transform into a Pistol]

Semblance; CreepyFace [This ability not only gives Chara a horrifying face, but the goo is drips is acid like to all but themselves, they can use this to their advantage in many ways]

More to Come as the Story continues!

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