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Perfect characters. Thats what originally drew me to this site. A friend told me about an internet dimension filled with self-insertions and plain out Mary Suing, thinly disguised as fanfiction. So, I stopped by, shook my head at the then-prominant stock of authors turned superheroes and song fics where you just put the lyrics and pasted some character's name under it. And half of them, were in script format. Like this.Me: Who the heck taught these guys how to type? It's called a PARAGRAPH, it's where you actually say what's happening instead of dialogue and (actions). Oh yeah. And why aren't any main characters built like real people? Is storyland populated by tall guys with six packs and perfectly sculpted Lara Croft clones? If you see a good-looking character in one of my stories, they probably didn't get it the easy way. For instance, one story of mine involves a lot of boxers. Some one asked me why no one in that story was chubby or trying to lose weight. I go to a gym, where if you don't hit the freakin' bag or spar more than twice a week, you're out on the curb. Professional and otherwise serious boxers, aren't built like average Cardinal Fitness members. I didn't pen a story full of abs and arms to look good to the lonely readers, I penned it that way because it's how it is. The sky is blue. Trees are made of wood. Trained fighters are going to be ripped or seriously toned, and can probably snap you like a twig. And kittens are fluffy. True facts of life. I'm a writer. I do commssioned articles under a few pen names, I've had short fiction published, and I'm also a competing MMA fighter with deep background in boxing among other martial arts.So what the heck am I doing on a fanfiction writing site? Pure fun, and to give people something to laugh at. My first story, which I plan on reviving when I get the time, was Team Reckless. A 'Zoids' saga of a team of Zoid pilots, who are each different examples of characters who are impossibly lucky and gifted. And they're all lovable idiots who never really accomplish anything emotionally. I loved doing it, it was an easy write, and a funny little sitcom to read on a rainy day. It's so cliche, you don't have to think, just laugh. Then, there's 'Face of a Hero', a tribute to the three months I played Phantasy Star Online back in the day. I've been leaving it hanging as well, the next chapter is half-finished and on my clipboard, but my schedule is insane. I'd reccomend it simply if you want a light-hearted, polical comedy. Once again, I make powerful and nearly invincible characters into people you'd like to watch stuck in an elevator. The real powerhouse of the story, Moon, a futuristic samurai of sorts, is rarely seen wearing anything but a towel. Sonnet, the narrator and carbon copy of my training officer back in my cop days, is also too human to be admired. Deadly sniper, loves chocolate, hates nicotine gum. 'Just Another Fighting Tournament?', I really need to change the title. It's just a funny little one-shot about Super Smash Bros. I love the game. That's all there is to it. It hasn't gotten a hit in weeks, not my greatest work apparently. You like the game? Give it a read, I don't care. There's a likely chance you're a fan or devoted hater of 'Teen Titans', the cartoon, not the comic which I grew up reading. 'Real Hero', is both a tribute and a shameless parody of everything in comics. I write 'em, so I'm allowed to trash 'em. The earlier chapters are a bit rough, but it's still funny. The main character is a member of the Setanta family, a bloodline of characters that pops up in my works quite often. He's not the most...personable, person...but just give him some slack, he's from Gotham City. The main feature. 'My Grandfather's Ghost'. A unique sequel concept and distant continuation of the just-beginning cartoon. The early chapters suck. A lot. But halfway through, for some reason, I started putting my all into it. I'm currently racking up rewrites to replace the early chapters to even it out, most people read the first chapter and my typos scare them away. Then they check the latest one, and wonder if I had that surgery from 'Flowers for Algernon' performed during my lunch break. If you can tolerage the poorly written early chapters, and get through to the later ones, then you'll like it. Until the rewrites are done, just trust me. I dont give out trailers for my upcoming stories, I find that to be begging for page hits for often disappointing stories. But tell you what, you like how I write, say it in a review. If you want to mention a favorite series you have, and want me to throw one of my characters into it, there's a slight chance I'll follow up on it. I love my fans. In an honstly thankful, non-romantic manner, don't get creeped out. I've deleted and rewritten and entire storiy simply because of one honest review, and I owe that guy a lot for it. If you're offended by something and say it in a review, I'm likely to email you with an apology, after going back and filing down the offensive edge. I have a compulsive problem with typos, just ask my editors. Once in a while I read some one's story and do reviews, but I'm more of a writer than a reader. So please, don't ask me to somehow co-write a story with you or to use my characters in a story I had no hand in. My characters don't do crossovers, mostly because they're not the kind of people you want standing next to you on the bus. Apologies for making you all scroll past this, I'll work on an abridged version soon enough.

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