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Author has written 9 stories for Ouran High School Host Club, and Hey Arnold.

Hey everybody, my name is Izzy.

I like many different genres and series, but I'm currently on a writing binge for Hey Arnold. I tend to support 'opposite' pairings, or relationships in a series where opposites attract. Such as Zuko and Katara, Arnold and Helga, Hikaru and Haruhi, Kyo and Tohru, ect.

I love a good role play. If you're literate and want to message me with a pairing, a plot, or even an idea that you want to try out please do!

I do write at a teen level. People have sex, people kiss, people get mad, people cuss- I do what I think is in character; and if that makes you feel uncomfortable then you should probably avoid my stories.

I'm a Harry Potter and Peter Pan inspired writer.

I really enjoy reading feedback on all of my stories, getting a review always motivates me to keep writing and moving forward!

I'm a Californian Girl. I love summer and sunshine!

My main interest and my ideal career is in Theater. I've been in performances of "Midsummer Nights Dream" (Peasblossom), "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" (Peppermint Patty), "Peter Pan and Wendy" (Tinkerbell), "The Importance of Being Earnest" (Cecily), "Our Town" (Emily Webb) Alice in Wonderland (Alice). I'm also on a professional improv team called Comedysportz.

Alias: Izzy

Height: 5'5''

Weight: 110

Favorite Pass-Times: Writing, Dramatic Readings, Voice Dubbing, Drawing, Acting

The type of things I like to write:

-Plot Twist

-New Perspectives

-Modern Fairytales

-Dramatic Reveals

-Romantic Comedies

Favorite Anime/Cartoon Characters...

Fruits Basket: Kyo, Tohru, Yuki, Momiji, Haru, Akito, Rin, Kisa, Hiro

Hey Arnold: Arnold, Phoebe, Helga, Rhonda, Lila, Harold, Gerald, Sid

Ouran High School Host Club: Hikaru, Kaoru, Haruhi, Tamaki, Kyouya, Mori, Honey, Eclair

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Katara, Zuko, Aang, Toph, Sokka, Suki, Iroh

My other sites...


DeviantArt :


Message or Add me if you'd like, I love receiving them, but please- tell me where you got the address or who you are first so I don't ignore you! Thank you!

Story Status

"Just Hikaru"

Story Summary: Hikaru is alone in the world after an unfortunate accident leaves him without a brother. The only one that is able to comfort him would be the only other one he allowed into his world, Haruhi. However things are not always as they seem. Haruhi is being suspected of murder, dreams leave him in states of shock and love finds its way to snake in between two hurting friends. Can tragedy be the only force that will be able to move two stubborn people together? Or will pain drive them apart?

Pairings: Hikaru and Haruhi (One Sided Tamaki and Haruhi)

Status: Completed!



(This is a beautiful piece of fan art from Shyndree on Just Hikaru, however it does have major spoilers in it, so unless you've finished Chapter Nine please do not click on the link!)

"Just Haruhi"

Story Summary : Sequel to "Just Hikaru". Hikaru has finally realized that he in love with Haruhi, but now he has the impossible task of making Haruhi fall in love with him. Even if he manages this however he's got the two twin sisters, Haley and Hannah to keep his attention with an arranged marriage. While he's finally been able to admit his feelings things are quickly spiraling out of control and out of his hands. Will he be able to trust fate with something so large as his future with Haruhi?

Pairings: Hikaru and Haruhi, Tamaki and Kyouya

Status: On Hiatus



"Beauty and The Beast: The Cursed"

Story Summary: Hikaru is a lonely Prince who doesn't know love, Haruhi is a poor peasant who doesn't believe love can be found. Though separated by centuries fate finds a way. When the great witch Renge places a spell over the castle the Prince resides in he will do anything to awake his brother from the effects. When Ryoji gets caught in the cold he is tricked into sending one of his daughters to the castle as payment for the Prince's good hospitality. Heartbroken and sick Ryoji says goodbye to his daughter and leaves her in the hands of the beast like Prince. Imprisoned and bitter Haruhi refuses to fall in love with the prince that so coldly took her in. With such hard headed teenagers can the castle really be saved in a years time?

Pairings: Hikaru and Haruhi, Tamaki and Haruhi (Hints of Honey and Mori)

Status: On Hiatus

Notes: The plot is a mixture between the classic fairy tale, Disney's version and my own twist. If you have any questions of comments please message or review.


"The Jungle: Journey to San Lorenzo"

Story Summary: Arnold wins a free trip to San Lorenzo with his class, but he has other plans in mind. In on last desperate attempt he goes out into the jungle in order to find his parents. However he does not know that dark things lurk at night, will he be able to handle the truth and happenings that the jungle throws at him?

Pairings: Arnold/Helga, Gerald/Pheobe Rhonda/Harold, Nadine/Sid

Status: Completed



"Without You"

Story Summary: Helga is convinced that everyone around her would be better off without her, and in a fit of self pity and rage she wishes that she was never born. In a flash of blinding light Helga finds that her wish has in fact come true, and she has been erased from the world. Not only does she have to find a way back to her own world, but she has to fix what's gone wrong because of her as well.

Pairings: Arnold/Helga

Status: Complete!



Miss Lila and Miss Helga walking to school

Helga's short hair

"Teenage Mother"

Story Summary: Olga was perfect at everything she put her mind to, whether that meant keeping the peace between her parents, cooking, school work, or music. What she wasn't prepared for was a little bundle of joy that suddenly entered her life. While her mother may have been the one to bear Helga the motherly duties fell upon Olga's shoulders. A short one shot story of Olga's side.

Pairings: Platonic Olga/Helga




Do you want to know a secret

"Sailor H and the Scouts"

Story Summary: When Serena and the Sailor scouts were never born their souls had to go somewhere, and that somewhere just happened to reside in little Hillswood. Helga is now suddenly thrust into the life of a superhero, and boy does she like it. But who could this mysterious masked man following her be? And will they be able to find the moon princess before it crashes into their planet?

Pairings: Helga/Arnold, Lila/Brainy

Status: On Hold



"It's Just Practice"

Story Summary: Arnold finally has the courage to ask out the love of his life- a young miss Lila Sawyer. But when his date goes horribly awry Arnold knows that if he's going to keep her he's going to need some outside help...but from who?

Pairings: Helga/Arnold, Lila/Arnold

Status: On hold



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Arnold finally has the courage to ask out the love of his life- a young miss Lila Sawyer. But when his date goes horribly awry Arnold knows that if he's going to keep her he's going to need some outside help...but from who?
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Arnold and Helga are going to the same college together, but after loosing touch for so long will the reunion be a happy one? Or will Helga's drastic change in personality keep them from finishing a fight they abandoned so many years ago?
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The world would be better off without me. Many of us have thought it, but on one stormy night Helga's passing whine turns into an adventure that leaves her confused and desperate. In a world set without her, Helga realizes just how much one boy needs her.
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Olga always loved her baby sister, and at one point in time, Helga loved her in turn. Years have flown by like seconds on the clock and now all Olga can do is recollect on her memories, trying to find out how things turned out as screwed up as they did.
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