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Hey Ya'll

Thanks for checking my profile out! Don't be afraid to drop me a line I promise I don't bite (well too much anyway), although it might be a while before I get back to you. I try to respond to every message that I get sooner or later!

I want to issue a HUGE Thank You to all the writers on this site that have taken the time to offer me advice and have taken my under their wings to help my writing skill improve! Each and every review left for me has helped determine my strengths and weakness and understand where I need improvment. Thank you so much. I would not be where I am today without the other authors on this site!)

I have two children, both boys, they are the light in my otherwise dark world. I am very blessed to have them.

I really love power rangers! My favortie characters are Katherine Hillard, Tommy Oliver, Jason Scott, Rocky DeSantos, and Kendrix Morgan.

My fav couples... that is a hard one... I like so many different ones. Although I am a huge Kat/Tommy fan, but I do like Kat/Jason just as much. (Blame it all on Dagmar Buse!!) I'm not so much a fan of Tommy/Kim, but if you read my fics I put them together every now and then.
MMPR: Jason/Kim, Trini/Billy, Tommy/Kim, Tommy/Kat, Rocky/Aishia
ZEO; Tommy/Kat, Jason/Kat, Adam/Tanya
TURBO: Tommy/Kat, Adam/Tanya, T.J./Cassie
ASTRO(SPACE): Andros/Ashley, T.J./Cassie, Zhane/Karone
GALAXY: Leo/Kendrix, Damon/Maya
LIGHTSPEED RESCUE: Carter/Dana, Joel/Miss. Fairweather, Kelsey/Ryan
TIME FORCE: Wes/Jen, Trip/Nadira, Trip/Katie, Lucas/Nadira, Eric/Taylor!
WILD FORCE: Cole/Alyssa, Merrick/Shayla
DINO THUNDER: Trent/Kira, Connor/Kira (Can't make up my mind)
SPD: Sky/Syd, Jack/Z

There is only one couple that I totally do not agree with, that's Tommy/Kira, (probably only because he's her teacher or yeah I think he goes better with Kat) otherwise I like anybody with anyone. Oh yeah I'm not much of a Slash fan either, but hey some stories involving it are good can't say I'm against it.

I kind of stopped checking out things after SPD... I only saw about three episodes from the series so I can't even tell you the names of other rangers.

My favorite Stories on here...

"Every Day"by Dagmar Buse (Jason/Kat) has to be one of my favorite ones. Dagmar is just such a talented writter and thanks to this story I am so in love with Jason and Kat as a couple! It's such a sweet and I highly recommend it!

"Unexpected Attraction"by zeopurple. I love this AU Tommy/Kat fic!! zeopurple does this couple great justice and is so talanted and one of the biggest Kat/Tommy fans around. Well maybe next to ME that is LOL

"Black Thunder Shadows"by ULTRA SONIC. Awesome action fic staring Kat and Tommy. This is the start of a series involving the two although he hasn't updated for a while... I would LOVE to read the finish to his series... (Hint hint hint!! Update already!) LOL

Lately I have been getting into Mass Effect!! That is probably the most awesome game I have played. I know I'm not the only to think this, but for an animated guy, Kaiden is one good looing man!! I could just gobble him up!! LOL Kaiden and Shepard FOREVER!!

Mass Effect 2- I sorely disappointed that Kaidan isn't a part of my team or even get a chance to have a relationship with him. (Total Sadness LOL) Oh well, I still like Shepard and Kaidan. Eh, guess we'll see where Bioware takes them in the next game.

Finished Mass Effect 3, and let me just say... WOW! What an amazing game. I know there was a lot of hype about the bad ending, but I felt it was good. It was amazing and heartwrenching. The only problem I had with it was the lack of closure for the galaxy, more importantly your teammates. Even with the extended cut, I'm still kind of at a loss. Oh and Kaidan was way hotter in this version. OMG!!! Shenko totally rules.

Oh yeah, because of all the messages I received asking me take Love of My Life to the next level, I have created a profile on and will be trying my hand in adult writing. So if you like that stuff look me up! Although can't say that I will be very good at it or that I'll continue after redoing Love of My Life!

With love, Pinkstranger

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