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Author has written 7 stories for Tokyo Mew Mew.

Name: Satou BerriKuroneko

Age: 15 Years old w00t!

Gender: Female

Fav. Food: Sugar coated-Berries .

Fav. Characters: Kish (Tokyo Mew Mew), Daisuke (DNAngel), Minto (TMM), Purin (TMM), Ichigo (TMM), Masha (TMM), Sakrua (CCS&Tsubasa), Meimi (Saint Tail), Mink (Cyber Idol Mink) and Tons more o.0;

Fav. Couples: Minto/Kisshu, Kisshu/Ichigo, Taruto/Purin, Pie/Retasu, Retasu/Ryou, Ichigo/Ryou, Zakuro/Minto, KEI/REI, BerrixTasuku

Least Fav. Couples: Minto/Masaya, Zakuro/Kei, Minto/Kei, Retasu/Kei, ZakuroxAnyonebutMinto

Couples I'm Starting to Support: Minto/Ichigo, Kisshu/Retasu,

Current Fictions in Process:

Tokyo Zoo Crew: Ichigo Momomiya was your average Wildcat in Mew Mew Zoo of Tokyo until she fell in love with Kish, who was just "visiting" before zoo hours. When Kish gives Ichigo a bell and names her they both think life will carry on normally afterwards... But the bell is cursed! Ichigo turns in a Mew (Human) and instantly sets off to find Kish and become his girlfriend... But what's this? RULES? Apparently, if Ichigo becomes Kish's girlfriend she'll turn back into a cat! To make matters worse, Kish(PieTart too) is set on destorying the zoo! Can Ichigo and the other 4 Mews save the Zoo or is this the end of their home?

The Miracle of Love: The aliens have succeeded. They have wiped the Earth clean of all human life and have enough Mew Aqua to make their planet perfect for their living. Problem? A thing called love got in the way. The aliens spared the Mews... Yes, spared. Every last one of them. Earth is gone but can the miracle of love save the day? I'm redoing the pairings~ LALALA! ;;; Confirmed Couples: PurinxTaruto, IchigoxKisshu, RetasuxRyou

Couplings we'll show hints of: EVERYTHING. If you mention it in a review, I will probably include it somewhere just for you. 'cause I love your reviews x3

Tokyo Dream World: Tokyo Mew Mew isn't real but all the dreams about it have built a Dream World for it. But when a Dark Wizard learns that by holding a piece of the wall seperating Dream World and reality means you can enter Dream World he enters the fantasy land. What's worse is that everything someone new enters Dream World, the wall gets thinner and then more people can get Dream Shards. So in order to protect Dream World, 5 girls have been chosen to become "Dream Mews" in Dream World and save the day! Problem? Most of them lack sanity. Kish/Ichigo, Purin/Taruto, Retasu/Ryou, Minto/Zakuro

Mew Mew Reborn! When the aliens end up in the USA, shunned for their strange appearences, Ryou ends up having to recreate the mew project. Little does he know, his new Mew team is going to be everythign but what he wanted. u_u;

Completed Fics:

Love or Peace? Ichigo Momomiya is a Princess of one of the 5 palaces in Mew Mew Kingdom and is engaged to the handsome(cough)knight Masaya. But when Masaya dies in battle Ichigo's life takes a turn for the worse. Kirema Kingdom is attacking MEw Kingdom, wanting the land back that was once theirs.Suddenly, Prince Ryou wants to marry Ichigo and, in return, his father will protect the Mew Kingdoms. Making matters worse, Ichigo must fight the invading Kirema Anima princes (Kish, PieTart)! But what happens when love gets in the way? IchigoxKish, PurinxTart, PiexZakuro, RetasuxRyou

Fictions That Are Discontinued (for now)

Tokyo Mew Mew: Monkey Style! A couple years after the original Mew project a new threat comes into play. Earth has 5 stones that are used to control its power (Land, Water, Air, Light and Dark). Deep Blue is very dead now but a new alien named Sosen has appeared and claims to be the heir to Deep Blue's throne! His first act of power? He plans to collect those stones s he can control Earth, destroy the humans by making it work against them and then make it lovely again. Sad truth is, the Mews are all in high school or higher now and too busy. Except for one. MEW PURIN! This story is al about Purin, the new elader of the Mews. She must gather 4 other Mews together, find the stones and then defeat the aliens once and for all -cough cough- PurinxTart, RyouxIchigo, RetasuxPai, ZakuroxKei, MintoxKish

WHY! As much as I love this story, I lost my spark. Computer upgrade, all character files go boom, most everything go boom, I too lazy to unboom it all x-x;

Tokyo Mew Mew Reborn: Deep Blue is back and ready to take over the world! It seems it's all over but... Nani? Where'd the seriousness of this fiction go nyaaa? IchigoCo. are off having a life so Ryou makes new Mews to take over but they havesome, uh, issues?Deep Blue needs therapy (badly), two of the new mews are head-over-heels for Kish, one of the mews has no sanity, there's a killer vamperess on the loose, Meron has a missed up mind (-cough cough-), Kish is "dating" one of the Mews and the sky is falling (not really, but I wanted to say that)!

WHY! Because I'm rewriting it! ;;

Fictions Being Planned

(X) A Minto/Kisshu story >_> Support it, you fools. x_x;

(X) The future of Tokyo Mew Mew! WHOOPS! x_X;

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