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Gender: Female
Likes: Horses, riding, reading, writing/typing, playing around on the computer, and hanging out with my friends
Favorite Books/Series of Books: The Black Stallion, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Heartland, Black Beauty, Redwall Series- thing, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings,The Chronicles of Prydain (Which I justfinished reading today, as a matter of fact)and Winnie the Horse Gentler
Favorite Movies/TV Shows: LOST!!!!!, Lord of the Rings, National Treasure, Surviving Christmas, Christmas Vacation, Harry Potter (The 3rd one really wasn't all that, though) , Van Helsing, and Finding Nemo
Friends: Well, I'll let you know when I find one
Favorite School Subject: Social Studies- my teacher rocks! I had to take an exam today, and we got to pick code-names- somenody used MY name as their code name last time.

I am a preteen writer living in the States. I LOOOOVE to write, and this is where I can express myself. Let me say, I am quite a bit random, and, oh, how do I put it... odd, let's say.

Cut me a little slack! I'm in the middle of "Mysterious Accidents" AND "Dreams or Nightmares" (which non-horse-lovers wouldn't get and THERE FORE shouldn't read) AND I'm in the middle of "Hermione's Secret Love" - I suggest and encourage whoever is reading this right now to read "Mysterious Accidents"- if they be a LOST lover- which I think everybody should be.
But they're not, so alas! I am disappointed. Anyway, the very talented writer, (whose stories you should DEFINITELY read) er, I don't know her real name, has complimentedme on one of her stories. It made me very glad, and to make it even better, SHE LIKES CHARLIE!!!Hooray! Sooo...GO CHARLIES HOODIE!

Although, I cannot ever comprehend how you write the fan-fics for LOTR- there are so many families, times, and things to follow and understand. So I stick to the easier stories.
I'm a sucker for LOTR, Harry Potter... and hot guys as well! My sistergot me into some of my favorite movies, soI wouldn't be like I am like I am today... but I'm not altogether sure if that's a good thing anymore.I also LOVE horses.

Oh! And.. an acquaintance of mine- HermioneGranger2004 askewd me to tell whoever is bored enough to read this about her wonderful stories, and that's my opinion of them, not hers, by the way. One of hers is Alphabet of the DarkOne, I think. Its really good- except for the fact that she won't update unless she gets more NON-ANONYMOUS reviews- so please do so! Thanks!

Look- if you don't like my profile, just go read my stories!!!

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