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Joined 09-20-04, id: 674683

Alias: Komei
Birthday: 04/21/89
Western Sign: Aries

Marital Status: Taken

Hobbies: *This will be a while –takes a deep breathe- Here we go*
I have plenty of hobbies. First of all I train for martial arts (weaponry, Kadiska trains me). I also play sports such as: football, baseball, street hockey, soccer, and *what do ya know* manhunt. Another hobby I have is playing outside. Anything that has to do with outside I probably would do (key word: probably).

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Shade: Black
Favorite Food: Sweet and Sour Chicken (it’s a Japanese TV dinner thing)
Least Favorite: Any kind of Dates (dried fruit)
Favorite Subjects: Math, Science, and Gym
Least Favorite Subjects: English and Social Studies
Weakness: Spiders and cockroaches.
Least Favorite Anime:
- One Piece
- Yu-Gi-Oh
- Any kind of DBZ (Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT)

Favorite Bishies:
- Inuyasha (Inuyasha)
- Kouga (Inuyasha)
- Muso (Inuyasha)
- Hiiro (Gundam Wing)
- Zell (Final Fantasy)
- Squall (Final Fantasy)
- Kiba (Wolf’s Rain)
- Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)
- Yuzuke (Code Lyoko)

Favorite Couples:
- Rock Lee and Sukura (Naruto)
- Sasuke and Fuyu Yuro (Naruto)
- Sasuke and Kadiska (Naruto)
- Kiba and Kya (Wolf’s Rain)
- Tsume and Tagg (Wolf’s Rain)
- Hige and Blue (Wolf’s Rain)
- Kouga and Kako (Inuyasha)
- Muso and Lyka (Inuyasha)
- Squall and Kira (Final Fantasy XIII)
- Kurama and Komei (Yu Yu Hakusho)
- Aomori and Mu'onna (Naruto)

My Characters:
- Kara (Naruto)
- Kako (Inuyasha)
- Komei (Yu Yu Hakusho)
- Kya (Wolf’s Rain)
- Karra (Gundam Wing)
- Kira (Final Fantasy XIII)

Occupation: I am a writer. *I’m good, but not very good. Kinda in the middle*

Dream: *I’m not telling –sticks tongue out- Bakas*

Types of People I Love:
I love people who are funny, smart, cute, and have some of my tastes. For example they like football.
Types of People I Hate:
I hate ignorant, and stuck up people. I especially hate cheerleaders. *What they’re too perky for me*

Favorite Bands:
My favorite bands are #1 Linking park, Inuyasha soundtrack, Trap, Jo Jo, Creed, Kadiska’s band, Outcast, Usher, bands on my mix CD’s, and any others I forgot. If you have any problem with any of the bands listed above don’t say it to me because you will piss me off.

~*A Little More Info*~
(I am sXe/Straight-Edge)
meaning: I don’t put any kind of poison in my body, I don’t do drugs, and I don’t do casual sex. First off I’m not stupid so I know that poisons would kill me. Of course I’m not dense enough to do drugs (especially when I’m around people who do drugs), and casual sex means I’m not a whore.

I am also part of Kadiska and Co.*

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