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Jen: Um... HI! This is my profile:

Favorite Things:

Sushi (My favorite food of all time!)
Teen Titans
Math (I know I'm a freak)
Reading (see above)
Europe (I love that place!)

Favorite Shows:

TEEN TITANS! (Oh my God, I LOVE that show!)
Fairly Odd Parents (I know, it's dorky.)
That's So Raven
Codename: Kids Next Door (It's funny!)
Even Stevens

Favorite Characters:

Raven-Teen Titans
Tootie-Fairly Odd Parents
Eddie-That's So Raven
Numbah Four-Codename: Kids Next Door
Wren-Even Stevens

Favorite Couples:

Rob/Star: OK, duh! This is, like, the most obvious couple in history! I don't know what your problem is if you can't see that! Robin is always taking time to explain everything to Starfire. I think it's so sweet! They belong together!

BB/Rae: I hate to admit it but...I USED to be a Cy/Rae fan. That's used to be! Raven and Beast Boy understand each other, ya know? They've both had their hearts ripped out, stomped on, and ran through a blender. I think that gives them a special bond.

Couples I HATE:

My "Couples I Hate" section has been removed because I have just realized that I think it's okay to write about whatever couple you feel like writing about.

Couples I understand:

Rae/Cy: I understand this, heck, I used to support this. But, Raven and Cyborg have a friendship bond. I don't think they could ever be more than that.

Rae/Rob: They both are mysterious and they started the team, but it just seems like they're too much alike. They both think things through, have unknown pasts, and are secretive. If they went out, it would almost be like they were dating themselves. This couple doesn't get me that mad.

BB/Terra: I know, I know, most people think Terra's a witch and doesn't deserve Beast Boy, and it's true. But, I think they really had something going for them. Don't get me wrong, I don't like what Terra did to Beast Boy! When she was nice, though, I think they could have made it.

Cy/Jinx: I don't hate this. I'm not particularly fond of it, but I don't hate it. I think if Cyborg's going to be paired up with someone, why not Jinx? I mean, he did have a crush on her...

Cy/BumbleBee: This couple's fine. Doesn't bother me. I still like Cy as a bachelor, though.

Favorite Quotes:

"Hey! I know where we are! We're in that place where I didn't know where we were before!"-Cyborg in "Nevermore"

"You're just jealous 'cause I sound like a rock star."-British Beast Boy in "Revolution"

"You were the best friend I ever had."-Terra in "Aftershock Pt. II"

"I'm not creepy, I'm just different."-Raven in "Spellbound"

"You taught me spells, but I just learned a curse."-Raven in "Spellbound"

"You lost my car? MY CAR LOST A RACE?" -Cyborg in "Car Trouble"

"You're getting MARRIED?" (starts choking and gasping for air)-Robin in "Betrothed"

"Overload...overloaded."-Overload in "Car Trouble" (I don't know why I like this quote. I just do. It cracks me up.)

"Evil beware, we have waffles." Raven in "Cyborg the Barbarian"

Beast Boy: Make up your mind! Who are you!
All three Raven's (Happy, Timid, Brave): I'm Raven.
Beast Boy: faints -"Nevermore"

Terra: Raven.
Raven: Traitor!
Terra: Witch-"Aftershock Pt. I"

"I know you can do it." (hugs Starfire)-Robin in "The End Pt.II"

Quotes From the Wacky World of Reality:

"Monkeys holding pudding will maul you if you don't kick that cookie dough!"-Kikya (Inside joke. Don't ask.)

"You jacked my whipped cream!"-Jen

"Ohmigod! Ohmigod! I JUST KISSED DUSTON ON THE CHEEK!"-Kikya (She's a total punk and it's funny to hear her talk like that.)

"Sex Pizza, how would you like your sausage? We have medium or large, skin or no skin."-Kurayami (We were at her house and we got all sugar high. We were being REALLY perverted.)

"Pudding: bleh!"-Yami (Again, don't ask.)

Random Girl At School: (to Yami) So, Jen's favorite color is brown?
Yami: Yep.
RGAS: (to Jen) You know, brown's the color of shit.
Jen: And the color of chocolate, what's your point?

Yami: Man! There's yogurt in my backpack! (slams her backback down on her bed)
Jen: Okay...randomness...

Kikya: (staring at a line of eighth graders waiting for lunch) I'm gonna walk right through those eighth graders, just to show them that seventh graders are as good as they are!
Jen: And walking through a line of eighth graders proves this, how?
Kikya: It proves that am equal to them because I don't advert my eyes and walk around them!
Jen: Right. (looks behind eighth graders, where the vice-principal in standing) Are you still going to prove that to them even though Mr. Chanler is standing over there?
Kikya: The vice-principal doesn't scare me! (walks to the middle of the line. Doesn't walk through it and moves to the end. Looks timidly around before walking in front of the last two eighth gaders)
Jen: (already on the other side of the line by means of walking around the eighth graders) Oooh, Kikya, you baaaad girl.

Yami: Kuso!

Kikya: (shakes the magic 8 ball) Is Jen as stupid as she seems?
Magic 8 Ball: Try again later.
Jen: Gimme that! (yanks the magic 8 ball away from Kikya and shakes it) DO PEOPLE THINK I'M STUPID?
Magic 8 Ball: Better not to tell you now.

Yami: (singing all high pitched in our pre-algebra class) Daisy, Daisy, give me you answer do! Somethin', somethin', I loooove yoooou!
Jen: Good God, what are you sugar high off of now?
Yami: Math!

Dil: Whoa, just whoa.
Jen: Whoa.
Dil: Whoa.
Jen: That is, like, beyond whoa.
Dil: So beyond whoa.
Jen: Whoa.
Dil: That is not even a whoa, that is a no.
Jen: No. Whoa.
Dil: Whoa.
Jen: Whoa.

Jen: Clone ate my light saber!

Mr. Stokes: Adam Broody is so not hott.
The whole class: (stares)
Mr. Stokes: What? I mean I can see why you girls would like Chad Michael Murrey, but Adam Broody? Sure he was in King Kong, but he's funky looking.
The whole class: (stares)
Mr. Stokes: Oh, stop it.

"God said onto Kikya, 'Thou shalt not be a lesbian.' And Kikya said, 'Fuck you!'"--Jen (hahaha...yeah, that was me...)

"Most people are under the completely false notion that if something is difficult, it is art."--Jen (er, in one of my more profound moments.)

"We're so white, we'll square dance circles around those Filopinos!"--Dil on the pros of it being required for us to learn how to square dance this year.


Favorite Episode:

I have decided that to two most fantatic, most incredible episodes ever are "Stranded" (eat your hearts out RobRae 'shippers!) and "The End. Pt. II"

Jen: I hope you liked my profile. Don't forget to read my stories!

I've decided to dedicate all of my stories to my most faithful reviewers!


Kisses Blorths: I've decided to dedicate my first fic to inuyashaobsessed3191. She was my first real fan and the first person to put my on one of her favorites lists. She was what kept me writing at the beginning. And for that, I thank her. She also called my bio brilliant. blushes Thank you inuyashaobsessed3191!

The Horror and Joy of Christmas: My second fic is dedicated to Green-Husky, warprince2000, and sweetpoato1992. They all are really loyal and review most of my fics. They give great reviews.

The Secret Language of Teenagers: I think that this is my best work, so I need to dedicate it to someone special. First I'm going to dedicate this to Julesfire because she is the best Rob/Star one-shot fic writer on this entire site. She's an inspiration and I hope I can be as good as her one day. Second I want to dedicate this to inuyashaobsessed3191. I know I already dedicated something to her, but I need to get the point across that she is my most faithful reviewer. You two rock!

Dates and Dunces: This is my only chapter story and it took me forever to write. I just can't dedicate it to one person. So I'm dedicating this to anyone who has ever read or reviewed any of my fics. But most of all, I'd like to dedicate this to my friend Cathy. She never stopped preasuring me to finish this and I don't think I would've if she hadn't. Even though she doesn't actually review on this site, she always encourages me to write more. She's awesome!

One Night On the Roof: Um...yeah, this is my worst work by far. I'm not going to dedicate this to anyone because it would be more of a dishonor than an honor. Sorry guys.

Oh, and if I missed anyone that is a good reviewer please review one of my fic and feel free to angrily state why you should be on my bio. If your reason makes sense I'll put you on here and apologize profusely (spelling?).

Jen: Alright! Don't forget to read A Little Too Personal. See ya!

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