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Hey my loves i'm back more mature and devoted to my wonderful fanfiction im so happy im redoing day in paridise and sodilers heart to make them better and more mature.

Yay im still crazy im a little more up beat though and im happy as a clam right now cause i took my meds to late and no i cant sleep yay.

yay im female

yay im a brunette

yay im 200

yay i live in the sand village

yay i like every anime i can find yaoi or that can keep my attention

yay i like many movies pirates and harry potter to name two

yay music is great i will listen to anything thats not rap

yay my friends are crazy

quote time

Naruto 'its ok lee lets go have a night on the town'

lee "ok"

Naruto " ok lets go find a bar that sells to minors but by the looks of you it seems you already found one.

one day in my life we were talking to one of my very inteligent friends and we were playing lets make belive game we told him there was a trauma center anime from the game and dr stiles was gay and had a boyfriend the nurse was a hooker and everybody was wealses in costumes. He belived us for days untill we told him we were lying.

yay people laughing. me ok whatever you guys are on i want some

me and my friend tegan joking around

ME i want my marujuna back

FRIEND you are not getting it back.

ME i want it back.

FRIEND you said i could keep it

ME no i didn't mechell did

FRIEND well so i can keep it

ME no you cant she was high when she said that she was supposed to trade half in and get me acid

FRIEND well its mine now


JACK SPARROW (my penut)


SOME RANDOME GENAIRIC HIPPIE FROM AVATAR. dont be alarmed but i think that guys the avatar points to saka.


i have a lot more fun quotes but im lazy and i dont want to put them yay.

soooooooooooooooooooooooooo naruto is my favorite anime right now im already on shippuden i love nejis man skirt thing ya and sauskes but bow

be warned that many of my storys are yaoi or have yaoi themes so dont bash me because bashes will get a boot to the head

but reviews will get a life supply of ice cream.

and a shino figurine doing the objection pose.


wow this is randome.

poetry time

when the ocean is red and the sun is blue

i can only imagin what the world will do

we can hide in our house or live in a cave

bask in the waters or soak in the shade.

but still as the world goes roun and round

one person will still be there

mr clown.

o.0 o.0 o.0 o.0 o.0 o.O o.O o.Oo.Oo.Oo.Oo.Oo.O THAT POEM WAS SCARY


as i finish my lovely profiel which i will update in a year when i join the akatsuki i say i hope you like waffels of youth and surup of truth and suger of love and neji being the avatar.

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