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Okay. So, my name is NightIntent, or NI. Anyways, there's not really much interesting about me. Pretty much everything I'm writing is on hiatus right now, because of a lack of motivation, time, and inspiration. Mostly time. Too many extracurricular activities, you know?

Stories in progress:

What If?: Basically, it's just my excuse to twist fairy tales around. I'm experimenting with the characters in fairy tales, changing how people normally see or portray them, adding characters, adding parts, changing parts, and all sorts of odd things. It's fun for me to write, and I hope other people like it. Last chapter: Briar Rose. Current chapter: Little Red Riding Hood. Next chapter: Rapunzel (hopefully). This isn't getting updated anytime soon, I think.

Damsels, Inc.: Damsels, Inc. is a non-profit organization that sends women to rescue fairy tale people. It's run by Beryl, and everyone who works there is a volunteer. The women all run into a few... obstacles, some more annoying than others. My first fairy tale fan fiction. Well, my first fairy tale in general. Finally updated! The Six Swans was added. Three chapters were deleted, and crawled into the abyss of the internet to die of shame.

Completed stories:

Happily Forgotten: This is the next installment in my silly little Snow White series. I just can't seem to stop writing more for it. Another one-shot,since they seem to work better. In this one, Kara falls off Night and gets amnesia. What will Finn and his advisors do now?

Before Happily Ever After: The prequel to Snow White's Happily Ever After. In other words, the back story to it. Most of what I hinted at in that one will come to light in this one. I hope. I think I missed some parts. Please don't kill me if I did.

After Happily Ever After: Sequel to Snow White's Happily Ever After. Kara is bored mindless. She goes for a ride, to her favorite spot by the river. On her way back to the palace something happens. What is it? Read to find out.

Snow White's Happily Ever After: My first one-shot. Kara asks her prince (Finn) a question. When she's not satisfied, she does something a bit... drastic, which then leads her to a couple of none-too-pleasant discoveries.

Soon to come:

Nothing at the moment. Maybe another Happily story, sometime or other, if I can get any ideas for one. There are a decent amount of loose ends I need to tie up, I think. We'll see what I can come up with. Maybe I'll re-write and re-vamp all of my stories. If I ever have the time/motivation.

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