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Hey there! I'm David, from Montana. I'm going to spend the next few paragraphs talking about myself, so feel free to jump down to the sections labeled Current Works, Past Works, My Values as a Writer, and Latest Chapter.

I'm currently going into my senior year of high school. Since I go to a small school (it's in Montana, so they're almost all small), I participate in many activities and such. I run cross country in the fall, and I play tennis in the spring. Throughout the whole year, I am part of the Academic Team, which is a group of nerds who compete with other schools in buzzer competitions. I also play clarinet and soprano saxophone in the school's 'Jazz Ensemble' and sing in the 'Chamber Choir'. As for classes, I generally prefer mathematics and computer science.

I am a Christian, and my pastor has helped me through a lot. He introduced me to cross country, and he pushes me to put my feelings into words, which is to the benefit of myself and anyone who enjoys my stories.

Current Works

Fire Emblem: "A Different Story"

Past Works


My Values as a Writer

As a Christian and a conservative thinker, I don't write or read 'SlashFics'. However, I also won't yell at you about it if you do. I try not to be an aggressive reviewer. I support this site's decision to disallow MA-rated stories, and I won't be writing anything above T. I try to make my stories enjoyable by everyone, but seeing as I am currently writing for Fire Emblem, there is no way I can keep it at K and still write effectively.

As for my writing style, I like to exploit the tension already present in the world I write for. I try to write from a specific person's perspective, but at the same time, I usually don't write in first person (except now, obviously). Personally, I love foreshadowing, and I will try to use it whenever I can. However, seeing as I am currently writing my first story, I may or may not be good at it; we'll just have to find out, I guess.

Latest Chapter

I'm no longer going to be including this section. I would like to keep working on it, but I'm having enough trouble updating my story as it is. Sorry.

Thanks for reading my profile!


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