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Current projects that we are working on together:

The Adventures of Kurenai and Liikii
Attack of the Killer Rikkus!


Me and Holly; best friends! Lemme tell you a bit about us.

Holly:VERY random; much better drawer and writer then Jackie, and she rocks at mostly anything and everything. She, just like Jackie, loves Anime, Manga, and Final Fantasy. The kind of music she likes is probaly rap and rock n' roll (Me, Jackie, is writing these bios, so I don't know for sure. ^^;;;). The current project (or story) That she's working on (Not on here yet, or typed) is Pure Hearts! Perhaps she'll let me put a preview, hmm...? Anyways, besides being the great drawer, artist, and FF player, she's a great friend; especially if you like Sailor Moon! She's a proud (I think xD) Georgian, and she'll tick you off if you get her angry. :P Holly has two very nice and trendy parents, and they're cool! Her dad is a firefighter, and her mother is a nurse! Her house is krunk, too, because of all of the stuff. I didn't even have HALF the stuff her sister has in her room when I was six! XD!

Jackie:A random person; best friend of Holly, and a freak of nature. Can't you tell, because she's in love with Seymour Guado from FFX-2?...Anyways, she loves Anime, Manga, Final Fantasy (OF COURSE!) And her current solo-story is called 'Seeing is Believing', and she's getting some GREAT ideas from Holly. ^_^ Her favorite piano music is by Mozart, and she's a big fan of heavy metal, rock n' roll, and is a PROUD New Yorker. Don't get her down, because most likely you'll be thrown to the ground after seeing the New York Cab Driver's Salute! (The middle finger, if you don't know. =P) And, since her parents couldn't take care of her for various reasons, she lives with her freaky grandparents who don't let her watch South Park and Adult Swim (BUT SHE DOES IT ANYWAYS! XD!)

Similarities between the two:

1. Love to draw
2. Love to read Manga
3. Love to watch Anime
4. Love to listen to Anime music!
5. Love Final Fantasy!
6. Think that Gippal is hot
7. Can actually draw Sora right xD
8. Have binders that are a bit frayed oO
9. Have people who call them gothic wannabes
10. Agree that their favorite number is 'blue'!

(More when I can think of them >D)


1. Is neat.
2. Has much Manga. oO
3. Has a krunk house.
4. Has a computer in her room.
5. Has her priorities in order.
6. NEVER EVER eats the school lunch. (Except once in a GREAT while)
7. Has a cool b-day in October. xD
8. Actually has more then two to five friends. oO


1. Is so messy she can't BEAR it (Thank god for the locker shelf oO)
2. Has very little manga; only like 20 issues of Shonen Jump
3. Lives in a mobile home
4. No computer in her room; only a crappy one in her Grandmother's room.
5. Has NO priorities WHAT SO EVER.
6. Has to buy the school lunch (A.K.A. Yucky dog food) ALL the time.
7. Has a crappy b-day in February > 8. Only has like...Four friends, really. oO


A Pure Heart

(Presented by Holly xD)

Anyone has the power within them to be either good or bad. Sometimes you just need a little courage to overcome the bad forces. Remember, that whatever happens, I promise I’ll save you.

“Hey, Hotaru, it’s your turn to wash the temple floor!” Rei called. It was cleaning day at Hikawa Shrine, and everyone was doing their job.

“Oh, all right,” Hotaru said, and handed the broom to Minako. “But wait, isn’t it Usagi’s turn?”

“It was, and still is. Usagi seemed to have skipped our Tuesday study session, so she gets twice as much work!” Rei yelled, knowing that Usagi was listening.

As Rei walked away to find the bird feed, for it was her turn to feed Phobos and Deimos, Hotaru went to look for a bucket and brush/rag thing.

“How am I supposed to find anything in this dark shed? Ouch!” She said, the last part as a bucket fell upon her head.

“Well, that solves my bucket problem, but now I have an even bigger problem! Where am I going to find a rag thingie?” She asked no one, then sighed, thinking that she had gone crazy because she was talking to herself.

Suddenly, a rustle came from the trees. Being a Sailor Scout gave her very accurate hearing.

“Who’s there?!” Hotaru said, her hand right on the Henshin wand. Then, doing a 360 spin, a skate board-looking heart snatcher appeared.


Hotaru couldn’t finish. The heart snatcher had pinned her against the wall; her Henshin wand no where to be seen.

“Here’s a nice little pure heart…” The heart snatcher hissed, and began to draw air in very quickly.

Hotaru struggled. By Saturn’s name, there was no way this monster was going to get her heart crystal. But sadly, in the end…

“Great job of snatching that heart crystal. The master shall be pleased indeed,” Mimete said.

“Right, boss. Just needs some skittles.” The heart snatcher said with the skater accent.

“Skittles? This is no time to be thinking about food!” Mimete yelled; not really getting the point.

Rustle, thud, slash… A figure dressed in black and shrouded in mystery appeared.

To be continued…Mwahaha…

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