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Hi Everyone this username is for three people. Where working one Two stories one person is the idea person, and two people are working on a story of there own. I add this idea where Remus get mad at Sirius and goes out drinking, Bellatrix see him and try to saduse remus to there side. but she get pregnant. Grangers find baby and it out that Hermione is there daughter. If you want more information to go the homepage.

here are the other two people version of the story:

Granger2Malfoy4e's Story:

16 sixteen years ago... Bella discovers a 17yr-old Remus getting drunk at a bar. She knows how smart he is and what an asset he would to their side. and what away to get back at her cousin. She starts a game of seduction that doesn't last long. She discovers she pregnant. Abandons the baby somewhere and thinks it will die. She never tells anyone. Grangers somehow find baby, she just recently had an miscarriage and takes child as her own.

... back to present sixth year at Hogwarts... Snape goes to dumbledore and tells his that Bella is up to something concerning a child that is hers, but severus doesn't know who it is yet. (Dumbledore may or may not know... haven't decided yet.) Bella recognizes something about Hermione in the Department of Mysterys. Bella enlists help of Malfoy(s) (I am thinking both.) Voldi doesn't know yet. Harry and Hermione are starting to feel things for each other. But Draco makes his interest and starts to tempt her into a seduction and the darker side of her

dabkynkid21 Sotry:

Remus is in the Hog's Head getting drunk in his sixth year.
Bellatrix comes along and tries to get a drunken Remus to join the
side of evil only he refuses. They have sex and ten months later, a
baby is born. Bellatrix has graduated Hogwarts by now and is going
to join Voldemort soon. Remus and Bellatrix decide to leave the baby
with a muggle family called the Grangers, who cannot have kids for
some reason. The Grangers raise Hermione as their daughter and the
chapter will end when Hermione is back home after her fifth year and
she realizes that she loves Harry. Bellatrix and Draco Malfoy will
then visit.
The first chapter will be slow because I am going to try and set up
everything between Remus and Bellatrix. It will cover Remus's sixth
year to fourteen years after his graduation.


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Name: Christina McDonald(Chrissy)

Description: Hazel eyes, brown hair, 5' 7", 21 years

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One of the best male handball players with his nails painted, dabkynkid21 also plays guitar and writes fan fics while going to school. A big fan of all types of rock especially alternative/emo/hardcore stuff like the Ataris, Fall out boy, Yellowcard, Punchline, Atreyu, A static lullaby, taking back sunday, etc. Born in New York City and raised in Brooklyn, NY.

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