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Occasional writer and plagiarist hunter, and full-time metalhead.

No stories on this account, however. Never will be.

I pretty much don't care at all what you do on this site. Just don't post someone else's property and hard work as your own and we are in good terms.

Feel free to send a PM if you are aware of plagiarism/copyright infringements on FFN.

"randomlowercasename" mass plagiarist case details

For monitoring purposes, the favorite authors section of this profile lists all the identified (and yet active) aliases used by one single person. Active in multiple fandoms, this user deliberately stole hundreds of stories from AO3, DA and FFN and uploaded those as their own creations.

Almost all of the listed accounts contain or have contained stolen content. The total number of accounts peaked at 363 in July 2015, when new accounts still appeared almost daily.

Then the plagiarist was exposed.

Due to the start of the cleaning effort by FFN admins, 251 remain as of August 10, 2016. Simple math: that means that 112 accounts have been banned.