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Author has written 2 stories for Hellsing, and Naruto.

Name: Armored System

Last Update: 9/3/2012

I'm still alive. Probably going to start working on Hellsing again. As soon as I reread my own story to figure out what the hell it was I was going for. Its funny to me that since I started this, Hellsing has undergone a full reboot. Also funny in that Twilight came into being in the interim, and the whole Angsty-Vampire scene. Which annoys the hell out of me.

As an aside, very much considering redoing the first chapter as an Omake.

02/09 - I am returned. Behold my majesty. Yeah, right. The point remains, that in the past month, I've gotten more reviews and fav story, author hits than I did when this thing was coming out an Order a month. Guess that means I might want try and get back in the swing of things, so people can go back to not reviewing and what not. Balance must be obtained, and all that jazz, yadda yadda yadda.

Emboldened plan for scribal uplifting and great fortune: In order to emulate one of my all time favorite fanfic authors, ye Black Dragon, I shall attempt to do an order a month. It may not be a long Order, and it may not even be an order, but I will publish something a month. At least until I get bored, or work drives me off a cliff.

Notable Works: :Access Denied: Req. Lvl-Magenta : By Decree of the Ordo Malleus

I've been doing this too damn long. You know, I've been on this site for so long, I was here when the removed the original forums. When they had columns for writers. I don't even remember my original stories that were on here, let alone my original user name, 'cept that they were for Chrono Trigger.

Likes include stock class paintball, scenario paintball, cycling, tinkering, military sci fi, Warhammer 40k, and trying pretty much anything once.

Currently Playing: Fallout 360, Disgea, Odin Sphere, Valkyr Chronicles, Waiting for Killzone 2.0

Dislikes include fanboys, poor diction, bad spelling, vote determined plots and pairing, the price of gas, the fact that Fox cancels all my favorite shows, Stargate ending, waiting for new John Ringo Books, and self effacing/generic/leading summaries, among myraid other things.

My flagship work at the moment is Singularity. It adheres to the original TV series. I'm not an overly huge fan of the Manga, and haven't watched the Ultimate Hellsing series. I tend to favor a strong, developing Ceras, a tounge in cheek, world weary Alucard, a plotting but loyal Integra, an insightful Alexander Andersong, and a good deal of expendable OCs. This story will end one of two ways: I'll finish it, or I'll end up dead before I finish it. Both are viable options, but it will never really be discontinued. This I swear. EVen during the two year dead period, I would dilligently tap out a few sentences every now and then, and then promptly forget about it.

My Secondary Project is tentatively titled Event Horizon. Its probably going to end up dead, sooner or later. It's for the Naruto series. I wanted to name it Singularity as well, but that might prove confusing. And Secondlarity, in addition to not being a word, doesn't make much sense. Its mostly a look into what happened if Hyuuga Hiashi not only took a protective stance over Uzumaki Naruto, but saw him as a possible savior of the divided clan his had become.

Tertiary work is an FMP piece entitled 'The Hero is Dead, Long Live the Hero', in which Sosuke believes he has failed at fitting in to society. Technically, it might be angsty, from the readers or Chidori's point of view. Sosuke, however, doesn't get angsty. At least, not much. Having failed on the civilian side of life, Sosuke relsoves to go back to the military side, and immerse himself in the latest mecha development project, the Zanbato Close Assault Suit (ZCAS). Of course, when threads of fate seem so tightly wond together, its hard to believe such a little thing as moving halfway around the world would be enough to escape a familiar halisen.

My Omake Work: Inspired by various other one shot collections (Most Notably Innortals) Expect to see me post snippets of ideas and stories, by series. First up will be Naruto, but expect to see assorted other series, including FMP, Hellsing, and Slayers, eventually.

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - att. Thomas Edison

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