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July 27th, '07

Heya! still getting to my other stories. I'm finally completely done with vacation and summer cleaning (versus spring cleaning) so I should be updating ALL my stories, unless laziness kicks in again...or rather, rolls in. which it probably will. But, in the past eleven months, I have discovered Inuyasha (thanks to Jessica N.:D) and Death Note (thanks to Ryan G.!!), and a few other anime that I'm investigating at the moment. I only have a ficlet for Inuyasha yet, though, and it's a SessRin romance/action story. I haven't seen anything past season 4, so I'm hesitant to write anything about the main-main characters just yet :P. I've also fallen in love with Hiyao Miyuzaki (sp?), and Howl's Moving Castle is currently my favorite, with The Cat Returns a close second :D. and hopefully I'll be able to update at least more than once this next school year. I only have five classes; two are singing, so very easy, one is online, and the other two are from the most child-like teacher on the planet who has absolutely no skill in planning his classes, so that shouldn't take up any time at all :D. I have a part time job (at the local library!! I'm so happy!!) but this next year looks like it'll be a LOT less full than my previous years. things are looking up:D

I should probably say a bit about myself, since I never really have on this site...I'm in my teens, on the "heavy side of healthy" to quote my doctor, which basically means I want to lose a lot of weight to knock 'em dead at the next dance this upcoming year (my ambition is to make myself a sexthy red dress...which I shall make sure my dad doesn't see until I walk out the door, of course...hee...:), and I have brown hair almost to my elbows and brown eyes, although my friends think both are black, lol. I have Hispanic heritage (allegedly people can tell, but I pretty much look like a white girl due to Irish and French blood as well), and a love for all things cultural (Mexican and non-Mexican alike). I've even considered foreign correspondency or linguistics as a future career. I love to swing, salsa, and squaredance. I sing jazz. I write a TON, a lot of non-fanfiction stuff. I have two really cute pet rats named Bella and JoJo, and a betta named Sayuri. I LOVE cats, my family has two, and two dogs as well (one is a retired guide dog). I enjoy all kinds of music except for some screamo and sex-ridden rap, although rock and opera are my top favs right now (I know, polar opposites, but oh well). I would really, really, like to paint, and I'm starting to dabble in watercoloring, but it's nothing I'd post on deviantart :P. so...ya...nothing else to say. read and review my stories. most of them are very old. my newest ones are the Stargate and Inuyasha ones, and I'll be completely re-writing and updating the others (excluding the songfics for re-writing) soon. I can do better than what is there currently :D.



August 12th, '06

After a very long break from writing fanfiction, I am proud to say I AM BACK! A lot of things happened in the past two years that have hopefully made be both a) a better writer and b) more -ahem- mature than when I was last writing here.

If anyone is still reading my Harry Potter stories :) I will complete them. I'm writing a new chappie for It Doesn't Come Easy right now, it should be up in a week or so.

And my return to also coincides with my discovery of Stargate! I've been watching it for the past year now, and I really, really love it.

My take on any story/movie/tv showwill stick as closely as possible to the canon. And here is pretty much a breakdown of what I like to write:

Harry Potter: Harry/Ginny, Draco Malfoy, songfics, and (now) Book Seven takes. Romance, Adventure, Supernatural, and a tad of Angst :)

X-Men: To my shame, I haven't seen the third movie yet, so everything I'm writing is only post-X2. Wolverine, Pyro, OCs, and takes on X3.

Stargate, both SG-1 and Atlantis: Daniel Jackson (-geee!-), John Sheppard, off-world situations/mess-ups.

And in general: Romance, Adventure, Supernatural, and a tad of Angst :)

Enjoy! (please :)


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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Rin's Story reviews
Sesshomaru finally gets fed up with grownup Rin and sends her away into danger! She encounters a kind prince, a cruel demon clan, and an opportunity for a new life without Sesshomaru. Will Sesshomaru come to his senses in time and rescue her?
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Daniel disappears from the SGC one night, and no one knows where he's gone...including himself. As he tries to find a way back, he learns more and more about a person who could very well have the power to bring the Ori to heel...crossover with Atlantis
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This is a DracoGinny fic, and takes place outside of school. Secrets, Lies, and Danger all play a and enjoy :)
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Release reviews
originally beginning wa short poem of Eragon's thoughts after Brom's death, this one-shot has morphed into a cluster of Eragon poems of all sorts of genres. I hope these are good - read and tell me!
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