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Author has written 3 stories for Final Fantasy X-2, Twilight, and Final Fantasy X.

For those of you who are reading this right now:

I wish I could have written sooner, but some things came up that I couldn't put off, so some of you may think that I'm new. I'm not. I've been a member for two years now.

So, to tell you a little bit about me:

Name: Angel (Not really my name, and don't call me this, call me Mecha.)

Age: 17 (and Catherine and Alyssa are actually my mom's roommate and my sister/neo-Hippie.)

Gender: Female. (Obviously.)

Disposition: Cheery, somewhat sarcastic, severely moody (as you can tell with my stories), sometimes downright depressing.

Things You Should Know About Me:

I used to have a huge celebrity crush on Daniel Radcliffe, but then I read about Equus and decided that the image of his character (Adam) would be forever seared in my head, and that I thought that the person who wrote Equus was either high on crack at the time or COMPLETELY PSYCHOTIC. (Seriously, though, a religion that surrounds itself around a HORSE-GOD?! COME ON. WHAT about that is not psychotic?)

I am a major anime fan (and no, I'm not obsessed with one anime, I like almost all of them, actually.)

The ones that I don't like are DearS (too much of a spin off of Chobits for my tastes) all Yuri mangas, DBZ (Too many fight scenes) and Sailor Moon.


I am also somewhat religious, despite my rather warped imagination. JESUS ROCKS!

Utada Hikaru is my favorite singer of all time.

Ville Valo is #2 on my list.

Sorry I haven't been on in a few months - you know how it is, what with school and everything. I know you're probably mad at me, but I can't do much about it now. :(

Chelsea speaking -

I couldn't figure out how to delete this, so I'll just say it outright: Angel will not be writing anymore. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.

Please don't be mad at her - it isn't her fault.

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