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waves hi, my nickname is Shorty mostly Woodie now(dont ask)
stops waving well, i live in texas, killeen to be exact but i'll just say fort hood since it seems like no one knows where killeen is. I love reading fanfics, and im so glad i can finnally write some. right now i'm wroking on another fic called "One Last Breath", i'm thinking of making a sequel to "change of heart" (but im not sure yet). if anyone actually reads these, tell me if you think i should make a sequel or not.
waves and winks
well off to write more fics, and take a couple of shots;)

aug17 05- so i'm currently working on Winter melodies and I'm a senior in high school! Yes I made it, anywho check out my work and please review

march 19 06- been a while since I updated, let's see I got accepted into college last year, and I'm working on some scholarships and grants. Basically any free money avalible. Things are stressful but okay, I really can't wait to get out of this little town. Anywho My sister had her second child two another boy which means i'm going to have nothing but girls (which sucks cause i've always wanted boys).

Anywho still working on Winter melodies it's coming anlong nicely check and out and plz review. Well til next entry

June 25 06- Well I will be living in Huntsville in just a couple of months. My college is there so yea. Wish me luck I'm still working on Winter melodies, well actually Ive been procrastinating on it, but hopefully inspiration will come and bitch slap me. Well until me next entry.

November 5 06-Yep i'm here in huntsville, been here for a while and it's like my second...or third home. Yes i haven't finished Winter Melodies, but actually I have been workingon it just not posting. Now before you cast stones and gather you angry mob i do have a good excuse. And when I think of it i'll let you know...there's one...

Excuse: wanted to see if i like where the story was going.

Maybe it's not good for you but it is for me Anywho, I'll post the next chapter as soon as i finish this essay...that is if I don't get distracted and forget. Lol, well we'll just have to see. Until next entry, keep it real.

Feb 3 09- been a while, dont know if im back for sure yet but my creative juices aren't dead yet

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